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Your feedback!

We’d love to hear your comments on how to enhance this website!

Are we updating frequently enough on quiet days?  Are there things we’re not covering at all that we should be?  Are there topics we’re not covering enough?   What could we be doing more or less of?

Any site suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!  Just add a comment!

Kind Regards

The Weather Watch Team


WW Forecast Team on 14/08/2008 11:34pm

Hi Alan – thanks for your feedback.  I’ve passed that technical info on to our web developer.

Philip Duncan

Guest on 14/08/2008 11:26pm

Hi there. One thing I’d like to see is a forecast on your website, something similar to the Met Service one. Perhaps you’re aiming at a different market.

As for quiet days, I’d love to see some educational/background information so I can learn more about the weather. Nothing for kindergarteners please, rather stuff for the thinking layman. Perhaps this could be a separate page with a separate RSS, something for your weather nuts to do on quiet days.

For example, a question that I’ve had before now is this: how do we get hot sunny spells and hail with low temps on the same day? I know that being an island makes the weather changeable, but that’s all I know.

Then there’s the big-picture questions. Eg, why do weather systems come from different directions and how does that translate to wind direction on the ground?

WW Forecast Team on 14/08/2008 11:41pm

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.  Preparing forecasts for all of New Zealand is quite a big job – lots of small towns in New Zealand that require an individual forecast.  We try to offer a "basic" forecast through our news stories each day – and you can always contact us if you have a specific question.   We have plans to grow this site over the years so your input is definitely appreciated.  We want this site to really reflect what everyday Kiwis want.

With regards to hail/sun.  Hail is precipitation that has frozen – this usually happens in thunderheads (large cumulus clouds).  These clouds can reach extreme heights where the air is below freezing.  The moisture freezes then falls out of the clouds.  Quite common in thunderstorms in Summer when clouds can reach very high altitudes – so hot at ground level but well below zero in those cloud tops.  That’s just a very basic description – this site here might help you more:

Also looking at an education section – it’s simply finding the resources, at this sites early stages, to create it.


Philip Duncan

Sherri on 14/08/2008 10:37pm


I love the site and check it regularly. One enhancement would be extended forecasts, eg, for travellers, and/or perhaps a “typical” weather for this period of time with avg temps and squally, etc …

Cheers & Keep Up The Good Work!

WW Forecast Team on 14/08/2008 11:43pm

I’m looking at doing a basic New Zealand travel forecast – perhaps on Fridays for the weekend.  Your comments add weight to that idea, so thank you!

Richard Green is great at stats and "typical" weather – he reads all these comments so I’m sure he’ll take on board for his afternoon "weather stats" post that includes the day’s talking points.

Thanks for the comments!

Philip Duncan

nomisuaeb on 14/08/2008 10:19pm

Great site. I come here to check out the weather everyday. It gives a detailed overview for the country. And I’m learning from your analysis as well.

Perhaps it would it be possible to provide analysis for some of the major population areas eg Auckland, wellington, christchurch etc… Sometimes after reading in the first couple of paragraphs that there would be storms and gales, it is natural to be anxious to know its impact on where we live/work, in my case, Auckland.

WW Forecast Team on 14/08/2008 11:47pm

Yep, we try to include the main centres as much as possible – and we try to be as detailed as possible.  Can be a bit hard sometimes with so many systems.  Trust that if your city isn’t mentioned in a news story, that it’s quite likely not going to be too badly affected.

If you ever do have any concerns or questions about something specific – feel free to use the "Contact Us" button at the top and send us a private message.

Love all the public comments placed here though – it’s great to see a small ‘community’ developing!



richardmcb on 14/08/2008 12:35pm

Any chance you could add the Auckland Rain Radar?

I realize it is on the Met service site but would be good to see it here too.

It would certainly be getting a real workout over the last couple of months!

WW Forecast Team on 14/08/2008 7:12pm

We’d love to but unfortunately New Zealand has an odd set up in the fact that the Government forecaster (MetService) runs as a commercial operation – therefore they charge to supply rain radars.  We’re working closely with MetService and always passing on feedback – such as yours – to them, in the the hopes that one day this service will be free to the public.  They’ve made some postive steps over the year – radar images online are now updated hourly instead of every 3 hours. 


The Weather Watch Teram

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