72 hour Rainfall + 48 hour heavy Snowfall (x4 Maps)

Rain clouds are lining up for New Zealand as a big change comes next week to our weather pattern. While this weekend is mostly settled and dry the rain starts to increase on the West Coast and on Sunday westerly winds develop over a larger portion of the country.

These winds further south will keep fog away but morning (and overnight) fog patches are possible especially in the upper North Island this weekend.

The main wind and rain events don't happen until mid to late next week but the precursor rain and showers start in the next few days.

- WeatherWatch.co.nz



those rainfall projections wont end the dry spell once and for all in the north island it more than likely will help to set records in dryness

Hope all the rain goes your house and floods you out

Hope all the rain goes your house and floods you out then you will be happy.


I guess you never heard a saying from an aussie farmer once who said you can make money out of mud but not dust.....water is life