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The Grinch that stole Christmas Weather

Once upon a time Christmas was filled with glorious weather. Sunny days, light breezes and warm nights.

Then one day the Grinch came and stole the beautiful Christmas weather. And it was never to return.

Yes perhaps I’m being overly dramatic. But it’s really how I feel about my Christmas weather. I honestly cannot remember one warm and sunny Christmas Day since I was a child.

Since I left home Christmas has been spent in a number of New Zealand centres, mainly Christchurch and Wellington and more recently Hamilton and Australia and I swear that bad weather has followed me about.

If I spent Christmas in Christchurch a cold southerly would blow through. The years that I spent Christmas in Wellington it would be overcast and when I’d call the family in Christchurch they’d be experiencing a hot day with warm nor’west winds.

Last year I went as far as the sunny Gold Coast to experience a warm Christmas and the temperature didn’t even hit 20 degrees AND it was overcast!

This year I’m spending Christmas in Auckland and so far the weather’s looking good! Let’s hope WeatherWatch is right. And if they’re not and the weather goes belly up it won’t be WeatherWatch’s fault … I’ll blame it squarely on the Grinch who stole Christmas weather.

Kellie Hailes

WeatherWatch Reporter


Guest on 24/12/2009 1:52am

Hello All! It looks like Cyclone Gertie is heading towards the East Coast of Australia and possibly the Gold Coast?! According to this post it is! any news about this?

SW on 21/12/2009 11:05pm

You will probably get anticyclonic convergence cloud over your area on the day……

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