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Unusual tropical air mass pushes across Auckland

A warm front has this morning passed over Auckland and other northern areas creating unusual weather conditions – instant 100% humidity and condensation on the outside of the windows. received dozens of reports about the “wall” of humidity that saw the temperature rise by at least 6 degrees in just half an hour.

Before the warm front passed through conditions were “cold” according to many.  The air temperature in Auckland at 10am was around 15 or 16 degrees.  It’s now 23 degrees.

Reports are coming in from all over the city describing the condensation as “claustrophobic” and being “like the tropics”. 

Some say being inside is a bit like being in an aeroplane flying into clouds.

The wind has since picked up and the humidity has lowered 5% with condensation now starting to clear.

The rain has eased significantly behind the front with much of the rain in the upper North Island currently falling over the Tasman Sea..

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Jen on 23/01/2011 12:51am

now being felt in Rotorua/Ngongotaha. It’s like a mild sauna outside.

Guest on 23/01/2011 12:50am

Hi w.w. thanks for keeping us so well informed. Just wondering if there’s anything more brewing in the islands that’s likely to come down this way?

WW Forecast Team on 23/01/2011 1:23am

Hi there – we are currently monitoring Tropical Cyclone Wilma (the orange blob in the top right hand side of our satellite map).

Wil have full details about Wilma in a special tropics update at 4pm today.


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Robby on 23/01/2011 12:01am

Check it out around 11:30am on my weather station.
Humidity was already high due to rain. Winds picked up and shifted at same time instantaneously..

Surfy on 22/01/2011 11:10pm

Dont think the air like that has reached us yet in Hamilton. Feels cooler at the moment but wet with the heaviest rainfall in a day since 2003 where we had 92mm. So far 85mm and still raining heavy and also 37mm before then.

Celtickiwi on 22/01/2011 10:57pm

I think this has not long passed over Tauranga. At 11:00 I poked my head out the door and made comment to my partner how warm it was. Like others have reported, it had a claustraphobic feel about it. The wind is blustering around out there now so it has cooled down. Can someone local with a weather station verify this.

Zelda Wynn on 22/01/2011 10:40pm

Was the first time I have ever seen this happen. The warm front hit you when going outside. Wind gusts have been very strong in New Lynn. NE wind.

Guest on 22/01/2011 10:23pm

Whangarei still has 98% humidity and yes, stepping outside is like walking into the tropics! I commented to my husband that it was like stepping into a sauna. It’s still pouring with rain here and the wind has picked up more than this morning.

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