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two bright orange balls in sky above Waikanae Beach

Hi. At approx. 9.30pm tonight 27th January sitting in two storied lounge with curtains open to night sky. Suddenly saw two large bright orange balls moving fairly slowly across the sky from a northerly to southerly direction. One following the other at exactly the same pathway but quite a distance between them. There was a large dark cloud to the north of Kapiti Island and they both disappeared into it as we watched. They were visable for about ten minutes. There was no noise and the sky was calm and windless. Would reaslly love to have an explanation as we have never seen anything like them before.

Orange fireball

I'm in Traverse City (northern) Michigan. At about 8:30pm, I saw a large orange/red fireball zoom past my window. It was large and fast! I expected to hear the sounds of a helicopter, but heard nothing! What was it?!?!


Saw a huge fireball shoot past last night about 9.40 went from west to east was brighter than Jupiter with a long fiery tail...good to see others saw it, I estimate I landed in the pacific perhaps 20 odd kilometers east of Tuhua island off the bay of plenty would have made a big splash.

Meteor in Taupo sky last night

About 9.45pm last night (26th Jan) my partner & I both saw an amazing streak of light across the sky. I came from behind me as I sat in the spa and got my attention from the noise of it rumbling through the sky. Quite large but reckon only maybe 500m-1km above us - burnt out about 30 seconds after seeing it.

A friend parents also saw it from their house in Kinloch


Asteroid Sighted idiom Hamilton

My husband and I saw a large asteroid last night, about 9:45 pm, while we were swimming. It went across the southern end of the sky, quite fast, but impossible to miss.


I was filming fireworks in auckland city the other night in got it on camra 

auckland fireworks

Hi did you get the objects I notification further down this page. If so what do you think the photos on your camera showed

light in sky

At about 1.30am(27th jan) i was looking out the window and saw an orange light going across the sky(i live in westport) lasted under a minute got smaller and then just disappeared ,it was awesome


Large Meteor?

A friend and myself saw a very large meteor(?) with a trailing tail flash across the eastern sky at about 10:30pm on night of the 26th. We were in Howick at the time. It would have been about 3 to 4 times bigger that the biggest /brightest star in the sky at the tme.

meteor over auckland

Saw a meteor over auckland heading south to north while facing east here in forrest hill on the north shore around ten pm. Was a little bit brighter than Jupiter is atm. Was my first sighting so was very cool, lasted about ten seconds.

shooting star

im from hamilton my wife came running in saying she sore a shooting star it had a long white tail and lasted bout 25 seconds coming from west going east shes made a wish lol thx


A bright light with a long tail heading northwards over the gulf from auckland at about 9.40pm. I live in torbay and could see it for around 5secs before it vanished


Was just outside trying to get the cat in and was vaguely looking out and saw (what I initiallythought was) a shooting star, but it was far too bright and large and I could be wrong but felt like it had a stream behind it. It disappeared behind a cloud and that was that. Was around 9:45pm or so, tonight.

Very long shooting star

Just sitting on my back porch looking south and saw a shooting star go from east to west quite low in the sky. Very bright and fast, never seen one streak across like this so parallel to the horizon for such a long distance.
I am in whangarei.

night sky event

We saw the same thing also around 9:40pm in  Whitianga last night going east streaking across the night sky with a bright tail. We were watching some satelite moving across the night sky and then suddenly we saw it.

Vibrant red light

Myself and my sister saw this bright red light that looked similar to a flare gn when fired. But it moved to fast to be one of those then I thought it was similar to the red light on a helicoptor but it was to big to be that.. Not sure what it was but it stayed in one spot for about a minute then dropped a little then it looked like it disappeared behind the building. I live on the 15th floor of an apartment building so this was nice and clear. I live in Aucklnd.. hmm wonder what it was.

Fire Ball Comet Confused

  1. About two Hrs ago me and my husband were in the back porch when we saw what appeared like fireball with a tail in the Sky it went by pretty fast it was So scary why don't they report things like this looked llike important news. I'm just glad my husband was there to vouch for what I saw 

fire ball

Hi Vanessa, where abouts are you located as I witnessed something very similar around 4.15pm yesterday in the hawkes bay, the tail/vapour trail was all zig zagged across the sky with a reflective or burning mass in the front??


We are in fl Kissimmee area

Shooting star - Comet ?

Saturday night around 9.30 pm was walking with my wife in Wellington when she saw a Shooting star. She called me out - but amazingly this star did not die out - it kept moving in the sky for almost 5 minutes until it disappered in the horizon. Could it have been an Comet ?

objects in the sky

Above the fireworks display in auckland last night I saw what I first thought must have been a helicopter, then it moved quite fast eastwards, then I saw 3 together, they seem to hover move south out of sight, then back again in my line of sight, then disappear.  Can someon tell me if this was in some way to do with fire display. Definitely looked like crsft of some sort. 


Object over Taradale

Did anyone else see the balloon object in the sky over Taradale Napier around 8:15 pm tonight? Initially descending , then
rising to about 100-200 ft then heading quite quickly west, until disappearing from view.

Unidentified Flying Object

Seen by Calum and Janmaree on 22 January 2015 from 9.36 to 9.55pm  as confimred by photos taken.  This object came in very close and low and had a very deilberate flight path which it repeated 3 times;  or there were 3 identical objects which followed the same flight path. It ascended away at speed till dissappearing before repeating the cycle.  There was no noise.  The object was a bright orange and red lights.  Photos were taken on a Canon EOS 600D camera with a 55-250mm lens.  

Identified Flying Object

Saw exactly the same object

Saw exactly the same object last night 24/1/15 at 11.0pm off the coast of Hokitika westcoast south Island. Looked like an aircraft on fire then rapidly disappeared.

I am from india and Saw

I am from india and Saw exactly the same thing to the west but first thought it was a moon covered with clouds but there were no cloudes we notices and the object disappeared slowely like a fog it was big in shape and bright orange 

shooting star

I was looking upfrom inside my tent in El Rancho camp site down at Waikanae in Wllington New Zealand. It was around 1:00am, a couple of hours after seeing the constellation "orion's belt". It was my first time seeing it i was lucky enough to not have blinked at that moment to catch a glimpse of that amazing heavenly body. 

meteor sigting 25-02-15 at 1:30 am NZT

Large meteor with long orange and yellow tail passed over Christchurch - was seen from horizon to horizon travelling N by NW at 1:30 am last night. So bright you could see it as it passed through the clouds. Anyone esle see this? Awesome sighting - biggest I've ever seen in 50 years.

Big bright burning object

Around 1.30am on the 25/01/2015 me and my partner saw a low flying object in the sky which was burning fast and getting lower to the ground. It dissapeard behind a huge cloud but we could still faintly see the burning orange colour. It then became too far away for us to follow. Have never seen anything like this before, it was amazing!

Bright green light

I witnessed a bright green light shoot across Texas near Houston area. It was larger and brighter than anything I've ever seen during a meteor shower. Did anyone else happen to see it?

I saw it too!

I saw it too!

Shooting star

I see my first ever shooting star this morning
It looked very close.
I'm in the uk and it was South west direction
Around 4.55am
Well impressed

Orange light

10.30ish PM ... My granddaughter and I saw a bright organge star like light in the sky.  It was NE of where we live. About five minutes later it just faded and disappeared.  Hmmm....  We live on the North Shore, Auckland, NZ

big ball of light

Big ball of light shot across, looked like it was going north

San Marcos Tx

I saw the same thing about

I saw the same thing about 2315; I'm from Newport Oregon. The big ball of light I saw, was headed north, and going prety fast, then it seemed like it went further and further out (not so much North) but further from Earth, and then diosappeared... was it a meteor? It seemed to have this flickering light, like maybe it was on fire?

lights in sky

approx 9 EST 2 bright orange lights heading north on east coast of florida...10 min later 1 more moving fast but absolutely no noise

low flying object

I have seen the exact thing happen to me tonight moving the speed of an helicopter two of them 5 to 10 mins appart weired  mick from england


Approx 4am Saturday 24/01/15. 
Location: North New Brighton, Christchurch.

Saw two orange lights moving quickly across the sky in a 'downward' movement. The light in front split into two and a fragmant shot upwards and dissappeared from site.

The original front piece kept moving in same direction followed by the second (and perhaps slighly larger light).

I've seen shooting stars but nothing like this and nothing that appeared so 'close' - a remarkable sight. 

rocket in sky

Hamilton New Zealand in daytime....thursday morning saw what looked like a rocket shoot straight up in the sky in the east

too big to be a firework...anyone else see it?


Green ball of light!?

Rangiora Christcurch New Zealand January 24th 2015 at about 3.30am, a glowing bright green ball of light suddenly appeared in the sky hovered for a few seconds and then dropped towards the ground! Did anyone els see it? This is the second time I've seen a bright glowing ball of green light in the sky over Rangiora both of them moving differently! Really intrested to know if anybody else has witnessed these?!

huge bright flying in sky

22/01/15 hastings akina nz 23.00pm large luminating orange light flying through sky in various directions.was outside building forts with the kids untill this was coming towards us and we quickly ran for the house :/ everyone a little shaken up :(

Meteor ?

Belgium, 20 january at 23.25 pm; I saw a big bright yellow fireball with green and blue shades. It flew from southwest to south in a straight line with tremendous speed and was visible for 2 seconds.

The tail was very bright and as thick as the fireball itselfs, but dissepeared very quickly to see. It looked like it was shooting under the stars, at the same height at wich plane flights. The fireball itself was large, as 3x the biggest star en much brighter; also there seemed to crumble a little piece of it.

It was beautiful! ... and I suppose I'm not gonna catch many of such sightings in my life ...

object in sky

In Sault Ste Marie, Ontario on January the 20th at 4:30 PM I saw a bright green object shoot across the northern sky from east to west. It had a stream behind it and moved very quickly. The sky was very clear at the time.


Driving through the Cromwell gorge this morning at 1am saw a beautiful slow moving meteor burn up moving from the south - North

1/20/15 Disney Viewing

While watching the Castle show and fireworks at Disney, my attention was drawn away to what I thought might have been a liftoff but it wasn't bright enough to be a rocket. Comet? Orange tail, burned bright for several seconds then it was gone. 

1-20-2015 something falling and burning bright with tail

I was driving south on I-75 in Florida going to Gainesville, FL. When I noticed something really bright fiery with a tail falling from the sky for several minutes till it began to fade and burn out and then eventually was gone. Had three others in car see same thing. 

Thought maybe it was space junk. I dont know.

Would think more people would of saw it.

Not in news either.

I'm in the suburb of Ngaio,

I'm in the suburb of Ngaio, Wellington and tonight while I was walking my dogs I saw something shooting in the sky. It appeared to be pretty close to the ground, even closer than what an aeroplane would be although I could be wrong as it was dark out and I only saw it for a few seconds.

It was an orange type colour, and looked like a shooting star that I've seen before. It was traveling horizontally. At first it looked like a firework (that's how close it was), but because it was shooting across and didn't make a bang, I'm assuming it wasn't.

It became quite bright in Orange then after about 2 seconds it completely fizzled out and it was gone.

What could it be!?

Strange Sky

This is what I saw .... The place where i saw is Lalitpur , Nepal.... I am amazed coz I havent seen like this before ... Is it the Shooting star or some Aliens flying over the sky ??????????????Shooting star or not ?

Condensation Trails

or Contrails, are the water vapor exhausts from the burning of jet engine fuel.  When conditions are right, low temperature, humidity and low winds in the upper atmosphere you will see these sometimes extending from horizon to horizon.  More often you will see short streaks as they pass through a pocket of air that contains these conditions.

Blue light

I am in old orchard beach, Maine around 10:10, a blue flash went across the sky with three of my friends while watching a hotel burn down across the street. Crazy to be watching a disaster then have a blue light flash across the sky.

I am in Jacksonville Florida,

I am in Jacksonville Florida, I was standing outside tonight about 7:27pm and just happened to look up over a big tree and saw something very bright orange/reddish flying thru the sky with a long trail behind it. It lasted for about 30 seconds, then the bright light began to die down and turned a deep red colour. It was so low to earth, ive NEVER seen anything like it before !!!!