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Something in the sky

Hello. I was at work today (Mudgee NSW) and saw something round and white in the sky a fair distance above the sun. It definitely wasn't the moon as it was to small. Is this a planet?? I have never seen this before.

I seen what seemed like a

I seen what seemed like a shooting star falling straight down to earth with a clear bright flash as if it exploded on impact at about 10:55pm in Westport, Mass. 

Falling object seen from Nanjemoy, Maryland USA

Around 10:30pm or so I went out to smoke a cigarette when I noticed a falling object with an orange tail reading towards the ground. Right before it went out of sight it flashed a bright light twice. Lit up the whole sky

One white flash of light in sky

Hi my name is rebekah moyer and I live in new Cumberland pa and I saw one flash of a white light in the sky can u tell me what it is.

Big ball of fire

I'm from West Virginia I was outside smoking a cig and I seen this BIG red ball it looked like it was on fire flying over me and when it went behind the tree line the sky started flashing really bright white/blue it happened at 11pm what could it of been...

Bright Orange Comet?

Eliptical orange comet like shape shooting toward ground at 45 degree angle somewhere west of I-90 in Montana. As it got closer to the ground it appeared to stop, then moved vertically toward the ground very slowly. Looked as if it burned out but ball grew brighter again, then dissapeared. Have never seen anything like it.

Blazing object

Seen 13/09/2014 Victoria British Columbia Canada

At 8.20 PDT at approximately 270 degrees west very bright object appeared to burn up in the atmosphere as it rapidly fell at about a 45 degrees from south to north. It was multicoloured but primarily a blazing yellow with what appeared to be pieces trailing in bright red such as the iron of a blacksmith, the pariticles glowed momentarily then disappeared. The object itself appeared to burn out around 20 degrees above the horizon. I have seen many meteorites and this was by far the brightest.(if it was a meteorite and not space junk)

Black beam of light coming from the sky

I'm from south Texas, today around 3 am I got home but saw something strange. It was a beam of black light coming from the sky. For sometime I thought I was just imaging it,but my friend pointed it out as well. Any one know what it could have been?

Bright flash in north sky - Toronto Canada

In Toronto Canada at approximately 21:05pm EST (2:05am GMT), looking north, I observed a stationary light about ten degrees above the horizon. It rapidly increased in brightness for about ten seconds becoming very very bright. Then slowly fading to invisibility. Observation lasted approximately 40 seconds. I am unsure of the magnitude in brightness but at its maximum it outshone every star in our sky. I also had the impression it was very distant.

Bright flash

It seems the bright flash was an iridium satellite.

On 9/13/2014 At 10:20 pm est

On 9/13/2014 At 10:20 pm est in dover pa. U.S.A .. A bright green ball of light shot straight down from the sky...

bright green ball in sky

We saw it in Ocean Shores, WA also.  I would say it was around 8:30.

Today the shy is pale orange

Today the shy is pale orange and it's 10:32 pm. I live in North Carolina in the USA and this is very strange for me

Meteorite come through clouds in Darfield

Yeasterday after noon on 12/09/2014 my dad and I spotted what we thought was a meteorite falling through the clouds. The clouds were straightly formatted and suddenly a strip of cloud shot down towards the mountains followed by a black trail that looked like smoke.

white line or streak?

I live in southeast texas, and about two days ago around 6:40, I saw an odd streak of white light. It literally looked as if it was a small line. It was also stationary. My family in the car ignored it and dismissed it as an airplane, although I know that was not the case. Airplane's are not stionary. So what was it?

white line or streak?

I live in southeast texas, and about two days ago around 6:40, I saw an odd streak of white light. It literally looked as if it was a small line. It was also stationary. My family in the car ignored it and dismissed it as an airplane, although I know that was not the case. Airplane's are not stionary. So what was it?

White Light in Sky seemed to Burn Out

This morning about 6:04am in Turlock, CA I exited my apartment which faces west and noticed a small ball of bright white light in the sky. I thought it was the moon at first, but then saw the moon up above it. The small bright white object had a small white cloud of what seemed like smoke. Then I thought it maybe a plane, but planes usually have red blinking lights. It seemed to be burning. My husband and I watched if for a short time, maybe 30 seconds and it seemed to burn out and just a small cloud of white smoke remained.  Not sure what it was. Any ideas?

I saw the same thing!

Friday 9/12/14 and have been asking if others saw it and looking for reports.  CNN now has something about it.  I thought it was a plane at first becuae I saw it to the West but it was just ine bright light in center surrounded by a glow ... center light disappeared and the glow slowly faded.  I'm in La Quinta, CA and glad to know others saw it too, even if we don't know yet what it was.  Thanks

Saw that bright light and cloud too

My husband and I also saw it, watched it glow light, ascend,then descend and dissappear leaving that shroud of mist in a ballish shape, not a trail or a stream. Bizarre. I also wonder why nothing in the news. We are in central California, saw it to the west lower on the horizon than the moon. It was brighter than the moon, and there was a definite cloud emitting from it. 


I saw it also arounf 6:00 a.m. in El Dorado Hills, Ca. Why nothing on the news?

I saw the same thing in

I saw the same thing in Pasadena at 6am.! Very strange

smoke in sky/light in Pasadena, CA

I saw this exact same thing at 6am on the dot. I was riding my bike just before dawn and noticed a bright glowing light that I at first thougt was a star but then realized it had more of a "beam" of light. It was surrounded by a round cloud of smoke and appeared just beneath the moon. After about 10 seconds the lght (which seemed to be floating) dissappeared and then the smoke dissapated as well. Strange that this seems to occur at 6:00. ???

I saw the same thing

I saw this same thing at about 6 am --a bright light in fog or vapor. Lasted aboout a minute then disappeared, leaving a weird, oblong patch of 'vapor' for a few seconds, then the sky where it was became absolutely clear again. WEIRD!

I saw the same thing!

The same location in the sky as described by others and I saw it at 5:54 am.  The duration was just as described, bright light, clouds/vapor during and for a very short time after the light disappeared.  I saw it in West Sacramento area.  If anyone has more information, would like to know more. 

I saw the same thing!

The same location in the sky as described by others and I saw it at 5:54 am.  The duration was just as described, bright light, clouds/vapor during and for a very short time after the light disappeared.  I saw it in West Sacramento area.  If anyone has more information, would like to know more. 

bright light in sky that burned out

I saw the same thing in Ceres, Can at 6:00 am. It was in the west as others have described. At first I thought it was a helicopter with it's search light on and it was illuminating all the dirt in our air but the longer I looked at I realized it was not a plane or a helicopter. As the bright light shined it appeared as if it was spraying something from where the light was then I saw 2 small puffs of smoke to the north of where the light was and then the light was gone but what ever was coming from the light stayed in the sky for several seconds and had kind of a glow to it.

9/12/14 6:00am white light, like small comet over pacific

Im in Bakersfield Ca, i was arriving at work and only saw the last few seconds of this strange light and its cloud of mist.... just as everyone else described it brighter than the moon, it was surrounded by white mist when i saw it and faded soon after. it was about 20 degrees above the horizon and due west of bakersfield. the moon was above and slightly to the left (south) of light. 

from what everyone from southern california to oregon is saying about the location of the light, i would have to assume it was thousands of miles off the west coast and hundreds of miles up...  im stumped about what it couldve been.

A strange light - London

2 days ago i went to chuck out rubbish around about 9:40pm and my cat run out my street door so i started calling her and thats when i looked up and i saw something i thought was a shooting star then it just sparked up, i quickly went up my stairs to my family just to double check if it was shooting stars night but they said it wasnt. It was a very strange sight and i would of knew if it was a plane because red lights flashes and it doesnt go as fast as this did, the time i came back downstairs to go out side i looked up in the sky again and waited to see if i can see another one but nothing... it was very strange but amazing at the same time!


I observed a bright light that seemed to be shrouded in fog in the southwestern sky of Calif at about 5:55 am on 9/12/14. It eventually disappeared but the vapor shroud was visible for a few seconds longer. What was it?

Bright light in vapor or fog

I was walking my dog this morning (9/12/14) at about 6 am and saw this weird thing too! It was sort of like a jet coming in for a landing through a fog with it's landing lights on. Only thing I can compare it to. Didn't last real long--maybe a minute. I probably missed the beginning of it because I only happened to look up and catch it. It disappeared quickly, left a weird, oblong patch of 'vapor' that disappeared in seconds. It was an absolutely clear sky this morning, so this was weird to see!

light(s) in sky over Wainuiomata Lower Hutt

 I live in Maungaraki, Lower Hutt, one of my lounge windows faces towards Wainuiomata main road looking towards the Eastern Hills.   I have observed most nights this week 10/11/12th Sept around 8pm onwards a white light that starts off faint then gets considerably bigger it also moves very fast, too fast for it to be any kind of vehicle.   I also watched it and one time saw two smaller lights come out of the bigger light, also a blue beam, the white light shifted around quite fast also fading then coming back brighter in another area.   Has anyone else observed this ?   Doubt it was any type of plane. Just curious.

red ball in sky

Hi I am from New Bedford Ma..My boyfriend spotted a red ball like glow in the sky..He called to me and we  ran out side to see it approacing along the horizan.It tcontinued to get brighter and bigger tilll it got closer and burnt out..leaving a dark trail behind it!  This was about 11pm. also there were no  stars out!

eastbound flare through the sky at 9p.m.

pasadena, ca

i just saw a large white ball with a tail flying towards th east. the light was brilliant. what a wonderous sight. perhaps solar flares that will be seen throughout this wknd. it was beautiful. 

Huge Orange Ball of flames with white tail

eastern shore of North Carolina, near Topsail Island. it looked to be about 1/3 the size of the moon it was so large. It only lasted a few seconds, and fell quickly. was fairly low in the sky. was bright orange with a bright white shorter tail. I was so stunned at the sight (unlike any meteor I have ever seen because it was so huge) that I called out to those around me "please someone else tell me that you saw that too" and my sons football coach said "I DID!" so i am not going crazy. Came home from practice and checked for news reports of a plane/helicopter crash it was so large. nothing on the news sites, so i am assuming it must have been a huge meteor.

bright light on the east coast

Thank God someone else saw this!! I live in Wilmington and was working on my roommates car at night and was the only one that saw it. My reaction was the same i wanted someone else to have seen it so bad. It was like a cloudy glow because there was a thin cloud cover but it looked like that Russian one that exploded but higher up. I thought it was fireworks at first but i just couldn't believe how bright it was and that shot gun spray like finish was so intense.

bright orange light in sky

Im in wanganui and last night i was driving and pulled over because i saw a very large orange light in the sky at first i thought it was stationary then i hoped out of the car and saw it moving slowly so rang my wife to have a look but it faded out i could still see it moving but thought it was a saterlite burning up. What was it ???? no  hard info

Possible Meteor?

5.05 pm. 11 September 2014. Invercargill, New Zealand.

My Nephew spotted something in the Sky, my mother and I looked up and saw a bright light with what looked like a long cloud of white smoke? trailing behind the light falling through the Sky. We could see it from our Deck for a good 2 minutes. Disappeared into the clouds but went quite low.

lights in sky

The date is 10th Sept 2014 around 8pm I was going to the car I looked up and noticed a red light then a bright white light not moving then suddenly one bright light with other smaller lights coming out of the one light. I quickly called to my 6yr old daughter to get my binoculars. Watching through them I could see many other lights streaming and moving around the main light, it was huge this all took place over the city of porirua hillside. There was about 3 people watching this thing, did anyone else see it? I also have video footage of it.

Houston sky

For the passed two mornings Sept.9th and 10th my daughter and I saw 2 whiteish pink streaks in our morning Houston Tx. sky. Although they were traveling,they were not made by a plane,looked more like a stooting star but didn't travel as fast as a falling star. Kinda strange to me. Any ideas of what this would be

cali lights

Hey Houston sky... September 12 at about 6am I was getting a load on my big rig and saw something looked almost like an airplane flying through fog with the lights on but didn't really travel through the sky. It looked as if it was coming toward me... I had my wife on the phone she was on her way to work and looked up and saw the same thing... she was about 60 miles north of my location... dont know what it was but sure would loke to..

Lights in the sky

I just saw about 50 lights in the sky.  I am in Lower Hutt Wellington New Zealand and it was around 10 pm when they were going past.  The lights were small and some brighter.  The lights were going in a westerly direction.  They were travaling quite fast.

strange lights in porirua

10th September 2014 around 8pm, I went out to my car to grab something, I happen to look up over the hillside just by porirua city centre, saw these string of lights, with bright light at the end as well the red light flying around it.  My 6 yr old daughter was with me, she had her version of discribtion.....Its so weird and hard to describe... I thought it was a helicopter but realise it was still in the same place, they looked like glow worms following each other then form one big light.  It went for a good 5 mins then disappeared for awhile so I had time to get my binoculars by the time I came back out again, it reappeared moving towards titahi bay way.....just wondering did anyone see it? 

red light in sky tonight x 2

Sitting on deck in Onehunga tonight,my attention was drawn to sky when out over water (Manukau Harbour) I saw an orangey red (fuzzy) light appear and grow into a "line" going up. From my position it was in the sky above and to left of Mangere Mountain. Very unusual, bright and small to start growing from base up, held shape for about 5 or so sec before shrinking and fading back into its self from top and bottom. WOW! Then within about 5 mins .... Same thing again.Disapointed Husband asleep and my Mother couldn't see that far enough to see it!!! .... What was it???


2 x Orange lights over Auckland

We are in Pt Chevalier in Auckland and at approx 7:30pm tonight we saw 2 orange coloured lights moving south. The second was a bit brighter than the first. Initially didn't see the first and thought the second was a plane but the light wasn't 'flashing'. On closer look it was a brillant orange moving steadily, then saw the first light about the same distance in front as they were apart. Could see them move all the way over and past the Waitakere's. The second's light reamined a lot longer than the first. Didn't look like things burning up in the atmosphere. Skipping meteors?? Anyone else see them?

Lights in the sky

Yeah we live out close to Auckland airport and about qtr to ten noticed a red glow either shooting up or coming down , then it faded away , then prob two min later same light again , not sure if it was debris burning up but both my neighbour and I saw it and we both have never seen this before

light like an shoting star

hi im from albania i saw an white light came from nowhere more bright than every star in sky and it disappeared from sky smthing like after 3 sec. 
ps: for a moment i thought did saw an supernova :D 

meteor sighting on sept 7th to 8th in the middle of the night

i was in my back yard past 12 am i think on that sun so technically i guess it was the morning of the 8th but was watching the sky and i seen a brighter meteor with a nice tail go across the sky it looked bigger or closer then most i ever see very cool to watch 

Possible shooting star

Monday 8/9/2014 around 10.10pm both husband and I saw  what looked like a shooting star over Devonport Auckland going quite fast and looked like a green streak and heading East.

Meteor sighting in

Meteor sighting in Mississauga, Ontario (Canada) at around 7:50pm tonight(Monday September 8)

Meteor sighting

While on Skype with my boyfriend, who is located in Quebec City, Canada & I'm in Virginia, I saw a "shooting star" right behind his head. It was a magical moment!