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VIDEO: John Campbell vs Ken Ring

Last night on TV3’s Campbell Live, John Campbell interviewed lunar forecaster Ken Ring about his earthquake predictions. has already received comments in regards to the interview and we’d be interested in your thoughts.

 MEDIAWORKS has blocked the sharing of this video, for whatever reasons.  It can be found here


Lila on 13/03/2011 12:15pm

I was disgusted with JC. Nobody especially Ken deserves to be treated in this way. JC is a Jerk! I stopped watching JC’s show. JC is out of touch from the real world. He needs to do his research. In this case he completely lost it!!! Ken is only trying to help. We still have a choice to believe or not to believe. Ken made a good point we all need to work together. Why not? where is the harm in that? And so what if he gets paid. We all need money. So he makes a living out of something he is passionate and believes in. So do teachers and doctors.

Di Logan on 2/03/2011 1:40am

Why is it that some human beings think they are so superior in knowing EVERYTHING?? There are inexplicable occurrences which can’t be scientifically explained so shouldn’t we be open to new and different ways of looking at all manner of phenomena. Just because a view is not an accepted, scientifically plausible one doesn’t mean it should be disregarded and pigeon holed as the ramblings of a madman!
Ken Ring is as ordinary a human being as you could get, very warm and down to earth. John Campbell, on the other hand, came across as a smug, rude, judgemental know it all – I know who’s views I would rather be interested in!

Guest on 2/03/2011 2:55am

Normally I’d rather rely on science. Science can’t predict the date or time of quakes, so we can take no comfort in that. Ken Ring is wrong, forget the madman terms. He has been proven wrong. That has nothing to do with Campbell’s manners. Do you decide all matters of truth based on people’s table manners?

Read this:

Di Logan on 2/03/2011 10:58pm

Table manners have nothing to do with what people choose to believe in and their right to do so, it’s not a question of right or wrong either. But I don’t believe people should be bullied into believing anything.
Personally I don’t think enough is known about the effects and interrelatedness of the elements on us and our universe. We are only vaguely aware
of just how much the moon and tides are involved together and the impact they have on us and our world, this is why I would prefer to keep an open mind and accept
there are some things which are, simply put , beyond our ken.

Sandy on 1/03/2011 7:06am

Personally I don’t lay much credit to Ken Rings theroys but John Cambelll should be crucified for his poor interview technic. I felt so sorry for Ken and was very surprized that he just didn’t get up an leave. All credit to him for staying and putting up with Johns crap

Guest on 1/03/2011 5:36am

John Campbell, nothing but a rude snotty nosed d***head, I see him walking around the supermarket just up the road in greylynn, with his nose up. The interview proved this, I have telling people for so long that he likes to make up and twist words and place people on the spot with faulse accusations, Ken Ring, although I do not agree with his method, deserves to be heard out espeacially when invited on to a show like this. The point where JC asked of Kens credentials was rude and spiteful and alot more normal NZ’ers with out degrees and what not are not going to respect this child any more.

rw on 1/03/2011 4:20am

The stupidity of most of the respondents on this topic is mind-boggling. Campbell, albeit rude and impatient, quite clearly caught the evasive Ring cold on several points, and he wouldn’t have answered them properly in 1000 years. His Sept/Oct post-comments did not work out, period. His convenient 3-day window use is like that used is his weather “forecasting” – which is still abysmal. I post-analysed his September weather forecast – one of the better efforts by his standards, and it was still pathetically inaccurate – because no knowledge or understanding of the driving systems prevailing at the time was used, that was inevitable. It’s hard to see this country doing other than slipping back even further in science in the coming years, if people like Ring continue to get traction.

I suggest he tries his luck in (say) Finland and see how much success he has.

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