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Animation: Don’t believe the world is warming? Then view this

NASA has produced a short animation which shows how much the world has warmed from 1880 to 2011.

Our thanks to reader Maurie Earnshaw for sending us the YouTube link


Bob on 19/09/2012 7:19am

And I forgot to say……what about the effect of volcanic eruptions?
I am not saying there are more greenhouse gases emitted (myth apparently), however Pinatubo reduced total (global) sunlight reaching the earth’s surface by 10%. Theoretically this should cause a cooling period, however what stops sunlight coming in also stops heat getting out. Plus Pinatubo caused massive destruction of the ozone layer.
Not a scientist and won’t speculate, but we aren’t the only thing that affects our climate.
An infinitesimal shift in the sun’s output would cause untold change here. Then there’s the ongoing shift in our axis orientation which happens on an 11,000 year cycle (from memory). We are in the period of this cycle where the northern hemisphere should get warmer and we are getting cooler – with us being (slightly) more upright on our axis – making the NH closer than usual in summer and us slightly further away. Although cooling our SH summers, this warms our winters, flattening out the seasons.
Just some ideas to throw around…..

Bob on 19/09/2012 7:01am

I’m with the guy who said such a small slice out of the eons of lifespan of our planet.
Even Al Gore’s movie noted previous warming periods as an alarmist comparison, yet had no explanation for those despite blaming it entirely on us today.
Anthropogenic warming is NOT a given. However warming (particularly in the northern hemisphere – cos it certainly isn’t happening here) perhaps can’t be disputed.
We are, after all, only in an interglacial period. This is (historically) a period signified by steep temperature drops and commensurate temperature gains – on a miniscule timescale compared to the lifespan of our planet.

Guest on 18/09/2012 5:56am

Take the time to read this interesting article and get a good idea about contexts …

Dan on 19/09/2012 9:40am

That was rather depressing. We’ll probably be invaded as countries realise that arable land will be scarce.

David on 18/09/2012 4:19am

Mm, 1880 to 2011, I think thats much less than the blink of an eye in terms of the life of this planet.

No doubt the climate is changing, it has been cooling and warming for long before we came here.
Why not run the same type of clip concerning the period in the middle ages where the Earth cooled causing the Thames to freeze. Or when it warmed in the past when inhabitants of Greenland were able to grow crops that they cannot grow at the moment.

You see, we can take any warming or cooling period and make a wee clip to show.
Trouble is, in the past there were no cars or industrialisation to blame for any warming, yet the planet went through that stage. The planet also cooled as it has done numerous times, and will again.

Get over it guys, the climate WILL CHANGE whether we are here or not, we have bugger all to do with it.


ChrisMB on 18/09/2012 1:36am

Now you’re going to get the “Climate Change” (like the IPCC) folk all upset – they’ve been trying to beat the “Global Warming” phrase out of people for years!

Queue RW…

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