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white light

6/25/2016 Approx 10:00 PM EDT  NE CT South to north no noise  Thought it was the ISS but ISS is in Pacific right now!  Any idea what it was?


Hello We were driving up the


We were driving up the north west coast of Western Australia on Friday night and we saw a bright light move across the sky. It lasted much longer then a shooting star and then there was a flash of green as it moved out of sight.

Bright white light that moved slow

On Friday June 24, 2016 at about 10:30pm cst or so in Clifton, Illinois, USA, my husband and I saw a bright light in the sky moving slowly from West to east and then it dissappeared and then about 30 seconds or a minute later it reappearred for about 30 seconds and then dissappeared again and was gone. We thought maybe the ISS but we looked at the tracker and not due around our area until July 7th. Anyone else see that around the same time? Anyone ever see anything or know what it is?


Bright green object with white tail

At just after 3am on 25th June 2016 I saw this bright green object streak across the sky.

i am in Hawksworth Nottinghamshire UK looking west and it went from right to left. It didn't appear to be that far away.

orange burning light

\last night my kids and I saw an orange burning light that seemed to just burnout after a couple minutes . we live in Mcgregor Ontario Canada. It came from the south and was moving north toward us.


White light in the Sky UK

Hi, I'm from the UK, at 03:05 Today 25 June 2016 I saw a bright light, moving very quickly across the sky.  It travelled from Right to left in a slight arc, totally silently, it was the brightest white I have ever seen.  Seemed very large, sadly I only was able to see it for a few seconds before it disappeared. A very beautiful sight, sounds similar to the others reported here - I would be fascinated to find out more about this if anyone knows.

im in the South of the U.K., 20 miles South of Guildford.

I Luke.

White light

I saw a bright light moving acrossvthe sky from right to left this morning at 03:05, opened the window but know sound.   Checked to see if it was the International Space Station but this was not scheduled to be in this area.

I live in Alderton near Towcester Northampton.

Amazing sight

Same here in Ct 10:00PM EDT

Same here in Ct 10:00PM EDT Not ISS

White/green light in the sky

I saw it too! walked out of my house at 3am and saw it fall for about 2 seconds, which seemed long. I didnt see it go out as it disappeared behind some houses nearby. I'm so glad somebody else saw it. I was stunned for a few mins, never seen one so large and clear.  It had a green tinge to it.

I'm in the South East UK , 20 miles from Norwich



Burning object in sky

Heard a loud noise above, looked and saw an object that seemed to be burning, numerous bright burning objects. Then in five seconds there was just smoke kind of like a con-trail.ove lake Wales, Florida.

Some thing in the sky

I am staying in wagga wagga Nsw . About 20h00 me and my wife were driving from Estela to wagga and right in front of us there was a light in the sky. Like a falling star but just faster and brighter. 


I saw an object that moved across the skype for seconds at least it was moving slow , it was orange and yellowish , quite bright , it as from Ghana Accra  , i showed soem oen and the perosn not familiar with the skype said it was a jet but i knew it was a phenomenon 


Seen bright light shooting across the sky over nova Scotia couple hours ago. Kind of a white/orange color. Seen it for about 7-10 seconds before it faded in the distance. It also had a few pieces of light (with their own small tails) that broke off as it passed by. First time I ever seen anything like it.

Me too!

I saw the same thing last night!  Didn't know what it was as I hadn't seen anything like it before either!  It was fast and almost 'fiery' looking!

Saw it

I saw it too, at about 1:45 a.m. directly overhead, travelling southeast and breaking into pieces. A very bright and large fireball. Quite awesome! (At Monocle Lake, 9 miles west of Brimley, in the eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan)

Green light and an orange tail

Hi, I'm from Cape Verde, and today(22/06/2016) I saw an objet that I supposed to be a meteor by 20:40 or 8:40pm.
It was really fast, like 10 seconds top. The sky was all green than I look outside the window, I saw the orange tail, like when the meteor enters the atmosphere. After that, everything went back to normal, the green light fade away along the tail. 
It was a beautiful event but I would like to know more about it.
Did everyone knew about or it just passed by undetected?

About 45 minutes ago,i

About 45 minutes ago,i suddently saw the sky turning green,like bright green,for about 4 seconds,couldnt see the source of the light tho.Im at Cape Verde, near Africa.

Bright Green Light

Tonight around 930 I saw a very bright greenish light streak across the southern sky going west. It didn't go really fast like most shooting stars do. Probably saw it for about 5 seconds. I'm in Missouri. Any other reports?

I'm in Oklahoma and I saw a

I'm in Oklahoma and I saw a bright green light dropping towards the horizon around yhat same time. I was druving east. It was huge and bright, not like the shooting starts I'm used to seeing. 

my cousin and I were outside

my cousin and I were outside talking around 7 last night and saw a bright,green ball of light, heading in a westerly direction !!


light in sky

So did we!



light in sky

i was in kaiapoi last night 22 june 2016, about 7.40pm a light or something flew over us, no flashing it went towards west. quit fast, . no sound.


Did Anyone Else See The Orange Lights Sat. June 19th, 2016

If anyone else saw the formation of several ornage/ red lights that were clearly unidentified flying objects on Saturday night 10:00 (PST), June 19, 2016, please post something. I can't believe what I was seeing and it turns out that they've been seen around the world over the last few years. I was in They were in formation like planes, were flying accurately, didn't make a sound, then slowly disappeared one at a time. Some were faster than others. I saw them on the furthest northern edge of Las Vegas, from just south of Paiute Golf Course; they were coming in over Mt. Charleston then headed north.

Wierd lights in the sky.

you pretty much described what I seen tonight. I'm still puzzled not sure exactly what I seen. I'm still online looking for anyone who seen the same thing, I even googled lighted lantern to see if there was any sort of event in hopes of convincing myself that what I just witnessed isn't as crazy or surreal as it is to me. These came one after another, some seemed closer then others, all a reddish orange glow that seemed to flicker, they made some sort of formation then dispersed into the sky. A few seemed to disappear.  seeveral hours later, I am in Detroit Michigan, still in awe, not sure what to think or believe. Mind boggled, puzzled, curious&intent on finding anyone who may have seen the same thing over southeast Michigan on 6/24/16 around 10:30p

Meteor 6.50pm Rimutakas Summit 21st June 2016

Saw a meteor low over the horizon with a green tail heading north west?


Yup saw it here in Palmerston North too at 1850 green and Blue 21st of june

Meteor 1850 Palmerston North 21st june 2016

Yup i saw too at 1850  iwas in palmerston North walking though a park

Was green and Blue was traveling fast saw it for two or three seconds 

Larger than a shooting star

I live in Midrand South Africa . I just got home from work and saw something quite large fall from the sky . It didn't appear very far and looked like a giant red ball . Definitely fire around it . I guess it might be a meteor but I have never seen one so big before and it didn't fade it just continued to fall straight down . Please tell me someone well saw this.




Green light near fochville South Africa

I am from South Africa. I saw a green light moving fast. It seemed very close. It occurred 20/06/2016 at approximately 6:15.

moon june19/2016

My husband and I went outside around 11 pm on june 19,2016 (sudbury ontario,canada) to take a look at the moon. I said hey look theres a satellite (what i think is a satellite) and its going to go buy the moon, we watched it go to the moon and waited for it to come out the otherside of the moon, but it never came. It never appeared on the otherside of the moon in the sky? did what ever that was land on the moon? we waited and waited but it never appeared again?


I don't know but I saw the same thing but first it appeared as a bright long light behind the moon and then it appeared beside it and then it was below of the moon almost as low as my car so thats probably why you did not see it any more it's scary 

green orb

We saw this too while walking in petone it looked like an oval green thing speeding low through the sky

Green thing shooting across sky 6.50pm northwest of Wellington

I saw what I think was a meteor tonight driving home around 6.50pm 50km north west of Wellington, close to Upper a hutt. It shot across the sky in a North west direction, looked like it was at low aeroplane height, but probably much higher. Green with trail.

Comet 6.50pm 21st June 2016

I was driving south over the Rimutakas approaching the summit I say what was accurately described  by Shona above.A meteor with a green trail looked quite low

Northern wellington comet

7pm walking the dog in Akatarawa a huge white orb with a tail falling at an angle towards Kapiti. It was so large and close I thought I would feel the impact. No sound so impact. Awesome! 

I saw it too!

ive just posted something but I don't think it worked. Amazing, I'm not crazy after all. I was on my way home to Akatarawa when I saw it 6.50ish.

Shooting star or meteor?

At about 6 58 I saw a greenish light falling quickly over Whanganui seemed to be moving toward the west. Perhaps larger than a star.  i saw it for a few seconds before it appeared to burn out. Anyone else see it?  Was amazing!

Yes!,  I saw it too...  I

Yes!,  I saw it too...  I was walking up koromiko road when I saw a large hazy orb with slight trail falling downwards...,  was indeed a sight... 

6:55pm Tuesday 21st

6:55pm Tuesday 21st June 

Foxton Horowhenua/Manawatu

Green tailed bright low shooting comet? 

Shooting east to west

Bright blue over Wellington

Just saw a bright blue shooting something over upper hutt - heading south. Bright blue/aqua with tail. 

Just saw

A meteor go past - east to west - i'm in Kapiti - it was a pretty green

bright circle and light in nz sky last night

hi i 1st saw a kinda car light kinda star flying over papakura last night was still for abit then start flying back and forth and then about 20mins later it started to fly up n down so i waited and watched then i had to got toilet came back for a ciggy and saw a bright white circle behided clouds dat just hoverd in da 1 spot

I witnessed many of them

I witnessed many of them before, they all had an orange/red light but that one I saw 10 min ago had a very bright blue streak. I think it may be related to its composition, as a chemist I know that Copper, Cerium, Tin or Tantalum can emit blue light. What do you think?

6/20/Meteor seen at 12:30 am

The meteor was a bright white light moving fast in a south westerly direction South of Borger Texas towards Amarillo.

burning object falling from sky

Whenuapai Auckland, in the sky to the west at about 5.00pm. Smoke trail and brightly burning object falling out of the sky.

Red light falling from the sky

South Africa Cape town -9:30 saw red light falling from the sky 

Meteor over southern cali

Around 9:30 saw a meteor streak the north eastern horizon heading west very bright as in red/orange just like the color mars gives off I wouldn't call it a fireball but it was a good size saw it for just 2 now more than 3 seconds California 

Unknown weird object in the sky

This happened sat night (6-18-16)from 7:45-8:15pm while my wife and I were driving north on the 405 from long beach to van nuys California.

so while driving home we spotted what looked like a meteor slowly falling down to the northwest of us over the pacific right near sundown.  It had a nice long orange (fire) tail on it for about 6 minutes. Then the object seemed to slow down and the tail gradually got shorter. Pretty soon, about ten minutes after we first noticed it, it completely stopped moving and there was no tail. It looked kind of like a star would but a little orange.  All of a sudden a green dot appeared a little below it to the right. We watched the green dot for maybe 1 minute and at this time the other orange dot began to flicker a little but not at any particular rhythm. Then the green dot vanished. The flickering of the orange dot only happened for maybe a couple of minutes. Then the orange dot started to slowly move up!!!! We started freaking out because we could not figure out what would do this. IT WAS NOT A PLANE!! It moved up slowly with no tail for about 10 minutes and then it just completely disappeared. I think I have heard that there is missile testing out that direction but I don't know. I would find it very hard to believe that this is a missile. inputs? Thanks. Ps this is the first time I have witnessed something in the sky that I can't explain and I am often looking up.

I literally saw the same

I literally saw the same thing at 10:19 last night and I'm in Massachusetts I haven't found much about it but I have a video and it's no plane, so confused