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Weather Video: Stormy 10 days ahead

Philip Duncan and bring you the latest on a stormy 10 days ahead.  A deep low in the Southern Ocean will combine with a large high over western Australia – and NZ is smack bang in the squash zone.

Off and on for the next 10 to 14 days NZ will be hit by strong to gale westerlies (mainly central and eastern areas) and heavy rain in the west.

We also have the latest on the ash – the skies over NZ remain ash free and should do across Tuesday too.


Guest on 4/07/2011 7:40am

Absolute media hype. Really bad.

Andy J on 4/07/2011 8:39am

This is NOT media hype. I found this video to be rather informative. If you have ANY idea how isobars work then your head wouldn’t be buried so far in the sand.
Thanks Phil, you do a great job – it’s a hell of alot MORE than the govt forecasters will share!

Guest on 4/07/2011 8:45pm

I know all about isobars and exactly how they work. I have always loved the weather and trying to forecast it. I even have a weather station and have studied to great length, so DON’T presume to tell me that I don’t know about isobars. I would guess you are of young age and a full supporter of this website. I used to very much like this website and Philip Duncan’s forecasting, but over the last year and a half it has shown a track towards news/media hype type forecasting. All you have to do is read some of the articles and have a good look at how they are worded. Good weather forecasters do NOT use the terminology that this site now uses. If you can’t understand what I was trying to say then I would definitely suggest you go back to school and learn something or at least try to. Also, it was NOT the video I was commenting on if you really bothered to read properly what I quoted, it was the written description.

WW Forecast Team on 4/07/2011 9:47pm

Hi Andy J

This person writes frequently to us with rude and obscene emails to tell us what a terrible job we’re doing. In saying that he reads our website every day and every article on it.  When I personally tried to address the issues he had raised he got even ruder.  I think that explains it all!

Thanks for your comments Andy we really do appreciate them.  Our friend above seems to want a dull scientific website but this site has always been about bringing the weather to life and writing it in a way that people understand.  

He clearly hasn’t seen the successful weather news products from overseas such as The Weather Channel, AccuWeather and The Weather Network – of which compared to make our site incredibly conservative and far less hyped.  However these are the most successful private media forecasters in the world.  Our readers don’t want hype they want the facts, our opinions and thoughts, and to share the excitement of the ever changing weather.

As you can see Andy he hits you with nasty personal attacks if you don’t simply agree with him.

In the interest of being balanced we occasionally publish one of his less irate comments, just to gauge what others think.

Kind regards

Philip Duncan

celtickiwi on 5/07/2011 12:16am

Mmmmmmm, he is a nasty piece of work isn’t he and you say this is a tame comment! I often wonder if people like him/her would have that sort of a mouthpiece when they are face to face with you.

I’m very sorry you and the WW team have to put up with this sort nastiness Phillip.

Sue on 4/07/2011 5:18am

Well thanks again Phil for the wonderful way in which you present these weather forecasts. The most awesome presenter I have ever seen. Well looking at it I guess I am just going to have to park myself and get on with the Masters study I have been procrastinating about as it doesnt seem one would want to go outside! Hohum – rock on spring. Cheers.

WW Forecast Team on 4/07/2011 10:00pm

Thank you Sue, very much appreciated.  Kind words indeed.

And good luck with your study – beautiful day today here in Auckland…sadly the last one for while!

Oh and youre KIND of getting your wish – the weather pattern looks very spring like for the next 10 days!!


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