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Weather – what’s your choice?

Weather wise, most of us enjoy a little bit of this and a little bit of that and New Zealand is a land where almost anything is delivered at anytime so we’re usually happy for a short period of time before the next change kicks in.
If you had the choice though, what would be your preference?

Sometimes we hear announcers on the radio say, ‘ The weather is going to be good over the next few days ‘ but exactly who is it good for?

Good weather for a farmer during a dry spell could be some welcome rain, while good weather for a skier might be snowy conditions to improve the snow base on the skifield and good weather for a beach goer will be sunny skies and warm temperatures without too much of a breeze.

Friends from the UK recently stayed with us and thought our weather was quite glorious. They remarked how clear our blue sky was and how warm the sun was and yet when relatives arrived from the Caribbean, they had to keep their jackets on inside as 25 degrees was just too cold!.  I suppose the weather is all relative and we all adapt to the climates in our own little part of the world.

It’s an intriguing thought to imagine we could control the weather.  Although that would make it possible to have exactly what we ask for, we should perhaps remember the saying: ‘ Be careful what you wish for’.

We’d probably all put our order in and our requests would be so different that we’d end up having our own unique and individual experience of weather.  Our personal wishes may be so diverse that our weather desires would create our own little weather system hovering above us!

Just picture a family of four going off on holiday and one wanting sunny weather to relax in while reading a book, another wants windy and cool conditions to make them feel invigorated as they go for a long walk and then one of the kids wants it wet so they can play playstation inside while the other wants strong winds for kite flying.

Personally, I think summers should be generally sunny and warm without too much wind but some rain in the early hours of the morning every 3 or 4 days would be nice just to freshen things up.

Autumn is lovely with the sunny, still days and cool nights.
Winter would be nice if we had some winter sunshine with crisp nights and the odd frost. I also enjoy the occasional wintry, wet day thrown in there too.  
In Spring it’s nice to see the return of the warmth of the sun and milder evenings as they begin to stretch out. 

For some, that mix of weather may be a little mundane perhaps but is it the changeable weather that people really  enjoy or perhaps for some, a chance to put an order in, would be really welcome.  

Again, it is all relative I suppose but what type of weather do you prefer? 

Weather Analyst Richard Green



Guest on 29/03/2009 12:01am

Autumn is my best time of year. Not too hot or cold and often a lot less wind. It’s great at the moment

Melissa on 28/03/2009 11:29pm

Don’t mind the wind,decent rain, sun, a good storm etc but hate windless drizzly day’s! It’s when the weather isn’t quite sure what to do next!

Guest on 28/03/2009 9:39pm

Even though I’m towards the opposite end of the country to you Derek, I love our coolish year. I love the wind howling and the rain falling, as I always feel like I’m ‘out in all weathers’. Someone said the other day that I was looking a bit older and I reckon it’s cos of my liking of the great outdoors and nature doing its thing.
The wind is howling a bit today and I feel right at home:)

Derek on 28/03/2009 9:28pm

I think I am much the same in my thinking on the weather as you Richard. We have been enjoying some very nice sunny & warm days here in Whangarei which seem to me to have been the best for many years and very enjoyable. I can just about plan an outdoor event day’s ahead and be reasonably certain it will happen.

We have enjoyed a fairly settled weather pattern for sometime now and I am wondering for how long, it is great but I think maybe just “one out of the box” as they say. So many years of very mixed unpredictable weather have been the pattern and if this present run ends up as the norm for a few years I for one will be very happy.

It is NZ the way I always imagined it too be. The “Winterless North” scenario will be a true one if we continue along as we are.

Guest on 28/03/2009 8:38pm

I wish it was a bit nicer in NZ all the time. It isn’t ever predictable and I’m sure years ago it was much better. Liking the weather now but not looking forward to winter.

Guest on 28/03/2009 7:33pm

I like sunshine,dont mind the cold if its calm or dont mind heavy rain as long as it comes straight down and like NE,NW and easterly winds.Dont like at all Southwesterlies and showers and changeable cloudy weather.

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