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Summer Soaker developing

The satellite map might not look too impressive but rain clouds are building to the north and west of New Zealand as a rather large low pressure system moves in.

Overcast and humid conditions remain over Auckland with drizzle and light showers expected to turn to rain tonight. 

In the past hour or two the satellite map, seen on the right of this page, has showed a thickening of cloud over Northland and Auckland, indicating rain bands are developing.  The Auckland rain radar shows mostly light showers and drizzle over parts of Northland and Auckland.

While the temperature in Auckland is only around 21 the humidex is measuring it at 28.



Peter Milne on 15/12/2008 6:19pm

Here in the Mahau Sound – Pelorus Sound, another large amount of rain. In the 24 hours – 7am Monday until 7am today, 385points (96mm)
Still showers coming through, but with a slightly more Westerly flick to them which hopefully will mean rain is abating.
That amounts to 153mm thus far for December on top of 332mm for November.
Farmers are happy – grass for Africa !!!!!!!!

Andrew on 15/12/2008 7:32am

What can we expect in terms of rain in the next 24 hours for the Shore?? We had 4mm early this morning in a heavy shower….

so far 23mm this month!!!

Thanks again… Also radar back up. Hopefully stays up! lol….


WW Forecast Team on 15/12/2008 7:59am

We have heavy rain and isolated thunderstorms in our forecast for Auckland.  At a guess I’d say somewhere between 20 and 40mm of rain over the next 24 hours.  A decent soaking.  It’s a bit hard to pinpoint for the shore, but I think it’ll be really setting in tonight.  The radar isn’t picking up a lot of the lower level rain clouds.  It’s currently pouring over parts of Auckland!



NB10:30pm Update.  Actually, 40 may be a little too steep.  20 is probably a better ball park figure! 

David on 15/12/2008 8:04pm

In reality most of Auckland actually had less than 3mm, after all the indications of some proper rain.

WW Forecast Team on 15/12/2008 8:26pm

I agree David – even I’m surprised at how little came from that front.  It had all the hallmarks of bringing some decent rain to Auckland.  It started to get better organised shortly after passing over Northland – and if you look on the sat map to the right you can see it much clearly now. 

Happy to admit I got it wrong for Auckland (well, ‘happy’ isn’t the right word!!). 

When I updated my message at 10:30 last night I could see it wasn’t organised properly…but thought it would really set in after midnight. Instead it compeltely fizzled.  Very disappointing – my garden needs the rain!

Andrew on 15/12/2008 2:48am

Auckland’s Radar seems to be down yet again… So am not able to track any rain at this stage… I last checked Auckland’s Rain radar at 3.45pm and was still down….


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