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Spectacular meteor/fireball seen over Wellington / Christchurch has been inundated with reports of a spectacular meteor over central New Zealand this evening.

Eyewitnesses from Wellington and Christchurch are talking of a fireball that rushed across the sky leaving a large trail behind it.

View the incoming eyewitness reports here


Guest on 2/04/2012 11:30am

Out of nothing my daughter and I heard a sudden roaring wind noise slam into our home in Naenae, Lower Hutt – it made the house creak – and I was wondering out loud if it was an earth quake or not.
Then on the 10.30 pm TV One news they mentioned a sonic boom and meteor around 6.30 pm – that was about the time we experienced the sudden noisy wind gust hitting our home. There was hardly any wind too notice before or after the sudden slam-wind – I am wondering if other people heard sonic boom or felt sudden wind gust around the time the Meteor was spotted in the sky.

Guest on 2/04/2012 10:30am

My son (5yrs) was raving on about this earlier tonight. We didn’t see it and were kind of dismissing him, he was really adament about ‘fire star racing in sky’ and got quite stroppy with us! But now that I’ve seen this, he obviously did see something. He will feel so vindacated in the morning!!

Mitso on 2/04/2012 9:34am

I saw this meteor when driving between Edendale and Mataura, it looked really impressive with the low light of dusk.

Guest on 2/04/2012 8:53am

Has anyone else noticed that 2 of the eight pics posted on this site are the same, just different lighting. One was uploaded by Andy Capp, and the other by Andy Warhol. Apart from that, does anyone know what it was/ has it landed in the ocean etc etc???

Maurice on 2/04/2012 8:34am

I saw this as a white glow moving in a southerly direction and then a bang and a flash as it got lower on the horizion. then lost it out of sight. at about 6:25pm

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