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Sudden burst of gales hits Auckland at lunchtime

After a very calm morning a wall of wind hit many exposed parts of Auckland around late morning and into early afternoon says

Peak gusts were around 110km/h in the most exposed parts of the city – many suburbs had gusts around 90km/h.

Winds of this speed are mostly below damaging threshold but wind tunnels (like in the CBD between buildings) and parts of exposed suburbs could see minor damage, especially branches breaking and powerlines being broken.

NewstalkZB and NZ Herald both reported some damage as a result of the sudden wind gusts, mostly branches down and some windows broken.

The warm wind direction pushed Auckland’s high up to 21 degrees, well above what both main forecasters were predicting. This afternoon a cooler wind will set in.

“This is the rough weather that was expected to arrive around dawn, but is running a few hours later. This afternoon in Auckland winds will change from gale nor’westers to blustery sou’westers”.

As the wind changes direction it means some will have conditions ease while others will see winds building. “Generally speaking we expect the worst of the winds to be around the time of the wind transition, which is midday” says Mr Duncan.

Today’s gusty winds are not going to be a repeat of what Wellington had yesterday either with saying that for the most part today’s wind is strong simply because it’s a northerly. “Once it swings west to south west it will feel more like a typical windy spring pattern for Auckland” says Mr Duncan.

As of 12 noon the strong northerlies were already starting to turn to cooler, blustery, sou’west with wind gusts still hitting 90km/h.

The windy change was predicted – but was running a few hours late.  That, coupled with a significant calmness before the gales moved in, meant the windy change took many Aucklanders by surprise.

Winds are now slowly easing.



Guest on 15/10/2013 7:52am

Add a fence to the damage. A toppled fence is what I came home to tonight so must be been a good gust come through Narrow Neck. Luckily for me a gum tree at the back of my place did not loose any branches although I am told one large one came bending over at a 90oC angle. I also heard unconfirmed reports of a mini tornado. Could that have been what caused some of the damage in Auckland today?


Nic on 15/10/2013 7:46am

I got home to find outside in disarray. Really sheltered potted trees (7 of them) had fallen over, everything on my balcony had been blown around and the wind must have come in from a really odd direction for it to have happened the way it did. I wondered if there was a mini tornado for a moment.

Brett on 15/10/2013 12:04am

I’m having trouble understanding the head line sudden gales slam Auckland, I thought that was to be expected? Well I was expecting it here where I am.
I just had a wind gust of 105km from 280 degrees at Whakatiwai Regional Park
Thanks Brett

sw on 14/10/2013 11:34pm

Trees horizontal,whistling and pine needles like darts,what a dump of a climate in Auckland,only several months over lsummer/autumn theres any reliability.

Guest on 15/10/2013 12:04am

Come on guys, toughen up, it’s Spring afterall and it’s fantastic.
Driving home from work yesterday along Evans Bay Parade in Wellington I could only admire Mummy Nature as she whipped the sea into a foaming spraying frenzy, sea spray blowing across the road and slamming into the car making 2 hand driving essential, watching the squalls of wind and rain come in and shake the traffic lights as if they were – almost spent Daffodills in the garden
Just shows how insignificant we are where the weather is concerned and that’s fine by me – more please!!

Guest on 15/10/2013 12:45am

I remember reading a book about American Indians and their version about this kind of weather and I liked it:
It is Earth Mother tending her garden with her wind fingers, weeding out the weak trees/branches that the strong may have room to grow and provide for her sons and daughters (people).

Nic on 15/10/2013 7:43am

What a great way to think of it 🙂

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