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Blog: Summer time at its best

Philip Duncan takes a look at today’s weather map – and sends his first personal message of the year to readers.

This is as close as I get to being on holiday.  The third day of the new year and already I’ve fielded about a dozen interviews from radio, print and TV.  I don’t say that to gloat…I say that to show that it’s quite hard for me to actually switch off.  I love the interviews.  Being a radio man for over a decade means I love talking on-air and I miss being an on-air announcer, which I did for a time before moving to Auckland in 2000.

I also love having a bit of fun with the announcers and perhaps showing that there’s more to me than just the nerd that sits at the computer. 

While the team and affiliates help out where they can, it can be very hard for a weather forecaster to truly switch off when on leave.

I bet that even the hard working forecasters at MetService don’t really take annual leave unless they leave the country or remove themselves from an internet or phone connection.

But it’s fun.  It’s a hobby and career in one.  I was sitting outside enjoying the sun before…the first time in many months to be honest.  While enjoying one beer (yes, I let loose) I couldn’t help but look up and notice a veil of high cloud moving in.   A friend of mine in Auckland text me to say she had noticed it too.

She asked if it’s true that high cloud means rain.  I said “It usually indicates we’re on the edge of a high and a low is nearby”.  I sat there enjoying the sun for a few more minutes….but I couldn’t let it go.  I went inside to check the satellite map.  Sure enough, that is the case.  Our high is leaving to the east…and a lot of cloud to the north west is moving in.

So…here I am conflicted.  Do I want it to stay sunny and hot… so I can enjoy a holiday…and have a few quiet days….or do I secretly want more rain and wind to zoom back in?

I often talk to Bob McDavitt about this – yet another area where we are different (which explains why we get on so well).  He likes dry, I like humidity.  He likes big highs, I like big lows. I guess it makes sense that he is New Zealand’s one and only Weather Ambassador…who would want an Ambassador that gets enjoyment from the worst weather?!

Speaking of titles, I sure missed out on getting a good one like that.  If anyone has any better suggestions to that suit and tie title I was given (yes, given, I did not create “head weather analyst”  myself) then please do let me know!

Back to my point – believe it or not, this time around, I’m wanting the sun and not the storm.  I know the farmers need the rain… but lets take just a few days out…one week is all I ask.  Then lets get back into it for 2011 with the rain and the wind and the sunny spells in the mix too?  Plus that gives farmers a chance to get the hay done.

Well, I hear a second beer calling… so I must log off and leave the rest of the updates to the affiliates.  The rest of the day will be spent at my home near the sea, enjoying the sun, playing with my golden retriever Harry, and using the sprinkler on him (before any water bans come in!). 

Happy New Year to you all – and thank you so much for your support over 2010.



Philip Duncan – Head Weather Analyst,


Derek on 4/01/2011 12:19am

Nice blog Phil, enjoyed the read, keep em comin’
Hope you get your wish..

westcoast on 3/01/2011 4:44pm

just be thankfull you did not get called body weather analyst,LOL

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