Sunday's national forecast - it's getting hotter! |

Sunday's national forecast - it's getting hotter!

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Today the heat lifts even further with Southland likely to reach the 30 degree mark along with other inland areas further south.

Meanwhile the North Island only reaches the mid-20s (generally speaking) for many, but with much higher humidity it will feel like the low 30s for some.

North Island:
Warm with humid nor'easters. Afternoon downpours inland around the ranges, especially central and southern parts of the North Island.
Highs: 23 to 27

South Island:
Becoming mostly dry on the West Coast but a remaining big downpour still possible around the Nelson Ranges. Elsewhere sunny and hot.
Highs: 24 to 33



Time to bring out those

Time to bring out those pretend (feels like) temps for Auckland to complete with Invercargill's heat!! How does an Aucklander cope with the knowledge that Invercargill is hotter than them (again)?

Hi there - I don't think

Hi there - I don't think Aucklanders are very focused on Invercargill today to be honest. It's very sunny and humid up there. Enjoy your dry heat - it's already up to 28 degrees at 11am in parts of Southland, definitely a hot one on the way today and tomorrow.

The "fees like" temperature, also known as the Humidex by some scientists, is a real thing. Moisture in the air keeps Auckland with lower daytime temps in set ups like this but this airflow is much drier for you so you get the spike in daytime temperatures. But it goes both ways - so tonight the dry air in Southland won't retain the heat and is why your low is 16 while Auckland is 20 but may feel even higher than that.

Cheers and make the most of the next few hot days - your highs drop back to the teens next week!
Philip Duncan