VIDEO: Windier weekend, enormous high affects NZ next week

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The autumn winds surge back in again this weekend after a calmer Friday for many west to south west winds for Saturday and then a stronger south to south west change moves northwards.

Blustery conditions will spread to many areas with the bulk of the rain falling on the West Coast with showers spreading elsewhere.

We take a look at the 72 rainfall map as some areas have no rain at all this weekend. Next week a huge high rolls in but it’s a bit complicated and may bring showers and westerlies to the south, but calmer and drier to the north.


size of weather video

As of today we do not get the big video under the text, but some inane "comments" - can you please bring the bigger sized video back? Thanks!

are you sure

after all your weather maps change every night one minute theres a low that might form the next day its gone and so on

we are sure

we are sure its going to blow its na na off,rain and be no dry and warmth