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Staying warm in the cold of night

We’ve had our fair share of cold nights so far during the early part of winter and how do you keep the cold away at night?

Do you have lots of blankets on to keep the chilly air at bay or does just one duvet do the trick for you? 

We’re all different and seem to feel the cold differently.What about heating ? Do you have a heater in the bedroom or are you happy with it cool and perhaps have an electric blanket?
If you use an electric blanket, are you the type that puts it on hours before bedtime on three and then leave it on during the night to keep you cosy? We’re told that can be a bit risky from a health point of view or would you rather keep toasty whatever the advice?

What about hotties? That’s hot water bottles we’re meaning, just in case there’s any confusion!
If you use one do you have them at boiling point or just warm when you pop them under the covers? How much of a hassle is it when its cold in the middle of the night and you have to biff it out?

Any other heating devices you have to keep you warm or any other tips for those of us who struggle with the cold?

If you have a partner, is the best thing to snuggle up to keep the nippy air from numbing fingers and toes?

The cold can be cruel if we’re not prepared and we’d like to know how you maintain the warmth with your bedtime habits.


Jen on 25/06/2012 3:37am

… that is, hubby and our old puss!

Actually, I used to my electric blanket, but 3 years ago, I bought a feather mattress overlay (60% off at Briscoes), and that, combined with fluffy flannette sheets (60% off at Briscoes) and a light-as-a-feather 80% goosedown duvet (yep, 60% off) is just… oh, just SO soft, light, comfy and warm. We truly haven’t missed the electric blanket at all – I am amazed about that.

We have lived in a draughty 110-year-old farm bungalow for the last 30 years, and the best investment we ever made was on a Magnum P200 log burner with a 3-room heat transfer system, and we also insulated the ceiling and installed floor-to-ceiling thermal drapes. The log burner heats the whole house really fast, and heats the hot water too, and I use it as a cooktop alot in winter.

Just a note about the heat transfer system – we made sure that we didn’t put the duct outlet at the same end of the room as the log burner – it’s at the opposite end to make sure the lounge gets heated first, then the excess heat is ducted to the other rooms. I would recommend such a system to anyone. We do not use any other heating in our three-bedroom house at all. Not bad eh?

(and regarding Briscoes, I also bought us all flash goosedown pillows (yep, discounted) – OMG, wonderful!)

And no, I don’t work for them. Hehe.

Melissa on 23/06/2012 3:08am

I like a cool room but a warm bed!
I hate electric blankets, but I too love my hottie (I use boilling water).
The cat helps keep the bed warm too!
Nice to have a hot bath before bed and a wine and you can stay toastie all night!!!

Guest on 23/06/2012 1:19am

I have a hot water bottle for several months of the year, smashed my ankle up real bad and if I get cold in it then I cant walk… not very helpful…. my hottie is filled with boiling water so it stays hot all night! We imported full european Central Heating a couple of years back so the whole house is warm and toasty… wouldnt be without it! Can you tell we are poms lol

Guest on 23/06/2012 2:47am

Yes, I am a hottie fan, ever since my major leg & Knee replace surgery last does not like the cold. My hottie stays warm all night. Having seen the damage an electric blanket can do, NEVER will I ever have one of those on my bed or anyone’s bed in my house again,. Bed socks too help heaps

Two hotties are fine for me.

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