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Video: 1996 quake docu warns Chch could be hit hard

An archived video from 1996 tells an eerie story of how Christchurch could be hit hard by a future earthquake – specifically singling out the fact that liquefaction would be the major cause for concern through the CBD.

Some say the documentary was like a prophecy.

Video uploaded by YouTube user Longbayman.


Celtickiwi on 10/03/2011 1:40am

As I watched this I thought of a documentary that investigated the ‘what if’s’ should New Orleans get hit by a major cyclone.

Every detail of that documentary played out on the T.V for real within a couple of years after I watched it. It was unreal.

Yes, prophetic.

Zelda Wynn on 9/03/2011 10:24am

It is obvious that many people knew that some buildings were unsafe and possibly dangerous in a quake.
Will anyone take responsibility?

Matt on 9/03/2011 10:11am

Wow, 15 years ago they got it almost bang on. Although the big earth quake the talk about is still yet to come. Hopefully Christchurch is rebuilt to withstand it.

westcoast on 9/03/2011 7:23pm

I think the Feb earthquake, although not as strong as the expected Alpine fault going at 8 on the Richter scale,being so close to ChCH and so shallow will be the strongest earthquake chch is ever going to get (and probably ever get for the foreseable future)

David - Te Awa Estate Napier on 9/03/2011 9:33pm

….a well – researched documentary and that done 15 years ago.- a prophetic warning it seems –

Liquefaction is something most knew nothing about then and even up unto September 4, 2010…

… and food for thought? Where is safe! 8 – [ re that,- obviously where soils are not susceptible!

Celtickiwi on 10/03/2011 1:50am

I tell you what David, seeing how ‘prophetic’ these doco’s are, if one ever comes on T.V about how Tauranga will fear in a Tsunami Im gonna pack up my family – bird, cats and all and get the hell outta here!!

Aw mate, I hope one hasn’t already been made that I don’t know about! LOL

Guest on 9/03/2011 9:01am

Very prophetic

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