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New Zealand

11.58pm New Zealand - About 25 minutes ago I saw lights in the sky almost the same as someone shining a huge torch up at the sky or similar to the big airport lights. Only difference being, the movements were erraticlly smooth, fluid and powerful randomly appearing, and had no direction...#when you know it's humanly impossible...It appeared in one specific area of the sky but in different places in that area.

orange moving ball in the sky

I live in england in uk. On 16.12.14 at 8.15am i saw a ball of orange light moving through the sky with an orange trail behind it. I was amazed so shouted my 2 sons 11 and 4 who also seen it. I have since checked to see if any other reports but no records. Did anyone else see this


Saw a ball of bright light adjacent to the sun. This happened today 12-17-14. Curious to what it was?



I saw it too

I just saw the same thing. I thought I was going crazy, cause no one else here saw it!

Light streak on Eiger Mountain

Shooting star, low,in sky observed in Grindelwald Switzerland @ 7pm 13.12.2014, shortly after shooting star seemed to disappear , a red glow of light traveled along the West Flank wall of the Eiger was fascinating!

blue steaks of light in orange county Santa Ana

Im pretty sure now that it is NO coincidence we are all seeingg 'meteors" "meteorites" "shooting stars". I saw a blue streak shower early in the morning on sunday from 2am-dawn . it went on all night. It was amazingly scary. Im familiar with all this crazy paranormal shit thats been going on lately. And this scared me and my boy who is like me i was with 5 friends and we were just watching these streaks that started frpm mid sky down towards earth. They were ALL falling!! It happened so reliably that we kept seeing them. As if they wanted us to see! Some came sooo close thatt it scared the shit out of us! I saw one fly overhead. And its flight pattern was erratic! Kinda jerked left and right, like a squiggle or wobble. When it was close we saw how it was pure energy. It was white when close. But electric blue from Far.   These aee not comets or meteors shooting stars. None of that.  Im pretty certain this was a paranormal event. And is one of the first signs of things to come! I know alot about all this. And i recommend that we all get right with our Lord. Because the 2nd coming of christ is upon us. The bible says that the youth (we) will be the first to see the signs of the end. I fear that it is definitely near. 


At 8.35pm, Brisbane time, I saw a large fireball in the sky towards the north - north east. It was definitely on fire and then suddenly disappeared.

3 bright lights in Christchurch Sky

As per previous commented - by un-verified caller , we saw the same thing - 3 small bright lights in the south west of Christchurch. Sunday 14th - approx. 6-9pm. 3 photos - one with zoom lense. You can see 2 bright spots on the perimeter with added darker patches within the main body. They 3 lights / dots appeared to move very slowley from south to north & the relative positions changed but stayed as a group.
We saw a single bright light earlier towards the east of the city.
Baffled??????????? what were these??????????
i.e verifies other persons comments - have not seen again.

Bright falling object in the morning sky

Monday Dec 1, 6:30 am Hawaii standard time. Saw a large bright object in the northern sky around 30 degres from the horizon. Object appeared to be burningup; it got brighter as it fell and disappeared.

Flash of Light - Gardena/Compton CA Are 12/14/14

Last night I was driving some friends home from the Long Beach Airport and to my left (South) of 91 Fwy I saw this medium sized flash of light.  At first I thought I was seeing things or tired, but my friend saw it.  How can I found out what this was.  I have to say it did scare me.  I'm glad you have this website.

Multiple things in sky

I'm from colchester, Connecticut. Sometime yesterday at around 11:30 pm I was walking outside with two other friends. I happened to look up in the sky and saw a silver dot fly across the sky then disappear almost instantly. I told them what we saw and then a few seconds later me and one of my friends see a white dot that looked similar but this time it did a weird u shape and went to the right and then vanished. We watched for a few more minutes and all three of us saw one. We continued to stay outside and I saw multiple shapes and colors heading in different directions. Some were red, some purple with a purple streak behind it, some falling down towards earth, and me and one other person saw what appeared to be a black shape in the sky blending in incredibly well with the winter night sky. It was amazing. We were outside for about 45 minutes watching them land all around us.

falling object red and green tail

I am in Ocala fl. USA. I seen it go from East to West. It was red and green. It happened around 9:20 pm.

Shooting stars

Av seen a lot of shooting stars the night and they were so close I belive they must of landed in the forest next to me they were that close I live in Ellon, aberdeenshire it's really cool I think I will go look for them at the weekend will keep you up dated on another note if found do I have to hand it in ?

Little white circular dot of flash

I live in Canberra, Australia and last night I went out for a ciggie and looked up at the sky when I seen a little dot of flash heading not down but back up towards space and was stunned by the sight when then I looked the complete other side of the sky and seen another identical one!! What is this? It was the most random yet cool thing I have ever seen!

Friday redball in the sky

I live in Encino, California and I was sitting in my balcony when all of the sudden around 7:20sh pm on Friday 12/12/14, I saw a big redball going up the sky (like a rocket does) and it had a big tail that looked like it was on fire, then started to go sideways to southwest it continued burning and then it was just a bright redball with two tails that then looked like a boomerang. I couldn't continue seen it from where I was, so I ran to the other side of my apartment, and it had dissapeared.

I then flipped the tv channels to see if anyone will mention something about it, but no one did. then I went to the internet, and saw no news to the respect.

So I started to type about the redball, found this website with news about it, and couldn't believe it that is from New Zealand!, and that people from California was reporting the sighting in here!

At least I know that I'm not crazy, and that someone else saw it too! I just wonder what it was!

Friday evening fireball sighting:

A group of about 20 guys were camping on the east side of Salton Sea in Imperial County (SOCAL), we all saw the same thing, would really like to know what it was.

light getting brighter over South New Zealand

There is a star looking light stationary beside the sun, getting brighter! Ewwww

i saw this

i live in halifax west yorkshire uk and i was sat outside at 23.45pm on the 13/12/2014 and saw two really bright white objects with longish tails of sparks behind it fly over head one after the other there was no sound from them but it looked realy beautifull against the night sky which is clear and very low moon orangy colour and lots of stars

the bright lights???

i can see them to?


Hi i live in santa ana california and on 12/12/14 i saw a meteor and its tail was on firebut then it dissapearded afterthat i saw a whit dot shaped like a bommerang . It was the most intersting thing i have every seen in my life.


I was at the Salton Sea duck hunting and saw the same think...  The boomerang shape was odd then it went black with a small explosion


i also saw this , i seen it when it started looked like a rocket when it launches,but then it kept on going in a shape i had never seen before, usually if its a meteor it dissapears or it keeps looking straight but this one kept going for about 1 minute and a half looked something like this...


since my home blocked me and i was trying to record i ran to the other side to get a good view but it was gone then i kept looking in the sky and i seen something that looked like a white star fall

saw something fall from the sky

At 12.06 am I saw some thing falling from t h e sky, looks like sparks.

I live in Los Angeles CA and

I live in Los Angeles CA and I saw a red ball going up into the sky with a red tail-like thing... It looked like a shooting star but it wasn't. Then it started to fall down in slow motion and it had 2 tails in the side of it. It then dissapeared behind my house.

Saw it too

I was working in Eagle Rock and I saw it too. Assumed it was a stray Geminid meteor but it was very strange.

I saw the same orange ball

I saw the same orange ball you did in LA but in long beach traveling south west. I grabbed my phone to record it but it traveled behind a small cloud then disappeared.

hey dude i saw the same thing

I saw the red semi circle tail with a bright red center, i was in wilmington 


My son says he saw the same thing...this is in Oxnard, CA he said it was shaped like a boomerang although the red fireball was behind streak and in the center...he was with several people who all saw the same thing




Omg we saw it also by La Puente!!! Thought i was going crazy lol what was it?

meteor approx. 6:08am 12/12/2014

Looking north, meteor travelling west to east, green in color with a plume .

Orange ball in the sky over Massey East, Auckland

Saw an orange ball of light travelling at mid speed over Massey East, Auckland.  It turned away towards the city and then we lost sight of it, then a minute or so later we saw another orange ball of light travelling at the same speed from west and turned towards the city as well.  It was not quick enough for it to be the same thing again.

orange streak in ski

Last Friday December 6 my 10 year old called me out side to observe a strange Orange streak in the ski. I'm from Washington pa and was wondering what this was.


09.12.2014 at about 17:15 Ljubljana, Slovenia
I and my husband saw a big green ball (light) falling with speed.

Meteor over Glasgow?

About 4.40pm  Monday 8 Dec saw an orange ball in sky  (quite low in sky) travelling fast. Was walking dog at Eastwood Park Glasgow.

Ball of fire

Hi I am from Brisbane Aus and tonight at around 11:45pm I was in my front yard and when I looked up at the sky after a severe lighting storm I seen a reddish orange ball of fire high up in the sky. It had a trail of fire behind it. I seen it for around 10 seconds before it disappeared. Completely blew my mind since I have never seen anything quite like it before.

Blue flash in sky over Scottish naval base

Having worked in MOD instalations all my life I can shed some light onto the previous experience of the person in the Helensburgh region,

As I'm sure you will know you have the Faslane Submarine instalation 4 miles north of Helensburgh, there is also the ammunition site Coulport, which is on the peninsula 5 miles directly West from Helensburgh, you also have the Lesser known Glen Fruin and Glen Douglas MOD sites farther north which are "advertised" as training facilities but it's quite well known they are the UK's nuclear  arms storage facility more commonly described as the Trident program!

Being one of the most highly secretive and we'll guarded areas of Europe means that it is part of the NATO no fly zones, the blue flash you describe sounds exactly like an anti aircraft test flare, designed to test cloud coverage/altitude among other meteorological variable's and also to give off an electronic pulse to make sure radar and other observational devices are operating correctly!


As for the rumble you described, it is also of MOD origin, but I'm not in any position to post direct details! But neither are anything to be worried about,


Hope this helps

Large object fell EASTERN horizon NT Australia 8:30 pm 8 DEC

Bright, light-globe shaped falling object had a bright orange-yellow tail as it fell through the eastern part of the night sky Observed 20kms from Darwin NT Australia approx 830pm on 8/12/14. Far larger to the eye than the stars in the same night sky. It must have been a very large object- was this a meteor or a piece of falling space junk? 

Flash of bright blue light Scotland

Last night 07/12/14 I witnessed a bright blue flash in the sky West of Scotland (I was in the Helensburgh area at the time).

This morning at around 0710hrs there was a loud rumbling / banging noise which continued for about 30seconds or more. It wasn't thunder. I thought it sounded like hundreds of wheelie bins being thrown about.

blue light

I also saw the blue flash in the early hours of the morning and again at night over past few days and i live in north of scotland - puzzling

I saw an orange shaped object

I saw an orange shaped object in the sky moving at quite some speed in manchester england on sat 6/12/2014 

Sighing at scarborough

Sighing at scarborough England 22.05


My daughter and I were outside  looking at the sky-- time: 11:15 pm and saw what looked like a ball of fire in the sky it was travelling pretty fast at first we thought it was a plane on fire, it went right over our house continued further into the clouds and faded , not to sure what it was...

Auckland---Pakuranga 7-12-2014

Green round light

Approx 0300hours from Milburn looking towards Catlans direction OTAGO green round light ( football sized  from my position   ) coming downwards, no trails not moving very fast, no sound. 

red ball of light moving fast over Waiheke Island last night.

Approx 9.15pm last night 6th December 2014, went out onto our deck as the fire siren had gone off again across the bay at Oneroa.  Looked around but saw no obvious fires, then saw a red light moving fast toward me coming from approx SW Maraitai direction.  Thought it was a firework at first as there appeared to be sparks trailing after it, but then it was over the house and I had to change decks.  picked up our binoculars to see what it was, but could only see it as a red/orange ball.  Worried it was a plane on fire at this point, but there was no noise and no flashing lights.  I tracked it until it disappeared off shore moving in a NE direstion toward the tip of Coramandel.


My two friends and I saw it, too! We were standing in the front yard when I looked up and saw a redish orange ball in the sky moving slowly. We thought it nigh be a plane on fire, but there were no lights or sound! We watched it float across the sky slowly for about 2 minutes then flicker and disappear. I've seen plenty of meteors/shooting stars and satellites- this was far larger in diameter, a much different color, and moved significantly slower than anything I've ever seen...

large orange speres nz Hastings

12.57pm central hastings i was standing on my deck looked up to see 2 large glowing orange balls half the size of the moon. They were  silent yet bright like fire with an intense yellow to orange glow. They hovered rose together then one darted downwards. I ran inside to wake my partner and if course they had vanished within 15 seconds. I took a photo but it doesnt not capture the intensity of what i saw. In my pic it looks small like a star but infront of me it was half the size of the moon

White dot in sky

In Nelson this morning, at saxton fields, saw what looked like a white dot in sky kinda near the sun looking north east from 9-10.30am. It didnt move. Havnt seen it since but been looking for it all day. I didnt see it dissapear just was busy then when looked again couldnt find it. May be the same thing that was seen in Hamilton couple days ago? Or a drone haha been watching too much Homeland.

light in the sky

have seen 3 small sharp lights in the sky at the same time over canterbury, got the tellescope out and focused on a white orb (like looking at a bright moon) in the sky, saw a fourth one earlier today also.