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Two weeks of Winter: How’s it been?

We’re two weeks into Winter and do you think it’s been a reasonable start or one not to write home about?

We’ve had snowstorms, gales but also clear days and frosty nights.It’s seemed to have kicked off with a real variety around the country.

How would you rate it so far? Has there been windy and wet days or sunny and mild days? What have the temperatures been like over the last fortnight where you are?

We’re counting down to the shortest day which is about a week away and often the coldest temperatures take place for about four to six weeks following the shortest day of the year.

What do you think will happen for the rest of winter or perhaps what are you hoping for?

Please let us know your thoughts and let’s see who has had a good start and where has really had a sluggish beginning to the coldest season.



Dave Beaumont on 14/06/2012 7:20pm

I am a Roofer and this is the worst winter for lost days already for as long as I can remember .
Colder and wetter . I remember last Junes earthquake I was working in shorts and t-shirt when it happened .

WW Forecast Team on 14/06/2012 8:56pm

Hi Dave, you’re absolutely right with this June compared with last June.  Last June was breaking & challenging warmth records – this year, however, the southerlies have arrived earlier.  Doesn’t mean it will stay that way but since March has been predicting that we were at a higher risk of southerlies this year – next week sees more westerlies for you.


Philip Duncan

Ken Ring on 14/06/2012 12:35pm

There are likely to be chances of light snow in Canterbury every 3 or 4 days through June and July but the big falls may have to wait for August and October. August could be the month in 2012 of greatest precipitation for the North island, mostly in the first half and there may be flooding in both islands. October may be colder than September. Mostly, though, it’s a winter of average temperatures. Winter might even be average to-wamer in some parts of BoP and the far S. The spring may be a lot cooler than average and we will be smiling when November and December dry up considerably. I expect this season to be one where we’ll get snow and then rain to wash the snow away, then the process repeating. Probably the only time South Island farmers need to watch out for will be that late cold snap in October.

Mark on 14/06/2012 5:29am

Surprisingly dryish here in Kaitaia. Makes a nice change from the incessant rain we get every winter.
P.S. When are you guys going to make a WeatherWatch app for iPads/iPhones?

WW Forecast Team on 14/06/2012 6:40am

Hi Mark

We’re in the process of investigating this and will keep you posted!

Thanks for getting in touch.




Peter of Dunedin on 14/06/2012 5:26am

The winter so far has been cooler,cloudier with average to above average rainfall. We conversely have had less frosts for obvious reasons. We missed the big dump of snow that Central and North Canterbury received last week although it was bitterly cold for a day with light snow to low levels on the hills.

ben on 14/06/2012 5:20am

here in oxford its been very cold with last week frosts over -10 about 40cm of snow as well which has almost disapeared now. and im hpoing for a nice warm winter, no luck so far

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