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Meteor over Montana

On this morning of September 2 2014 I stepped out into my front deck at approximately 6:00 am pacific and saw something falling straight from the sky to the ground as far as I could see, as my sight was blocked by clouds. I still was quick enough to get a picture. I live in N. Idaho USA and was looking east toward Montana. If I figure out how, I'll post the pic.

Bright orange and yellow lights in the sky

I was driving north on the 57 freeway today around 6:20 p.m today when I saw this bright orange and yellow lights at the end of a cloud. It was north of the sun. I kept watching it. At first I thought a plane went down but there was no explosion. It was broad daylight and what ever was in the sky was bright. It started to diminish until it was just a faint color of pale orange. I have never observed a comet but I thought it looked like one but it wasn't moving. I am glad I was a witness to this. What ever it was, it was unusual. 

Bright orange light

On Saturday 30th August 2014 in the southern suburbss of Adelaide, South Australia, around 8 - 9pm  we saw a bright orange glowing light travelling from East to West. It was larger than a star, long, clearly visible and s quicker than a plane at first then sloweed down and stopped then faded out. It appeared to be at the same altitude as planes that travel over thhis area. Any suggestions what it was, it was really interesting. Thanks.

something in the sky x 2

Okay, so blantant chemtrails laid off the coast of Kapiti all day saturday, and before you CON-TRAIL FREAKS get all crazy.... these were laid in lines, planes clearly visable, much lower altitude than ususal airliners we see, an stayed in long lines for hours, slowly bleeding into the clear blue sky making the entire sky the milky sky of sunday(for non-hubrious interested parties see"what on earth are they spraying" doc on utube for starters) Anyway, that aside, sunday, about 4 pm ish, we saw a white fluffy trail appear suddenly and fall quickly toward earth, as if a large peice of debre was falling.  It looked exactly like the Challenger explosion, how the white fluffy tubular trail sort of zigzaged as it fell....exactly! The approximate location was above kapiti island..... then as we came over the hill at Pukerua... there was another, exactly the same thing. but to the south of Pukerua Bay..... they appeared and the tubular shoot of white cloud shot downward in about 15 seconds, changing direction quickly until we lost sight of it behind houses and trees... by the time we had a clear view again... the cloud front had enveloped it. That happened with the earlier one also.   Fun times.... maybe we should open our damn maoths and ask this prancing peacock ploiticians what the hell is going on.  For those in the know, like the pilots of the chem-trail planes, the men in positions of power who know, the techs at the airports etc... do you really want your family, your parents, your kids, your grandkids, breathing in that crap?  And what of Karmer..... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm interesting. If it was for our own good, then they would tell us....yes? And what the hell are those explosions in the sky and the fast moving falling tubular smoke trails coming from that resemble exactly the Challenger video...refer utube, type in challenger disaster....  fun times folks. I guess we get the world we deserve.

Metor Tauranga

In the early hours of saturday 30 th August in Tauranga I was up and saw a light flash  on the wall next to me ,I thought it was someone with a torch outside.I tilted my head to look and saw a large white fluffy ball,traveling at say 45 deg from west to east.It lit up the ground outsite.

I saw it too, i was driving

I saw it too, i was driving back to taranaki at about 4:30am saturday morning and watched it go across the sky... magic.

Orange color Moon like thing?

North of Knoxville TN in LaFollette.... saw an bright orange mass that looked like the moon when it is just a sliver.... it was literally there then gone in less than a minute or two. I have no idea what it was...but was really beautiful! This was at about 9.55PM

Thorium testing

This could be open air thorium testing like an atmospheric nuclear test, safe for human level of spectural vibrational electromagnetism radiation.  Some danger associated with such test downunder government usually warns public by newspaper articles.  Some stories of cattle deaths, unsure if was just a prediction or actually happened.

Three orange lights over rolleston

Did anyone see three bright orange lights fly over rolleston saw one then another two minutes apart then a third what where they same colour as a street light looked through binoculars and they were orange like on fire with a v shape at the back was with my daughter have it all on video there was absolutely no noise at all weren't anything I had ever seen they
Flew in a controlled manner

Three orange lights over rolleston

Did anyone see three bright orange lights fly over rolleston saw one then another two minutes apart then a third what where they same colour as a street light looked through binoculars and they were orange like on fire with a v shape at the back was with my daughter have it all on video there was absolutely no noise at all weren't anything I had ever seen they
Flew in a controlled manner

Green & white meteor seen from South Auckland

I was driving home from work, leaving SH1 at Takanini and when it first caught my eye I thought it was a green firework. It was falling more slowly than a shooting star, but when it disappeared briefly behind a cloud I thought it must be something a little cooler as a firework wouldn't be so high! I completely forgot to check the news today but was happy when my partner told me about all the reports coming out, I'm just sad no one got a photo, it was really quite beautiful.

Metorite sighting from Nelson

last night (thurs 28/8/14) just before dark, four of us saw a white shooting star. it turned into a red, green, blue burning rock with other rocks falling from it. then turned into a lot of falling stars like a fireworks rocket before it dissapeared. it looked as if it was close. ther where no stars out yet and it was very bright. we where north east of Nelson and it was heading south west.

Beautiful meteor

Placerville, CA

Beautiful long tailed multi colored meteor flashing in the sky this evening round 10:30pm Thursday the 28th

WOW, was amazing to see! 

10:30 so cal

I saw that thing in the sky at 10:30 from cypress ca...south of los Angeles. It was huge and beautiful. Blue and green with a white tail. All with an orange glow behind it. I would be mentioned on the news or was neafly the size of the moon for gods sake. No one saw this thing but me and some hillbilly in old hangtown? Good lookin out, there, p ville.


I saw it too and also can't believe no one else (including the media) has been talking about it. It was freaking huge and I honestly was waiting for the "boom" after it went below the trees. Incredible!


I live in Northridge, CA and saw it in the sky as well!  I was not die what it was until I came on here. I literally saw it for a second and it went away.  But it was beautiful.  It looked about 3-4 different colors. 

Burning Ball of Flame

I was in Papanui, Christchurch, New Zealand and saw a burning orange ball with a white tail shoot across the sky in the same way shooting stars appear but this was bigger, closer and a little slower. I honestly thought we were going to feel the impact of it hitting the earth because it was so large, but because nothing happened afterwards, my friends (who had missed it) thought I was getting all excited about a shooting star until they started seeing the posts on Facebook :)

meteor shower west auckland

Hi did anyone see the meteor shower last night about 730 pm after all the sightings of the meteor that everyone saw .there were thousands of little dots traveling from west to east & lasted at least an hour .yet know one else has commented on this  .me & three others witnessed it  can anyone confirm this ..could it have been the meteor  exploding on impact with our atmosphere and creating a meteor shower.???


Seen meteor descending at fast speed at approx 30 degree downward trajectory in New Plymouth last night at 6:20pm - Brilliant white with blue / green halo and tail - must of been a fair way off as no sonic boom - speed estimate greater than 1000kph - brilliant flash as it hit the ground and saw secondary explosions/flashes as it blew up

Meteorite Sighting

I was leaving my friends house in Richmond (near Nelson) at 6:30 last night when a lare green meteorite like object shot across the sky. It was travelling southwestwards and burnt out before reaching the horizon. It was larger than any shooting start or meteorite I had ever seen before and was spectacular to see. It was as though someone had let off a flare but judging by the widespread sightings it was much further away than it appeared to be.

Auckland Harbour Bridge

Wife and I saw a bright blue/greenish light with white tail as we were crossing the Auckland harbour bridge into the city around 6:25pm. We initially thought it was fireworks but was puzzled as it came out of nowhere from the sky and flew near-horizontally before it vanished. It appeared pretty close, as if it was flying just over Freemans Bay.

Bright lights

I saw something on a drive through the Akatarawas in Upper Hutt, around 6:30pm last night. At first, it looked like a very bright star, then, as I was looking at it, it dropped suddenly, vertically, with a blazing tail, right in front of me, into the valley below. It fell between the road and the background hills, in front of the horizon. It was amazing! So close, I wonderred if it was a flare, or a random firework. I wonder now if it was a fragment from the meteor that fell around the same time?


I also saw a green flash with white sparkles at about 630pm in Christchurch, appearing in the North travelling East to West.  My first thought was that it was a firework rocket as it was travelling horizontally and appeared to be only a couple of hundred metres away.

Now that many other people have seen it I realise it was probably the Vogons spaceship breaking up in the Earths atmosphere in a failed attempt to demolish the Earth to make way for a hyperspace bypass.

meteor sighting in christchurch

I saw a large flash of light at 630 pm while i was parking my car at addington to attend rugby match it was a large flash of light and i  veiwed the distance of the light thought it was a meteor other people who were parking there cars also saw it and made comment on the bright light in the sky

Loud noise West of Hamilton

We didn't see anything last night a loud noise that shook the windows of houses  (in at least a 10km area) was heard on Wednesday night around 7.30pm.  People have described the sound as if something very heavy fell off their roof (in each case the people thought the sound came from right outside their house) combined with the window rattling.   It was heard West of Hamilton from Ngahinapouri to North of Whatawhata. It may not be relevant to this discussion but I thought I'd mention it in case it is.

Heard it to.Rattled the

Heard it to.Rattled the house

2 bursts of light

I was visiting new jersey and up very late last night. Around 4:30 am there were 2 explosions in the sky. Looked like 2 stars blew up simultaneously. What was that? How did no one else see this?

two burst of light

at a little after 5 am this morning i also saw the two burst of light, 1st one red and the second one greenish over dutchess county ny

Over Pukekohe CapeHill

Fast moving Meteor surrounded by green light and with a white tail after 6:15.

Shooting sat witness signing

Shooting sat witness signing in! A friend and I saw this in palmerston north, we where driving over to the Hokawhitu area and zipzapzop! was awesome to see

Unexplained sighting - Meteor explosions?

Refering to "Evelyn's comment" in New Jersey...

We are in New Hampshire, and we saw at about the same time, 5:05 AM, on August 28th, and can describe exactly what "Evelyn" posted.

we experienced two (2) bright white moon-shaped phenomenoms about 2-to-4 minutes apart. they appeared in the sky, they got brighter, widened, and then seemed to dissipate and disolve away.

truly amazing ---what was this?


what was it

would love to know myself. was amazing to watch.

Moon like objects

I live In Welland Ontario Canada, and this morning at about 5a.m. I too saw two moon like objects in the sky a few minutes apart. It appeared at first about the size of a full moon and gradually got larger and brighter. An orange round spot developed in the right bottom part of the circle and then the whole circle began to look like a quarter moon

except you could see the rest of the circle at the same time. It moved slowly to the left and eventually faded out and looke like a long stretch of constellation of stars. A few moments later I could see another smaller one developing lower in the sky above the trees but could not get a good look, and it seemed to just dissaper too. LIKE NOTHING I HAVE EVER SEEN BEFORE!


meteorite seen in Hawera, Taranaki


I seen it pass right overhead, beautiful blue light...looked almost like a blue firework. It was breaking up as it flew overhead and lasted 3-4 seconds.

Hawkes Bay

I saw it about 6.30pm, I thought it was a shooting star at first but it was a lot bigger, brighter and closer (it almost looked like it could have been landing a few paddocks away) and had the green tail.  What an amazing site!


Hubby saw a white light, it streaked across the car so fast then disappeared, seen from Weymouth Manurewa?

Wellngton Experience

I was walking my daughter's dog around the Karori Park in Wellington at around 6.30 and was so excited to see it - the sky was so clear so the meteor looked so bright and close.  I did a double take and later wondered if I had imagined it!  Amazing experience.


I was playing with my son in Karori Park last night and we both saw the meteor as well. It was so bright and flying from east to west over the Makara peak.

meteor spotted

I saw another similar meteor approximately 10:30pm tonight from Lowry Bay in Wellington.  It was in the west, dropping vertically for about 2 secs with a white fireball and long tail. Given the earlier reports,  there must be a few heading our way. 

meteor spotted

I saw another similar meteor approximately 10:30pm tonight from Lowry Bay in Wellington.  It was in the west, dropping vertically for about 2 secs with a white fireball and long tail. Given the earlier reports,  there must be a few heading our way. 

August 28, about 5:05 a.m.,

August 28, about 5:05 a.m., eastern time in northwest New Jersey, in southeastern sky.  Busy watching venus rising when a saw something about the size of a full moon suddenly appear, with a red conona around it.  It quickly became all red as it was expanding, then within a few seconds turned all white, as it continued to expand, and the whiteness dissipated as it conitinued to expand and fade.  Was this a star exploding?

thank you I'm not crazy, saw

thank you I'm not crazy, saw it also as you did here in NY

5:05 am 8-28 phenomenon


yes, we saw the exact same thing that Evelyn described above, with the exception that we saw two identical (2) incidents, about 3-to-4 minutes apart.

Truly was amazing and indescribable -- what was this?

we are in Central New Hampshire, and experienced this sight at about 5:05am, having coffee  on the deck!

2 objects in sky

I am from the eastern shore of Maryland and also saw 2 episodes of what looked like a orange moon that dissipated into nothing within minutes at around 5:00am. I am not sure what this phenomenon could have been but am very curious? Does anyone have an answer?

Yeah! Saw a big glowing green

Yeah! Saw a big glowing green thing with a tail falling from the sky around 6:30 PM here at Christchurch!

Saw it going over the top of

Saw it going over the top of Mt Taranaki from the East heading out to sea at thew west. Bright red with a green tail. Only lasted about 3-5 seconds.


We saw it in Wanaka too


I saw it too - as driving into mt Vic tunnel disappearing behind it, bright yellow with blue tail, about 6.30pm.


Driving home at 6.30, in Blenheim, when we saw a huge yellow ball streaking across the sky and then seemed to spark and disappear. Was amazing and a a little frightening! Never seen anything like it before. Funny how something can look so close and yet be seen all over the country at the same time!