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Video: How the world map looks wildly different to what you might think

All of us have seen a world map but it is very difficult to imagine how various countries and parts of the world compare to each other in size that are far apart. Or why those in the north may be smaller than those around the equator.

In this video, see why the world looks very different than how it is portrayed in the everyday maps we all see and use.

The video goes on to explore how certain countries are unexpectedly larger or smaller than what they appear to be, and how some places looks wildly different than our perceptions. You might be surprised, for example, how big New Zealand is land-wise compared to England and the UK.

A big thank you to Youtube user RealLifeLore for making this – you can view & subscribe to their YouTube channel here.



Pierre on 2/04/2017 9:47pm

I observed when making comparison’s that only 1 land mass was changed using your adjustments eg African shape stayed the same when you added in the other countries many of which were not adjusted.

weather-nut on 19/08/2016 9:30pm

The visual comparison of the United Kingdom to New Zealand looks a little exaggerated? By square kilometres, New Zealand should only be about 110% larger than the United Kingdom. However, if the rest of Ireland is included, the British Isles is actually about 117% larger than New Zealand. 

Michael Wagener on 20/08/2016 2:08am

That’s because the UK is placed in the tropics in this picture. Move it to the same latitude as NZ and the comparison would be fairer. 

weather-nut on 20/08/2016 8:08pm

The tropics are further north. But yes, moving the UK to similar latitudes as NZ would make the UK look a little larger, as per the more accurate side-by-side comparisons in the video.  

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