Updated Video - Serious cold snap coming

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If you’ve found winter to be mild so far – get ready for a shock. A blast of polar air directly off the Antarctic ice shelf, near Scott Base, is going to roar across the country starting in the Deep South this Wednesday then spreading across the entire country over Thursday and Friday. Expect road closures, flight delays and possible ferry delays. Winter has finally arrived.


Snow ?

What are the chances do you think of snow in Stratford? We had two decent falls in 2011 - is this a similar set up?

Looking very similar - but

Looking very similar - but every storm has a different personality - high risk of snow in Stratford - but high risk doesnt always mean heavy.


Snow in chch

Do you think there is a high chance of snow to sea level in Christchurch??


Is there a high chance of it snowing tonight and tommorow or on the weekend