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Weather Video: Summer frosts to tropical lows

Another cool change is moving up the South Island while North Islanders are watching another possible sub-tropical low.

Firstly, in the deep south, the unsettled cool weather continues as yet another cold front moves in.

The good news is that this front is very weak – and it’s good news for apple growers too who are loving the cooler mornings.

However in the upper North Island all eyes are on another sub-tropical low.

While the data is still a bit unsure about where exactly this low will end up (likely East Cape or east of there) it is likely to affect our weather in some ways.


Chris J on 29/01/2014 10:04am

No more gales, downslopes,fog, massive downpours, mountain waves, storms, cold inversions, frost, sleet/hail, or cold please, cos I’m sick of it. LOL January, we had all of that. Just a few more nice and mild, calm days like we had today. Only had two days like that this year. A frost in late January is a real croc and so was sleet. Now I await the climate reports all about how good it has been on the Kapiti Coast this season. The way things are going, we’d better save money to pay for big heating bills this winter cos it isn’t looking good. El Nino is my biggest dread, we get the South Island East Coast climate with that … utter drought, hope it does not arrive this year. Still have bad memories of 2002, which here was far worse and much longer than 2013’s drought and then followed by 3 years of floods. The farm here had to be abandoned in 2002 and livestock shifted north, as it was just so arid with no real rain from 3 months, followed on by a droughty cold winter. Our climate never came right again after that.

Dave on 28/01/2014 11:09pm

Hi Phil

Thanks for the update, great as usual. I can’t believe how cold it is in the morning here in the Waikato lately.

It will be very interesting to see what happens at the end of next week with all that tropical activity. The way the highs are going to be lined up it seems to be leaving a very inviting doorway for a sub tropical low to waltz through between two highs.

By the way I was in Whitinga at the weekend & we got very little rain which was quite surprising. I did expect some Sunday night but got none 

Cheers Dave

WW Forecast Team on 29/01/2014 7:23pm

Cheers Dave – certainly has been cold across Waikato (and Kapiti above where Chris is from).   Think that gap in the highs might exist around Waitangi – certainly signs of tropical life around NZ then, so hopefully it will be a bit warmer.

Cheers – and thanks for your support!


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