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Orange lights in the sky!

I live in Ireland and a few weeks ago me and my partner saw 3 big orange lights in the sky one after the other begin to lower and then disappear after about a minute or so! Tonight we saw it again only the one and it was bigger than what we saw previously again it began to lower and then disappear after about 30 seconds! I thought I was going mad at first as no one would believe me that's why I came on to see if anyone else has spotted these. I have never seen them before so i was quite interested to see what it is. Does anyone have any idea what these mysterious lights are?

Meteor sighting New Brighton

I was sitting in QEII park tonight facing North when I saw this magnificent thing. It was about 9pm approx and after dinner I sat watching the sky. I first noticed the way the cloud seemed to be trailing off from the moon in almost a wave formation, I thought it looked pretty so of course I kept starring up unaware. Next thing I saw a "meteor" shoot from behind me heading north of Christchurch. It only lasted seconds but this glowing/shooting comet like thing shot above me and seemed to go down North-wards. The most amazing part was I saw the smokey trail behind it! I've seen "shooting stars" before that are like a quick white line of light in the night sky but this was by far more realistic. A hot looking orange tiny ball flew down leaving a brief smokey trail behind it. I wish I had someone else who saw this too. Amazing and slightly scary has anyone else seen this?

meteor hitting sea in Hawkes Bay

Our house is clifftop in Hawkes Bay.

Metor sighted travelling west to east burning very red in the sky as a big ball with a tail then breaking up with a very stary fragmentation.

Sighted stricking the ocean between Mohaka river and Wakarie river approx 1km offshore.

My son also sighted the same Metor from Petone Wellington burning white with a green tail.

I think this is what I saw

I think this is what I saw tonight sitting in Christchurch facing North/East ish it was a fiery Orange ball with a smokey looking trail behind it. Magnificent

noise across the sky in auckland (otahuhu)

It was 12:20am I was doing some work on my computer. I heard a sound like an jet flying high up in the air. I came out side I did not see any sign of a jet plane in the sky. but i still hear the ummmmmm noise of it. The sky was very clear as the moon was up and there were many stars in the sky. Again there was no sign of a plane jet in the sky. Did anyone hear it???

Star disappeared

On Sunday 22 March my wife and I were watching the sky on the East Coast of NZ jsut north opf Kerikeri in the Far North when we saw a star simply explode and then disappear. We had not seen it moving at all it was just stationary in the sky it then lit up briefly (1 second or less) before disappearing completely. Did anyone else see it?

Moving lights in Plimmerton NZ

Hi just saw around 6 or 7 lights moving south out in the bay in Plimmerton beach. They made no noise and there were no flashing lights or wings that could be distinguished.

They moved in to the clouds as it is a mix of clear sky and a bit of over cast cloud and vanished.

Three of us saw it and we are all skeptics left scratching our heads over this one.

Anyone else see it or have info? One of us thought they might be choppers but I never see anything fly at night that doesn't have distinct flashing lights on it and 6 or 7 helicopters would make a hell of a noise.

They were dark orange, I noticed the first one moving and then all of a sudden two more appeared further apart followed by the final three or four closer to the horizon, they have now all vanished entirely from sight.

Several planes have flown past since all resonating the noise of the engine around the area and all showing the lights from the planes reflected in the clouds, these other objects made neither noise or any reflections or lights for that matter - just like moving stars at very close range

Green flashing light in Ireland

Hi, I saw a green flashing light coming down the sky last night at about 8.25pm in Co. Meath Ireland

Seen the same thing here in

Seen the same thing here in New Zealand at about 9.30pm and we are 12 hours difference wow

Orange ball in sky at about 10:00 pm EST Sunday March 29

Today I saw a strange orange light in sky thinking it was some type of aircraft. Called my husband to come outside and look. He said it looks like something on fire. Wer weatched it then it slowly faded away. I live in Martinez, CA.

Burning magnesium light in appearance moved like shooting star

I am from Derry, Northern Ireland! Just seen bright light fly above me then disappear... Is it a meteorite?

Comet lights up Missoula night. Chthonic

Meteor or comet just rushed by in Missoula, MT . Approximately 3:35am south side of sky. About3-4 seconds green flashes

Shooting star

Bright white bug shooting star going downwards at Gisborne

Bright light flashed on and off 4 times

at about 9:55 central time in Aurora Illinois I saw a bright light flash on and off 4 times, then I saw a small star next to 2 other stars disPpear

orange light over Christchurch.

At about 105 am (28/03/2015) we saw a bright orange light travelling in a straight path across the sky above Christchurch. It did not flicker or waver from its path. It maintained a constant speed and was travelling quite fast. It made no sound. The night was calm -  no wind.  



orbs in Hamilton

Saw the same as Briana but many more. Would love to talk to her. Was last night Fairfield.

lights in sky

Back in December me and my husband saw 4 lights in a row.  They then moved into a pyramid and shot up into the clouds.  They then came back and formed a semi-circle.  We watched them for at least 10 mins.  I did film it on my camera but they didn't show up.  We are in Upper Hutt.


I saw a bright thing there was still a little bit of sun and then the bright object would stay still and then disappear and move to another spot and repeat.

strange light in sky

so i saw about three big lights blinking on and of
They were in a line and then they came together the out in different
directions. Then they had come back. We stayed inside for a while. Went out thay
had friends went out like five minutes ago and it
happened again!!. Im from hamilton hillcrest. 9:35pm and its the
27/3/15. Omg got so scared but was amazing. My friend on phone
said they were still there etc.

Turquoise something fell from sky

Earlier this evening I noticed a turquoise like thing fall from the sky while I was driving. It picked up speed fairly quickly and I could tell it was going to land. I then drove to the grocery store, which is what my trip was for. About 20 minutes later I came outside and noticed a plane noise, which sounded as if it was going really fast above me. I looked up and noticed a black plane streaking through the black sky. Just a coincidence? .... I think not. I think it was the government ..... Huntsville, TX.


I went outside at 3.30am as I coul dnot sleep as my dad passed away a short while ago and I was upset so i stood in th egarden and looke dup at all the beautiful stars in the sky but my eye caught on one which was not bright and seemed so far away and it was travelling slowloy across th esky, not a shooting star but you could follow it across but only just, I am long sighted and this must have helped apart from the fact I was really looking for a sogn to make me feel better about my dad, I do not know  why this happened , anyone help?

I saw some thing in the sky

I saw some thing in the sky .it was red and was not moving.then it started falling with smoke and a small yellow light came and disappeared again a small yellow thing came and disappeard

ball of light

March 21 saw a bright ball of light traveling accross the sky we did not see any lights and seemed to be traveling faster than a plane. This dissapeared far to the north and had travelled the full visual sense of the sky. This was in Chatham ontario canada around 11:00 pm.

flash in sky

I was out on my back deck around 8 pm laast night and seen several meteors streaking across the night sky, about an hour later we saw the big flash of light towards Halifax, we live in nine mile river hangs county 

Blue flash in sky

We were outside around 2:00 am in Huntington Beach, California USA, when the sky lit up with a large blue flash of light.  Lasted around 3 seconds.  A rumbling moaning sound accompanied this flash of light.  

No loss of electricity nor did the electricity flicker.

fire in the sky

im in taupo new zealand

ok so yesterday 24 of march 2015 i watched a ball of what looked like fire (orangie red light) fall from the sky i watched it for a few minutes decend towards earth then stoped for a minute or so till it eventually disapeared i was staring in amazement but at the same time wanderimg why no one was talking about it via news,facebook,media until i saw this was quite strange but would most likely pass it off as a meteorite

flash in sky at app 920pm

Stellarton NS Canada  

At approximately 920pm tonight I saw a flash in the sky. . Before it happened the dog wouldn't go past the gate..then the flash occurred and no sound... then the dog went into back yard.... she started barking.alot..... heard a differnt sound..kinda like raccoons but softer sounding. .... i don't think they are out yet but nothing else happened.... I thought it was going too be a thunder storm.....maybe heat lightning if that's possible with 7 feet of snow on the ground and minus temps.

bright flash across eastern nova scotia Canada

approximate time 8:58 saw flash of light across sky. Numerous accounts on face book from area seen from far away

Another bright light

24/03/2015 at 2055 I saw another bright light like a star moving across the was quite slow this time...I called my son to come an look and he saw it was travelling to the north high to be a plane we tried to take a video of it and it just disappeared, it was like the light just went off...I son't think it was a meteor it didn't have a tail..

I live in Mongolia. In

I live in Mongolia. In ulaanbaatar city at 9: 57pm i saw orange light. I think it was meteor. But i have no idea wat it was actually is.


At about 8.35pm I saw a bright orange ball that streak across the sky with a tail, like a very bright orange shooting star. It was just to the left of the moon shooting SW. I'm in Kaiapoi, North Canterbury,

Night light

Monday 22march2015, I think, at 6.03pm we saw a light in the sky with a long tail. It was quite large. I was a little confused as the tail appeared to be going in a downwards direction. Was it a comet or a jet? Any one know.

Don't know what it was 3/23/15?

Don't know what it was, but it was raining here in Davenport, California and about midnight the whole sky lit up & power went out- no thunder & power came back on within seconds. We thought it was lightening at first, but there wasn't any thunder & we did not see any lightening. Then it happened again- exact same- sky lit up, power went out & returned within seconds, no thunder. We thought maybe it was a transforming going out or our electric co. working as they sometimes do late at night. We live in a very rural area ( only 5 houses in 20 miles). Then it happened a third time- very strange & not sure what it was!

2 very bright lights heading south North Island NZ

Saturday 21st March 2015 8.58pm (Viewed from west coast North Island New Zealand - central Taranaki...) Two bright orange lights moving in a straight line (from New Plymouth way to Wellington way). At first I thought it was a plane but the light was not flashing - just staying on! Then there was a second one not far behind! Both (orange?) lights stayed at the same altitude (well above tree top level), travelling south in a straight line and both "lights" stayed on. They were above the mountain, then suddenly disappeared from view (as though the lights turned off or burnt out)? I looked again to see if they had come back on or gone behind the mountain, but they seemed to just stop mid air?  Two meteors maybe that burnt out??? It seemed strange that they stayed at the same height!

bright lights

I live in Sunnynook North Shore and a also witnessed the 2 bright orange lights. they were exactly as you have described them. I managed to get a small video of the 2 nd light. Have you found out what they may have been?

fireball 22-03=2015 Australia

Last night 22-03-15 we watched a fireball with a long tail shoot across the Australian sky heading towards the ocean ,a lady on face book captured a photo.Awesome


21st March 2015 just before dark about 8pm. Camping on top of Takaka Hill at 1000m saw a large fireball that left a long trail like a jet trail. Moving West to East above Northern horizon. Started off slow like an aeroplane then got faster and brighter with clear flames visible with black  at front.. Biggest one I have ever seen. No blue green atmospheric burn up colours like many that large.

sky just lit up

Huge flash mount maunganui 820 pm 

2 orange dots

On 3-21-2015 my husband and I saw 2 orange dots floating in the sky moving up and down a little and moving south we watch them both disapear before our eyes. about a minute between each other. We saw them in our yard and we live in the St. Helens oregon U.S.A

meteor ?




meteor sighting

It was 21st march 2015 around 730pm to 8pm which was exactly  24 hours ahead of USA time, we were barbequing when suddenly a bright orangey trail (look like firework) fly above us for 3 second before it disappeared with a beautiful end to it (split to four line( the one that u normally see in firework) was so fast and no sound at all suggesting it was a firework..three of us saw it.. btw I live in Kota kinabalu Sabah Borneo Malaysia

same shooting star or meteor

As well as me i thought it was a shooting star but i dont know it was about 11pm 22 march 2015 and it went over auckland 

I was sitting up the bush

I was sitting up the bush around the camp fire and saw it, no one believed me. (Taumarunui)

We saw it too

We where driving from Cambridge towards Te Awamutu North Island NZ just before 8pm on Sat 21 March and saw a glowing ball with a tail shooting across the sky in a south east direction. What a sight !


I saw ligths in the sky over Hamilton! at about the same time as you. 


Im in Hamilton, New Zealand and dont know if im staring at a meteor or not?? Looking a north west direction.




Same i saw it in auckland about 11 pm at night 21 march 2015 wow what a sight

Me Too

I saw lights in the sky it was like a line it hovered there for like maybe 5 seconds and then kind of moved and disappeared s this what you saw?

Lights in the sky

I to saw that light hovering than shot off in another direction

Meteor sighting

Yes, as reported in this site, saw a Meteor at 7:57 traveling South. Good burn up for a few seconds then darkness. Seen from Rotorua facing WSW.