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What are conditions like where you are?

We’re keen to hear from you on what conditions are like where you live.

If you’re a farmer – is your farm dry, wet or just right?  If you have well or rain water, do you have good water supplies or are the thanks low?  And if you live in a town or city how’s your lawn and garden doing?

By sharing comments from around the country we can start to build a picture of who needs rain the most – and which regions are having the “perfect” start to 2011 weatherwise.

Post your comments below – and don’t forget to tell us where you’re from!


Guest on 11/03/2011 5:53am

In Te Aroha we have had more than usual rain this summer, the lawn has NOT stopped growing, but we still need rain. Just had to give my beans a bit of a watering as the soil is very dry.

Guest on 10/03/2011 7:27am


We are dairy farmers at Matamata. Had good rainfall this summer, its been a just in time kinda summer, we have had long hot spells and just as we have started to get worried and feed out, the rain has arrived. But more is needed. Had 75mm at the weekend and within a couple of hours you would have said it hadnt rained. I watched your video with great interest (the best most informative forecast I have ever seen) and I am quite worried about the lack of rain in the coming 2 weeks. I hope we see some action in the tropics soon, another 150mm from an ex tropical cyclone would do very nicely! Overall summer has been good, milk yields higher than last year, we dried off last year 10th April due to severe lack of feed, hope we are able to milk into May this year. Great website, i check in everyday, keep up the good work.


Sue on 10/03/2011 6:23am


We have a skirt of promising looking rainclouds around the horizon but alas clear blue skies overhead. We sat today and looked lovingly at what looked like some lovely rain disappear over Auckland and, as usual, it by passed our water tanks which, as usual, are empty again.

Could the whole of Auckland please go outside and blow the rain our way.


Guest Steve on 9/03/2011 8:36am

Hi to Phil and the team. We have 20 acres at Wayby just south of Wellsford. Even after 399 mils to date this year the ground is still not over wet due to the water table still being very deficient. We have two 5,000 gal water tanks for the house which in our 7 years here, have not run dry. Stock water from a creek and small dam only let us down during the summer drought of 2010. Had one of my best gardens this summer with almost all veges doing well. Lawns never seem to stop growing even in the worst of drys.
Hope this of help for your survey.

Cheers Steve

WW Forecast Team on 9/03/2011 8:19pm

Great update Steve – thank you – very helpful!

– WeatherWatch

Jamie on 9/03/2011 3:13am

Getting little bits or rain here in Takapuna and is very overcasted.

Phillippa on 9/03/2011 2:39am

Hia, we are on tank water here in Dairy Flat (Albany) and we have not had to fill our tanks at all. We purchased the house in August though so not sure if it will be like this every year. I do think we have had more rain this summer though? Also we have not had to worry about our small collection of animals as the rain and heat have kept the grass growing well!
Love the site by the way, keep up the good work!

WW Forecast Team on 9/03/2011 3:27am

Hi Phillippa – thanks very much for that feedback and for all the details. If you don’t mind I’d like to read it out on Country99TV tomorrow night during my forecast.  Keep us up to date any time with conditions at your place.  The more people post the better picture we get of who needs what and who doesn’t!

Kind regards

Phil and the team

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