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Spring Storm – Send us your damage reports!

We’re keen to hear from people across New Zealand dealing with the spring storm.  If you have any reports of damage from small to large, we want to know about it.

Wind related, rain related – or something else connected to our current storm.

We’d really appreciate a name and your location too.  Thanks!


Chris J on 14/10/2012 4:37am

As I suspected, the damage at the back of our place is unreal. Farmers paddock is strewn with broken branches from the neighbours place. I have major broken Taupata branches actually sitting high up in the pine trees, they have flown through the air to do that. Stuff just strewn everywhere. Massive popular on a major lean, as well as several Mahoe trees now leaning in a S-N direction. Pots turned over and big Mamaku fronds have smashed down everything on the ground and through them. Combined with the big W storm last month, my yard is now a trash heap, but this is worse. Speaking to a Paraparaumu person who was in Paekakariki yesterday afternoon who could not believe the conditions here. By afternoon, Paraparaumu had patches of blue sky and the rain had gone away. Down here the storm was raging. Like wise this morning, although they also got it bad early this morning, as we did. “Something” hit my back porch this morning. Wind has got inside and strewn plants and shoes all over the show, first time ever this has happened. I’m thinking those rogue blasts from the E via Transmission Gully probably threw us something funny. It was blasting out of there this morning. LOL, guess I have to laugh, in a matter if days we’ve had NW, NE, W, S, SW and SE, only the straight N missing. I’m still trying to understand the sheltering effect for the Coast. I actually think the convection street that forms from Kapiti Island inland just north of here to Mt Wainui, might be the boundary, as it constantly meets with the perpendicular S-N flow long the hills. It shifts around, but it is a trouble zone for instability and also where the NW front cloud arcs appear. Rightly or wrongly, it can be amazing to watch!

Blown away on 13/10/2012 9:50pm

We lost half a tree in our front yard at about 12 yesterday. Luckily missed the house! Sunnynook, Auckland

Chris Johnson on 13/10/2012 10:25am

Media Release from ChCh City Council might interest WW – sorry meant to post it here and not to the Facebook page. Have deleted it there.

Guest on 13/10/2012 10:00am

we had a power cut from about 6.15 to 10.40pm in Te Atatu South tonight just as dinner was going into the oven..bad bad timing.

Kym McNaughton on 13/10/2012 9:12am

Rotorua: Huge wind gusts, sending the smoke back down the chimney

Laura jerome on 13/10/2012 8:45am

So far today we’ve had 4 trees down, (one is a HUGE macrocarpa), one electric fence smashed – by said trees, and no phone line. After 3 of us chainsawing the first three trees from the fence, we went to get some tools to fix fence – came back and a fourth had fallen on it!! And no phone line… yep it’s been windy.

Rodney on 13/10/2012 7:32am

Snow showers reported from Methven this after noon(Saturday 13th), not settling due to the 68mm so far.

Rachel Jennings on 13/10/2012 7:03am

Been pounded by heavy rain and gale force winds in Timaru today. Rain has eased back to heavy showers but its been terrible all day.

Rachel Jennings
Timaru South Canterbury.

Leigh on 13/10/2012 6:43am

Very windy & wet here in Christchurch. Had to take doggums for a walk about an hour ago & very nearly got blown off my feet by a couple of the gusts.

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