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Your wishlish

We’re looking in to how we can improve the site and we’re keen to hear your feedback.

Apart from adding forecasts for other regions (which we’re working on) we’re keen to know what else would give you a reason to come here.

Have a think and post your top 3 (or more!) ideas in the comments section below.

Regards – WeatherWatch team


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Hamo on 23/08/2010 4:14am

I think it is already great, although I admit me coming on here has waned a little over the last few months, not sure why, maybe because there hasn’t been anything exciting happening weather wise in my area.

1.A while ago you said you were thinking of running competitions for the photo takers in the gallery, then nothing happened with that. I think that would be a good incentive to keep people around, as most weather – interested people snap away often at the sky and it would give them a reason to keep doing so and making their photos exclusive to weatherwatch, there are some truly awesome photos taken in your gallery by your followers.

2. I would like to see a live wind gauge, they have one on the website and it is pretty cool, although broken at present.

3. What about a weekly tutorial for us that are not clued up on the weather? could be something different each week, like different types of clouds, how to read all those damn line on the metservice weather maps (I have no idea).

Other then that I love that you can interact on here, talk to someone, especially if the weather is a bit hairy and you are concerned about a particular storm, that is what makes this site the best in my personal opinion, it offers assurance.

Tania on 23/08/2010 2:43am

I like the site a lot but would enjoy reading about comments from other staff or analysts perhaps. Is it just your site Phil or how does it work?

A reader could put in an experience or opinion on the weather. I think Brendan was right about having more local stuff from the field- if that can happen, that’d be awesome 🙂

Can’t wait for these new forecasts south of Aucks!



WW Forecast Team on 24/08/2010 5:58am

Hi Tania,

Thanks for your feedback.  We have Phil and Richard who both provide reports but over the past 8 months we have used Richard less simply due to him working on-air more and resources at the Radio Network changing.  We also have others who contribute to the daily technical and admin sides – including the website.

We are in the middle of some changes which we hope will mean a better service – with more comments from others – in the coming months.  The recession last year really slowed us down but we’re getting there slowly.


Thanks for your feedback – and everyone else on this page


– WeatherWatch team

Remco remmelink on 23/08/2010 2:18am

The only thing we need is a good rain and lightning radar. The ones we as new Zealanders can access over the internet are no good at all. Maybe you have the power to convince the government that we need better radars.

Rangiroo on 23/08/2010 10:13am

The radars we have are good….it is the presentation of them on the webpage they are that is utterly woeful. I’d like to be able to zoom in so I can see what is happening LOCALLY with rain radar. I also think that hourly updates especially in squally weather is not enough. Every 15-30 minutes would be better and give us more accurate information!

Brendan on 23/08/2010 12:19am

Hi there, well first off you have a really good site now, the only things that I can think of that could be good are

1. More updates from the feild, sometimes there is a long time between them, I am sure that there are people out there that could provide news with what is happening etc from around the country

2. May be have a place for local data to be uploaded, those of us with weather station around and area, good way too see whats happening in a other areas of each region.

3. May be a forum page, thats controlled my you. Uses have to sign up and then thay can update there area there, or ask question there.

Hope any of these ideas help

Thanks for a cool site, keep it up.

karamu on 23/08/2010 7:02am

Hi Phil and the Ww team, Have to agree with Brendon, more updates from the regions, perhaps some selected weather enthusiasts from selected regions giving an update when there is an event eg: storm or severe weather Otherwise a good site with interaction.

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