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Your tips for surviving the winter blues

A walk in the sun, a hot chocolate, a glass (or 3!) of red wine, hitting the gym… there are many ways of coping with winter.

Earlier today our head weather analyst Philip Duncan wrote a blog on the medical condition SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

A few comments were posted by readers on things they do to make winter easier.

Melissa:  Glad to know others feel the same from lack of daylight, but I need blue sky and sunshine, even an hour a day will do.   Maybe I could go up in a plane above the cloud and see the sun,as from up there you feel as though you could just reach out and shuffle the clouds around and make it fine over your house!  Apart from the ash clouds disrupting flights this could be a good idea!  As for having bright lights on at home I hate them too bright, you should try putting around heaps of fairy lights!  Chocolate is also good therapy, but it seems to make my clothes shrink!

Derek:  Great article Phil, I know exactly what you are saying as I also have and still do, suffer from anxiety & a bit of depression and getting out into the daylight for a walk, or going to my gym has a very positive effect.
We had a great mostly sunny & warm day in Whangarei yesterday and a bit of time out with our dog, a lab, for a run around was very beneficial.  I was feeling this “sad” way at the weekend and put it down to the weather, was wet & a bit gloomy, so after reading your article I am now well aware of why.  Thanks for writing it.

Sarah B: I always love to know that we’ve passed the shortest day and that spring (my favourite season!) will be round the corner… and talking of walks, Ive just been out for a walk with my baby horse for the last hour and yes I do feel better for it!!

Homepage image / File, Snow Mt Pirongia John Krippner

So what are your tips for surviving the winter blues?  Post your ideas below!



James on 22/06/2011 9:27am

We live in Kaitaia. So far it has been very warm all winter, no frosts, grass still growing well. Best winter for a long time…….so far 🙂

Karen on 22/06/2011 6:51am

i milk cows and rear calves and find i don’t have time to get depressed. the cows are neat and the calves are so cute and bring joy to my day. if the sun shine’s it’s even better.

Ben on 22/06/2011 6:40am

A sunbed now and then has got me through winter easy peasy for the last 6 years. Health freaks would hate this but all in moderation I say. Its a little escape from winter and if you imagin youre lying on the beach while having one winter wont seem like such a drag 🙂

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