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Between 1 and 130 this morning I watched a red light off new Plymouth  streaking along parallel to the coast only saw it for about 5 secs b4 it went behind the clouds. Very odd!


possibly metoer in lisbon

ok last night driving towards monjito we saw white bright light for about twenty seconds falling from the sky then dissapear this was in portugal on the 28 04 2016 me and my ggirlfriend both watched this happen

Meteor or space junk???

Ok this is weird on tues 26/4/16 at 7.41am I saw what looked like a meteor with a tail that slowly got smaller then disapeared after a minute or so then today 29/4/16 at 7.33am I saw the same thing! In the same direction as tues kinda weird how I've never seen one my entire life then I see 2 in a week??? anyone else see it? Based in Christchurch nz. 

Shooting Star ---- India, Bengaluru

Hi All,

You know what.. on 26th April 2016 around 10.40pm.. I saw something tooo huge.. too much bright just like Fire Golden Yellow Glowing..shape was some wat irregular.. resembling much like a star.. It was tooo fast that within fraction of seconds, it disappeared from my eyes. Don't know where it felt actually,, but yeahh i guess it was some shooting star. I'm too excited to share this, as this is the first time live experience of mine. I guess there may be some more lucky folks like me who would like to share if they saw this in Bengaluru (India).


star falls

i was walking down ti rakau drive heading towards botany and saw what looked like a star as bright seemed to be in sky and it was roughly 7 or 8 pm the light or star dropped straight doWn with STILL SHININIG AND DISSAPPEARED OVER BACK OF POINT VIEW DRIVE NEAR ..I SWEAR ON MY MOTHERS LIFE IT WAS A STAR BUT COULD BE ALIEN..I KNOW THEY WANT ME BACK...I JUST NOT READY TO LEAVE believe the truthis out there....

red orbs

i seen one red flying orb i first thought was a shooting star but it went so far and was to bright and close to dunedin


Burning Orange Lights Dunedin Sky - three

witnessed8:25, Dunedin sky, 3 bright burning individual lights, went so far and then seemed to stop glowing orange but could still see pale white spots, with whitish orb around each.  

Meteor burns on deck

Forgot  to mention in our last post that we live in Forrest Hill, North Shore, Auckland NZ

Meteor burns on deck???

Might be a complete coincidence (I have no understanding of meteors and how they work) but overnight 4 burn markings have suddenly appeared on our deck. Absolutely no explanation as to how they have gotten there. Burns range in size from 1-3cm, a straight clean burn angled the same way and quite deep into our deck!!!  Husband said he heard a noise outside at around 9pmish but didn't think anything of it at the time.

Orange colored spots

Ok at about 9:00 pacific time i over heard my neighbors say yo what are those but my neighbors are weird so i didnt think anything of it do i heard him them say it again i said man let me get up in see whats going on so i got up look out my window to see 7 orange looking fireballs looking lights gliding threw the sky so i watch but i was unable to record because the bright light that behind my house the orange looking fireball lights got to a a certain speed and then they disappeared like was thise aliens i know its wasn't aircraftsaircrafts because they blink when there any the sky in you can still see them like long distance but these orange colored lights. Disappeared did anyone see them. ...aliens yo im from new jersey 


Here to chime in with my report. I was in the Redondo Beach area driving southwest when I saw something shoot across the sky falling westward. It too had a green hue of a light trailing behind it. Meteor Man? 

Possible Comet

around 9:45 Pacific time what seemed like a shooting star appeared in the sky.  Green maybe blue tail with a red outline 

Green ball of light falls from the sky

~Felony & Lil Mugsy~ spotted the bright green ball of light falling from the sky... i swear it landed in da hood (DUARTE, California) I drove around for half an hour trying to locate it..hehehe...looking for some kinda bright green scene of alien something...but found


Possible Meter Sighting

I just watched what I think is a possible mete falling  north of Auckland. I watched it for some time before it fell below the horizon. This was at approx 5.55pm


Falling star over Gisborne tonight

I saw a bright light race across the sky tonight 27/04/16 just after 6pm. Wow

I live in a small town called

I live in a small town called Meaford in Ontario, Canada. On April 26th, 2016 at 10:00pm (approx, could've been 10:02) I was sitting in my patio, having a cigarette before turning in for the night. A bright light caught my eye and I looked up and identified the source of light and watched it very slowly move and fade to nothing. I waited for it to reappear, thinking maybe it was an aircraft but it did not :( I am a very anxious person and this frightened me a little. Can anyone tell me what it was? Put my mind at ease? I'm not good with directions but I can confirm I was facing North when the light caught my eye. It was VERY bright. the whole thing lasted maybe 5 seconds.

bright shooting comet

I saw a  bright violet shooting comet with red tail at 11 pm, Konanur- 573130,Hassan, Karnataka state, India, followed with thunder sound after 2 mins.



BRight shooting comet

yup I saw that too here in Bangalore... it was really bright and reddish before it turned a lil blue and then went out... but that was a really big shooting star I have ever seen in my life... my friend is a witness to this too but ony just ... nevertheless it was crazy and BEAUTIFUL

Green shooting star ?

Just saw this green bright shooting star or whatever it was over my house in the north Hollywood ca area .


I think I just saw something like a meteorite in th La Mirada, California area. It was falling from the sky and kind of resembled a firework but also had a green light trailing behind. Not sure. Can anyone verify this. So confused!

Mysterious Light

just seen a bright light fall over houses through my back door In long beach California?

Very Bright shooting star spotted 26 April 2016

I also ,spotted brigt long tail shooting star falling on 26april2016 around 10:40pm IST. In Bangalore Karnataka India .

can any one here tell what was it actually.?


Meteor !

Hi ! Yes, my girlfiend and me witnessed the meteor last night from our home in Whitefield too. It was an amazing sight, and it seemed so close. Wonder why there's no coverage of the event in the news. 

light in sky

My son just drove home from gym (7.30ish pm, 26 Apr 2016) and saw a bright light above traffic lights in Upper Hutt. He thought it was from a house on the hills west of Upper Hutt until it went straight up, extremely fast, and dissappeared as he approached the lights.

Can't comment any further as I didn't see it.


Green shooting star/meteor miami Fl 4/25/2016" 10:07pm ish"

Green shooting star/meteor miami Fl 4/25/2016" 10:07pm ish"

Green light falling in sky Orlando/clermont area

Roommate and I saw a bright green falling light at the same exact time. Lasted maybe 5 seconds or so. Must have been the same one! Looked around Google and I guess it's just called a green fireball. 

Yellow shooting stars

Yellow shooting stars witnessed 7:41 am 26/4. Long tail and lasted for 2 minutes before burnt out. Location Chch.

I saw the same thing driving

I saw the same thing driving to work in northwood Christchurch had a tail was moving slow tail got smaller then disapeared.

Meteor/ shooting star

I saw same thing on the way to work in northwood Christchurch had a tail was moving slow tail got smaller then disapeared.

Green shooting star

Sitting on Te Muri Beach (Auckland), approx 7-9pm 24/4/16, saw a green shotting star with short tail - awsome sight :)



Sunday 24th April soon after dark saw a 'shooting star' travelling north to south across the sky. much brighter than anything I have seen before. Yellow-White light. Seen from Mt Roskill coast looking East. 

Beam of light in the Glenfield area

I live in Glenfield (marlborough) on the North Shore.  For the past few nights there has been a large beam of light across the sky.  I wonder if someone is directing this for ANZAC weekend although I first saw it on Thursday night.  What intrigues me mostly is that about half way up the beam (which is grey/white in colour and quite wide) every now and then an area comes up really bright.  changes shape a little from round (about the size of the moon) extending out, like stretching it out so it's no longer round then it goes out.  it doesn't fade, just winks out then comes back up a few minutes later.  Can anyone tell me what the heck this is and has anyone else in the area seen it.


I saw a very bright light zoom across the sky yesterday in Raglan New Zealand (23 march) at around 7:30 the tail was short and I'm sure it was a meteore not satilite debris because satilite debris wouldn't get this far into the atmosphere. Anyway there was one bright light with a trail and behind snd there were some other small bright lights behind it with a trail, the other bright lights must of been parts of the meteore that broke off. It went behind a cloud and I never saw it from there. It could of burnt up before it hit the ground.

Amazing comet over Aongatete

Saw a comet, a flaming red rock with a really long red tail heading east, in the northern sky . Amazing! So cool! Went across the whole sky. About 7.18 pm

Meteor over Papakura

Sorry, I forgot the date which was 24.04.16 Kia ora.Still buzzing though...

Bright Green Light Kendall Fl Miami Area

Standing Out Side Last Night Between The Time Frame 10:30 - 12:00 EST. I Saw A Bright Green Light Shoot Across The Sky For About 3-4 Seconds Then Fade Away. I Have Seen Shooting Stars / Meteor Showers But Never One Bright Green. Curious If I Am The Only One Who Saw This. Again It WAs The Kendall Area, Miami FL. Saturday Between 10:30 pm - 12:00 Nidnight.

fire in the sky

While my brother and I were traveling north on 219 Mahaffey Grampian Hwy inPennsylvania, I was looking out the passenger window at the moon and I saw a meteorite ,it was quite bright and I lost sight of it over the wood line.

Two strange lights sighted over katikati

my dad lives in kati kati nz he has just informed me that he has witnessed two mysterious lights over kati can anyone verify what these may have been- they def were not an aircraft and disappeared very quickly 


The earth is hollow, and containing a mini sun in the middle.  There is very advanced civilizations, and much new land and water within it.  The earth has numerous routes inside inner earth, but the biggest access points which act as a tunnel directly inside is the real north and south pole entrance.  Admiral Byrd once flew inside.  One should inquire about this piece of history.  They are from there, Agartha.


Very bright meteor traveling

Very bright meteor traveling north over Auckland shortly after sunset, very short duration, no sign of breaking up.

Bolide near Rotorua

19:18 24/04/2016
Seen from Rotorua, Malfroy Road/Old Taupo Rd intersection
Bright (~ Mag -6) meteor headed roughly NNE. 
Angle Start ~45 continued to 25deg above horizon, bearing ~ 340. Appeared roughly 20degrees from vertical heading down and to slightly to the right. 
Fragmented into multiple pieces before fading. 
Probable bolide size, about the size of a small chest freezer. High likelyhood of meteorite fragments North of Rotorua to Coast around Tauranga.

Shooting Star

I am visiting New Zealand from South Adfrica and am staying in Glamorgan Drive. I saw a shooting star at around 7pm on the 24 April 2016, towards the beach side. What amazing sight, was so fast, did not have time to record it. I hope there are moew people that saw it.

Me too!

Me too!

Falling light

ny niece and I were coming along state highway 1 just after Huntly about 5.30 tonight and we saw a light come across then fall to the ground. We couldn't believe what we saw!

Debris? Alien space ship

Was driving home from the 4 square with my partner and we saw a white light with orange yellow pieces breaking off the object and it was quite close we have no idea what  it was. But in a straight line


Spotted a shooting star just now while driving through Matamata. Near the southern cross.

Shooting Star

I saw a shooting star at about eight P.M. Aust eastern standard time. I am in Gatton Queensland. No tail, just a very bright falling light.Looked AWESOME.


Bright neon green streak

Ok this is so weird! Had been reading ufo incidents on NUFORC and let my dogs outside one last time. Was looking around the sky when a BRIGHT NEON GREEN flash zoomed in an arc from south to north   wsw. There was a hint of reddish orange at the right side of the  arc . Around 2340 cdt friday april 22. It lasted about 3-4 seconds so quick and SO bright . It was quite wide as well. Have never seen this before!

something in the sky

was out biking 2am hastings new zealand and something is in the sky changing colors n going from lite to very bright then to light ?

Falling Star 21/04/2016

We watched what we thought was a falling star way out at sea from Muriwai Beach (Akl, NZ). It was a white streak, that seemed to head towards the ocean, took some photos and it seemed to have 2 white streaks in its tail. Would have been about 5:50pm. Not sure how to attach photos - sorry.