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Meteor burning in sky?

Tonight at approximately 5pm saw a bright fireball with a long white smoke trail then a smaller one some distance away.  Central time here in Texas. Others saw it as well in other parts of town.  I have a pic but don't know how to share it.  

meteor off west coast

We just saw a meteor near moana at around 2:45pm it was really bright and red with a white tail did anyone else see it??

HUGE GREEN flashes of light towards N in KS

I was driving N out of our neighborhood to the gas station, at approx 3:15-3:30a.m. CST. Through the tree cover, I did not have a clear view at first, but thought I saw lightning in a strange Bright Green. Knowing my camera was not handy, at first I doubted myself, until I came out of the tree cover any to see it again. It lasted no more than a long blink of my eye, but was VIVID and a beautiful emerald green. Anyone else witness anything close and please explain if you know answers. Wichita, KS

Streaking red fireball?!?

My 9 year old and I were driving west on TT hwy in Odessa, Missouri at about 730 central standard time when all of a sudden there was a large red "crack" like line glowing in the sky then it "turned" into just what looked like a fireball in the sky then faded out. It lasted for about a good two minutes then it was gone. It was pretty awesome to see for the both of us! We took video but by the time we got the camera phone found and filming it was too faint to pick up...Luckily I was able to snap a pic of it where you can just barely see the last of it though! 

Bright Green ball in the sky

Bright green light streaking from northeast to west in north America. We witnessed it from northern Indiana. Started bright green then "fizzled" out, then got very bright again.

Meteor over South Australia

Apparently I'm the only person in South Australia who saw the biggest meteor I've ever seen at 3.30am Tuesday, 27/09/2016. Was amazing, can't find anything on any news or weather page relating to this.

Huge bright thing

Just saw a massive bright gold light, thought it was a star but was way to big and was moving, within an hour it was out of my sight. Perth Australia 8.00pm. Helicopter where also flying back and forth around where it was, anyone know what could be. 28/09/16

A flaming ball in the sky

It was the 27th of september 2016 in Iceland and we were watching the immense northern lights that were lighting up the sky that night. We saw a few shooting stars and that was great  but suddenly we saw a flaming ball falling slowly down in a straight line in the west. It fell very slowly and had clear flames, not just white light like the shooting stars but we didn't hear any noise comming from it. Can you explain this phenomena to me?


P.s. There were three of us that saw it so I know it eas not a trick of the mind.

Sounds allot like what i saw

Sounds allot like what i saw that night too... Haven't found Ann explanation for it yet myself.

Object with white flames fell from sky

On Tuesday September 27th, 2016 I witnessed a similar object fall from the sky around 9:45 pm over the mountain range above Gans PA USA. My daughter and I  started to wish on what we thought was a shooting star until it got bigger and closer then we could see whitish flames burning from the front and back of the object. As we drove along the road it landed and caught fire in the mountains parallel  to where we were traveling. Funny thing, we did not hear any sound. Not a crash or boom which we expected for the size of it but it was traveling slow and just fell in the woods. It burned for maybe 25 to 30 minutes until it burned out and was a red hot glowing ball from a distance. Could it be a meteorite, satellite, small plane, weather balloon? I'm curious to find out and it sounds like it was seen from afar on the same night.

Fireball Due East

I saw a fireball at about 9:42 p.m. on Sunday, September 25 due East from me in Long Beach, California.  It was headed toward the Earth in a Nortward direction.  It lasted about 10 seconds, yellow in color, and fairly bright.

It might have hit the Arizona desert.   

Meteor early this morning

Hello there. Im in the Monterey, California (USA)area, at 2:35am (pst) I saw the biggest "shooting star" I've ever seen. Left a light trail that lasted a few seconds after the fire ball was out of sight over the oceans horizon. I don't know how to describe how big it was but If i held my hand up to the sky, i could see the fire ball on both sides at the same time... If that makes sense.  I know it had to hit somewhere, but i don't see anything yet. May sound silly but i was half expecting a tsunami or something after... Hoping everyone is ok wherever it may have gone.

Bright Light in night sky UK

Saw a very large area of bright light in the clouds with a massive light trail into the horizon across the sky - 1am over uk/hertfordshire sky 27.9.16

anyone else see this?


Wow would love to see it had one over Auckland about a year ago would like to keep updated with this kind of thing very exciting stuff


Fireball in sky

Around 830 last night I saw what I thought was a shooting star, firework or flare in the north above the horizon. It was overcast but was bright enough to light up thru the cloud cover. It appeared to have a green tint then changed to orange as it disappeared at lower elevations. It was North of Pace, FL.

Was this a meteor?

Falling star

I also seen that last night when I was driving up to Rocky on the Bruce hwy was by far the biggest and brightest one I have ever seen .it scared my 5 yr old daughter.. Cheer's

Tonight around 9:30pm my

Tonight around 9:30pm my husband and I was outside and we saw a red ball falling from the sky. . It was amazing. . Williamston, South Carolina

Fire in the sky

Tonight I was heading South on I285 and saw what appeared to be a falling star headed towards Hartfield Airport and this was at 9:15pm. I also reported it to Fox 5

Green burning light like a firework but bigger in Alabama

I was out at about 8:45 pm with my dog to check on level of pond when I large green ball with sparkles of flame coming  from the tail appeared. I have witnessed an orange flaming ball of light but this was different.

No sound and looked like it was going to land across the road. No impact noise or vibrations felt.


Meteor sighting

In the night sky at 21.35 while in my garden i saw a burning bright light with a tail moving from the north to east and it disappeared as quickly as it appeared.


I live in a village outside of Aylesbury Buckinghamshire.


Hey I'm from Aylesbury too and yesterday 25th of sep, I was near Milan and saw the exact same  trail from north to south. It looks like a waves moving sideways and there was a time they all collected together. I'm very confused as to what they really are. Have you found any information ?


This morning around 630 am we seen several meteors falling from sky that really looked like they might hit somewhere over lake Elsinore CA. They appeared out of nowhere and were leaving trails of white smoke in sky.

Looked like a firework

Last night around 930 seen a green light with a tail in the east come straight down near Hanover Ontario. 

Last night around 930 seen a

Last night around 930 seen a green light with a tail in the east come straight down near Hanover Ontario. 

Possible meteor

at around 9:50pm this evening I was stopped at a stop sign here in my hometown of Buckingham  Qc. I witnessed a ball of almost fire like, but whitish & pale greenish in color Jetting  straight down towards the horizon  :) 

possible meteor? 

Was it a meteor??

Driving home from Salisbury towards Southampton (UK) at about 11.30pm we saw the most amazing white light with a tinge of green cross the sky in front of us. It was so vivid and bright, like a firework streak but much more intense.

Light in sky

11.30 Watching television, what appeared to be a comet? in the sky to the east


Green shooting star

Lasr night at about 11.30pm I saw what appeared to be a green shooting star falling down towards earth with a small fireball at the point of it. This was in Hereford. UK. 

i saw it too

I saw it too, it was so bright, it was like nothing I had ever seen before

Green light in sky Indiana

i also saw a green light in the sky. it was very bright, yet this one stood still for a while. after about a minute it began to move. I thought maybe it was just a plane but as much as I sky watch I have NEVER seen a green light so bright. I saw it at about 9:00pm EST in Muncie, Indiana

Yeah I saw it too , Dinas

Yeah I saw it too , Dinas Powys about 15 minutes away from Cardiff city at around 11:30pm, bright green light with massive tail shoot across the sky then disappear behind the clouds 

I saw it too, it was bright

I saw it too, it was bright green, I have no idea what it was. it was like nothing I had ever seen before

Yep, saw it over Brighton.

Yep, saw it over Brighton. Spectacular, never seen anything like it.

Bright light in sky

We saw the exact same thing around 11:30pm over the new forest. If it was a comet/meteor it looked nothing like ones I had seen before!!!


I can confirm this too but I saw it directly over bexhill brighting thing I ever saw my dad even saw as well he at home while I was in town when I saw it. he said never seen anything like it in his life. 

Fireball over Dorset

Driving from Yeovil Somerset to Sherborne last night at approximately 11.30 pm I saw a meteor? Fireball? with 2 streaks very bright white and exploded. Amazing

burning object in tje sky over the islands in grand isle vermont

I was coming home from work about 930 last night and noticed a burning object looked like a plane at first till I was just about under it so I pulled over and observed it moving very fast and all of a sudden it started to to flicker then it was gone crazy


My husband was just coming in from work around 11:15 pm and said Layne come out now!! Looked up and saw an orange ball that was traveling across the sky at a steady pace...then it did about an 80 degree dart to the right then we lost it in the trees!! it was so weird.: we tried to make sense of it but we were still left with a weird feeling and questions!

What was that!?

As I was outside with my pittie for his evening deuce I noticed something unfamiliar in the night sky.
I usually have my phone on me to help pass the time because this dog takes forever but this time I didn't have it which is totally random for me. So I began looking up at the tree line before remembering about a constellation I usually look for if there's nothin good on reddit. So I begin to scan the night sky from left to right above the tree line moving up to the point that my head is all the way back. That's when I see something that startled me out of my right peripherals. I don't usually get frightened by things up there cuz I've seen plenty of shooting stars and satellites in my day.
Anyways, as I'm standing there in the dark I feel like someone turned a light on. It got super bright and I felt the hair raise on the back of my neck. At this point I lose track of time in complete open mouth amazement.
Seeing this thing light up the sky I can't help but think it's a shooting star... wait no it's too bright that can't be a shooting star. How is this thing this bright for this long and it's begun to get brighter and eventually covers the span of my view right to left where it eventually splits into pieces and the brightness fizzles out into the dark. Woah...
What did I just see? a meteor? Or comet or whatever u call it? Something entering the atmosphere?
That was by far the brightest thing I've ever seen in the night sky. It practically lit up the whole field out back.
I remember gasping and saying out loud, "Oh damn! What is that!? Woah... holy smokes... that's insane...!"
I'd say it took about 3-4 seconds to sweep across the sky which felt like an eternity. Nobody else was out there with me. I even looked around to see if someone else had encountered the same sight, but nothin.
Sometimes things like this sound way more intense when reading it but honestly my words don't do this sighting justice. That was crazy.

9/23 - 8:45pm cst

San Antonio, Texas


object streaking over the eastern sky over Tampa,Fl.

Date 09/23/2016 at 2000  hours. 

It was long oval cloud looking formation. Streaking extremely fast the eastern skies over Sputh Tampa Florida tonigh.  What was it?


I live in Liverpool. I have just been travellibg along M57 motorway towards M62 for Manchester. I green/white glowing ball has just shot across the sky in front of me but exploded. Has this been a meteorite

Date 23/9/168

blue/green balls falling from sky


Green fireball meteor?

just seen a green fireball with a long 'tail' over Hollingbury hill in Brighton UK at about 11.35ish scary and three planes moving away on a flight path in another segment of the sky. Looks like there is a lot of these green things being seen judging from other comments today!! ???

Green shooting star?

Just seen a green shooting star appearing to fall to earth, over Hollingbury hill Brighton. 23.30 ish

huge streak of falling

huge streak of falling coloured green and red light  11:34 uk Oxfordshire so shocked just felt like I needed to put it out there 


I live in England,in Rgby town,aroun 100 km from London I have seen large object falling from the sky today at  around 5:50 am. It had very light and bold orange tail and it was falling very fast. I have never seen anything like it. Defo it wasnt a falling star. I thought it was maybe plane or meteor. There was also plane passing it but not the normal passenger one but fast and small one leaving white trail after it. I think authoritis send it to check what was falling.


Guernsey C.I

Around 23:15 saw the largest & brightest shooting star/meteror I have ever witnessed.... at first i honestly thought it was a firework gone wrong, I couldnt beleve how much it lite up the night sky... 

Falling star

Tuesday morning out walking my dog about 5:30ish am. Saw the biggest falling star I think I've ever seen. Didn't last that long but it was pretty awesom. Port Orange Florida

What was that massive light that fell straight down out the sky

What was the light it was massive n fell straight down out of the sky around 8.45pm tonight???????? That was no star or comet it was way to big for that n extremely bright?????

Hi Denise !(?) I saw Same here in Austin Texas @845pm!!?Comment:

Hi Denise...I saw same thing you did st same time here on my roof in SanLeannaTexas(Austin)