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Floods waters Saturday afternoon at Whangarei Falls.  Photo: Paul Herbert, Whangarei Weather Watch Reporter.

Winds are continuing to ease across the North Island with no centres recording gusts over 100km/h.   Wintry conditions have set in to Auckland and Northland with rain left over from yesterday’s storm moving in from the south west.  It’s just 11 degrees across northern New Zealand and with wind chill it feels more like 7 or 8.

The storm has weakened a fair amount this morning and will continue to do so as it moves out into the Pacific Ocean off the Gisborne coast.

The strongest winds are in the North Island’s two largest cities with 90km/h gusts recorded in exposed parts of Auckland and Wellington’s hilltops.  “Everything has certainly calmed down this morning” says head weather analyst Philip Duncan “but the weather feels more miserable today due to the cold”.

The Auckland rain radar currently shows rain moving in from the south west over Auckland and Northland and isn’t likely to ease until later today or tonight.  “Definitely another indoors day in the north”.

Just two weather warnings remain in place by the government forecaster MetService and that is for heavy rain across Hawkes Bay and Gisborne today.

In the South Island and clear skies south of Canterbury have contributed to a very cold start with most places in single digits.  Towns from northern Southland to Central Otago are still only a few of degrees this afternoon.

Forecasters will now be turning their attention to a large area of low pressure set to develop in the Tasman Sea on Tuesday.  “Yep, it could be a case of ‘here we go again’.  More rain and wind, this time affecting both islands” says Duncan.  “We’ll be releasing a more detailed storm forecast by 5pm this afternoon outlining which areas will be most impacted by the system.  At this stage it isn’t looking as severe as yesterday’s storm”.



The Weather Watch Centre would like to say “Thank You” to everyone that contributed photos, eye witness accounts and comments yesterday.  It’s your feedback that ensures this site is as up-to-date as possible – you also contribtued to the site’s busiest day ever! 


The Weather Watch Team


Dianna on 27/07/2008 10:41pm

I just want to congratulate the team on a fantastic website and for keeping us up with the progress of this “Weather Bomb”on the weekend.
I found you accidently but stayed with you the entire weekend on an hourly basis for the latest news, pics and information.

I am in the Hawkes Bay and we didn’t suffer like other folks, only heavy rain and a little wind of normal stormy proportions.

I hope you will open a bottle of Champagne and toast your wonderful work – be proud of what you do and again Congratulations, Well Done!!! ;-D

Dianna in Hawkes Bay

LJ on 27/07/2008 2:18am

Andrew! wish you’d been up here last night, it was awful, I felt like I was living in ‘the Wizard of Oz’ and any second our house was going to be flying over the fields and far away, with us in it. I barely slept. Thankfully today there seems to be very little damage. I for one am so happy it’s over…till the next one!

thanks everyone here xx

James on 27/07/2008 2:11am

Did watch some torrential rains in the sky, very fortunate the dark clouds moved swiftly and the winds didn’t do any damages, did the “eye” of the tropical storm take a few degree turn? I know it’s hard to predict any weather in Auckland that has two coastal lines, thanks for the sites and the photos, looks like Northland has been hit hard,(?) you never what will happen next, at least this site helps me my mentally prepared, thanks for that.

marg on 27/07/2008 1:09am

Every one,

Thanks for all the information about the storm- it was really helpful and I hope everyone that was affected got support and were able to feel more prepared because of this site.

Andrew on 27/07/2008 12:16am

Hi Philip,

Some people may think I’m crazy but I was actually disappointed in the storm last night! I live in Pakuranga in Auckland & had been preparing for a doozey but it didn’t really eventuate into anything substantial in my area! but I guess that’s just the nature of the beast as I am aware that others did get hit very hard by the storm.My question is, what are your thoughts on the potential of the next developing storm which has us lined up for somewhere arounf mid-week? This is an extremely informative site & I love the fact it is updated regularly with fresh information! thank you.

marg on 27/07/2008 1:07am

Hi Andrew,

Yes, you ARE crazy! Perhaps you will get more rough weather now the wind has changed. Next time perhaps you’d like to go North or East and help clear up the debris on the beaches or sawing up 2 huge trees that came down on my property. Thank your lucky stars.

Leigh on 27/07/2008 3:00am

Im with you Andrew. I expected more and got less. Better luck next time!!

Id like to say thanks to Phillip and his team for the awesome job they did covering it. Im sure you are all patting yourselves on the back now for the decent job you did.

I bags we name that storm Ururua po in honour of Maori language week.

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