Weather Video: Autumn's cool change

The first official weekend of Autumn and the weather is more autumnal thanks to a south to south west change right across the country.

It will be cold for some in the deep south – but for those in the upper North Island expect only a slight dip in the temperatures.

We update you on the two cyclone risks north of New Zealand and we monitor any potential rain or shower risks for those desperate for rain.


Hi We're in the Far North


We're in the Far North (Takahue) and on tank water. The tank's nearly empty and I am loath to buy in some water. When is the next rain likely to occur here?


The other forecaster forecast

The other forecaster forecast SW, but typically for us, cold damned SE then S as the southerly moved towards Wellington. Wind really picked up as the front arrived in Wgtn. Baring Head, pfft. Cold shitty night wind-wise, but 0.0 mm rain. Since 26 Jan, it has only rained from one system in early Feb. Only rain since Nov has virtually been massive downpours from passing W troughs only. Tis a worry. Oh well winter S/SE dowses us, in rain/hail/sleet or snow.

Green screen?

Hi all, this video did not show. I got audio but no picture - just a green screen. Has anyone else had this trouble? I went onto Youtube today and had the same thing happen with a few of the videos. Is it my computer or some other technical hitch?