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Meteor - Rotorua New Zealand

12:33 am Sunday 19 April - approximately 15km noth of Mamaku near Rotorua.  A small bright green meteor with a red interior fell from the sky. The object fell at approximately 70 degrees from horizontal and was travelling in a north west to south east direction. No sound. The object was visible for about two seconds.   

Just saw two orange lights

Just saw two orange lights moving slowly across the sky northbound. They gradually burned out after a couple of minutes. Northern suburbs, Wellington

Bright Green Ball in Tracy, CA Sky 4/10/2015

Late this past Friday night 4/10/2015 we were sitting outside and watched a Bright Green Ball fall from behind the Tesla Mountain Range. We were approx. 2 miles west of the Lawrence Livermore Labs on Corral Hollow Rd. Just wondering if anyone else saw the same thing??

shooting star/ meteor

Hi on the 11/4/15 in northallerton, north Yorkshire me, my mum and my nana were looking for the international space station. When I saw these orange lights in the sky moving three times as fast as the international space station. There must have been 20+ and they moved in an arrow formation like a flock of geese. They were moving south east to north and they just appeared there but didn't disappear straight away, like a shooting star would, we tracked them for about 30 seconds before they either disappeared or went too far away for us to see. We are all extremely interested in what we saw as after I saw it I did some research and it fell into the time frame of a meteor shower. I have emailed other sites in hope of a reply but no-one has replied. If you know what I saw please email me and tell me as I said before we are extremely interested in finding out what they were. 
Thanks shona

shooting star/ meteor

Hi on the 11/4/15 in northallerton, north Yorkshire me, my mum and my nana were looking for the international space station. When I saw these orange lights in the sky moving three times as fast as the international space station. There must have been 20+ and they moved in an arrow formation like a flock of geese. They were moving south east to north and they just appeared there but didn't disappear straight away, like a shooting star would, we tracked them for about 30 seconds before they either disappeared or went too far away for us to see. We are all extremely interested in what we saw as after I saw it I did some research and it fell into the time frame of a meteor shower. I have emailed other sites in hope of a reply but no-one has replied. If you know what I saw please email me and tell me as I said before we are extremely interested in finding out what they were. 
Thanks shona

burning object

I was standing outside my house in hamilton , dinsdale frankton and witnessed something shoot across the sky... it looked like it was in flames , as I watched further I called to my partner and we both suspected it to be a meteor . It was beautiful and scary to watch as it moved across the sky , it stopped and started to descend to the ground until it burnt up into nothing . 

It was actually red and flaming  and my partner reckons was quite close ... 


This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen and was beautiful , scary and I'm still in awe of what we just witnessed ..

Please can somebody explain 

orange light lit up Hamilton,ohio sky april 16 2015

5:35 am Hamilton ohio my boss and I seen the same thing this morning scared the shit out of us no clue what it was

2 fast objects parallel trails sunday 12th north canterbury

I've got photos of this taken at approx 10.50am sunday 12th  taken from my dads camera from near Amberley, and I have attached a link to these files . We were just a few km south of Amberley at the time of the photos I think.


defintiely was convinced this was a meteor or something very very fast as it also had left a faint brown trail after it came through the clouds, although not visible on the photos. The pics do have soem windscreen dirt on them too sorry. There were 2 objects one lower and closer  and one a lot further away and perhaps higher, running what appeared to be parallel courses. A store owner in Waikari commented he had heard a loud noise at about this time when we asked him if he had made any observations.


Very interesting what was it!!!!

Low hovering light

Hi everyone. I'm from Hamilton NZ tonight 13/4/15 at 8.30pm I was leaving my home in the country for a short ride when I first left my house I noticed a bright light in the sky the second I seen it I thought plane... Yet as I drove further from home I was looking horizontally at the same light, from where I was in above city lights etc me being on a hill... This light was hovering... Getting brighter at times then dulling then after about 20 mins seemed to start moving away seeming smaller.. I just had to share this I can't understand or reason with myself as to what it was I took photos

Rectangle shaped UFO with bright lights on Whangaparaoa Road

on the Easter Weekend 5 April, 2015 Sunday 6.45pm we were coming home from Torbay, turned into Whangaparaoa Road and about a 2 mins into the drive my husband and I saw a very large rectangle sized UFO with bright lights.  We were travelling in the car and saw that it was suspended over the gully and quite close, we both kept wondering if we were mistaken and we were just looking at a structure just somehow put in place, but didn't notice.  So we thought lets turn this corner and look at it from the other side.  However it disappeared totally, nothing to see.  Anyone else see anything else like this?  After thinking about what we saw was legitimately some kind of UFO, I recall a couple of weeks earlier at about 4.30am looking through my lounge window to see a a circular shape of lights just above the water in little Manly, Arkles Beach, which blinked totally out leaving me to wonder did I see what I thought I saw.  However after the second incident, I am convinced I have seen two different types of UFO's.  I am glad I found this site to write about this.

Green firey oblong..

I was in Merced, CA hanging out at a local bar and grill joint, over by highway 140 & the Merced airport and while I was leaving the parking lot, I was adjusting my rear view mirror and out the corner of my eye I see this green firey oblong shaped object coming into the atmosphere... Then bam!! Breaks up into four little oblong shapes and now they firey red. They fell over what seems to be over By Gurr Road. I ddnt think anything of it because I wasn't trying to be around when MPD or Merced Co. Sheriff's got there, having had a a couple cold ones bout an hour or so prior to seeing this. Sooo... What the hell was that thing that came in our earth and what or who does it want? Whatever it is, comply for the sake of humanity. Lol.. Don't mind the melodramatic tone. Just a lil

within reason of understanding

further down you will see my post regarding my husband and I awakening to a sonic like boom and then a pulsating low freqency noise, this has left us speechless to what was unfolding within our neighbourhood, this noise was so loud that we could almost feel it..., like many I guess we are now left with an unexplained event, like many we have kept it closly discussed between friends and faimly...... like many we reach out from a keyboard to ask if anyone eles has awoken to such an event. Atleast this event was shared by both my husband and I.  I would have hated being the only one to wake up and face this alone.  We both know if we heard this sound we could identify it. would even welcome a sound tec to help us recreate it.. We are both left with one understanding.... read all the posting surrounding n.z, to many... what honestly happning. 

Very bright white light over Temecula Ca.

I saw a very bright and Hugh  light that appearwd and seemed to just suddenly drop.  I was driving northbound on the 15 hwy. It was around 1am 05/12/2015.   

Green shooting star

I saw what looked like a green ball of fire, but I assume it was a shooting star, at 12:43 am on April 12. I live in Mountain View, California. It looked like it was falling down from the sky, not really shooting across the sky. 

ball of light seen April 12, 2015 around 12:40am

My mom and I saw a big bright ball of light falling across the sky while driving home on Highway 101 in Novato Ca. It did not zip by like a falling star, which usually happens so quickly you just know it was a falling star. This sighting from our line of sight was bright and about the size of a baseball, which means it was fairly large. We are not sure if it touched ground when we lost sight of if it.

hi i live in australia and at

hi i live in australia and at around 9.45p.m i also saw a baseball size orb in the sky. it was bright white, and moved horizontal across the sky... at a speed not to fast or to slow but faster than anything that man has made... The funny thing is that only one other person had seen it and nothing reported.. this was on the 10th april 2015. its driving me mad because it was low and bright enough for everyone to see, and it was clear night sky. thanks 

Saw it too what is your birth

Saw it too what is your birth date i feel i need to know please thanks 

red shaped balls

i seen 11 shaped red balls in the sky 11/4 /2015 coming one by one at 7;20pm  in rangiora new zealand

Huge vanishing star in sky 11th April Whangaparaoa NZ

I saw what i would descibe as a noticeably bigger than normal star in the sky from 7pm night of 11th April 2015, it was more yellow than a normal star. It didnt move but stayed hanging int he sky, i went for a walk along Big Manly Beach, Whangaparaoa NZ and the star was there then in got smaller and smaller then dissaperaed (7.30pm) then about 5 minutes later it came back again in the same spot (Eastern part of the sky) and then faded away again and dissapeared again, not a cloud in the sky. Also saw 2 wriggling red lights agross the sky at the same time further southwards. This was seen in Manly, Whangaparaoa New Zealand. Anyone else see this?

we saw it too

In Dunedin Fl after 8pm

disappearing star April 11th after 8pm to 9pm

Me and my husband were laying on Dunedin Beach and we saw a bright star get brighter than the light flickered almost went dim to bright than we saw red colored ? Not sure they looked like dots from where we were laying and very high in the sky and going super fast we spotted them several different places in the sky we were calm but curious about the star and the things flying at a rapid speed so high up I want to go back and check the sky out in the same area!

Orange/red object

I live in the US (Southgate, Mich, near Detroit) on April 11, 2015, I saw a object in the sky. Orange/yellow with reddish color if you looked straight up at it. It was 9:30 pm, It moved at a pace of maybe a helicopter, but no noise. Moved from the WNW to the ESE. No tail on it... if anything if you looked straight up at it, it was a circle. I'm guessing it was a helicopter, but it's the absense of noise that still makes me wonder. Thought maybe the spacestation, but our news stations usually tell us when it'll come over us. 

Smoke trails

Just watched two trails shoot Accross the sky towards the southern alps above Christchurch nz

moving star/meteor

I saw a moving star around 9.30 pm in Birmingham UK, today 11/04/15. It was moving between other stars and then disappeared.2

Bright Light

Yesterday 10/4/15 at around 9:30 pm Melbourne I saw a bright white light that shot through the sky out of my bedroom window then disappeared, it was big in size and had a trail of light behind it before disappearing from my view.

Moving star/Meteor

I saw a moving star around 9.30 pm in Birmingham UK today 11/04/15. It was moving between other stars and then disappeared.

lights in the sky

last night 11/4/15 at aroung the same time my grandson ran to me shouting he had seen 3-4 lights in the sky in a triangle formation that just dissapeared after approx 15 second...

sonic blast and pulsing sound

Anyone eles in the South Island / New Zealand hear a large sonic like boom, followed by a pulsing sonic sound that lasted around 40 seconds, it was around 4:30am 10/04/2015. the sound was so loud it woke my husband and I. anyone eles ?? 

flash then bang

i was sitting on my friends back deck and it's been fairly cloudy but the entire sky lit up a bright blue green flash for one second and was followed by an enormous BANG BANG, two times like beating a drum. We continued talking and then it happened one other time a few minutes later and not again after. This was around 10:15pm on April 15-2015

East coast United States

Sonic sound

Hi Christina, this is unrelated in timing to what you heard but your description sounds very familiar to me. In Christchurch 2011 my wife and I were woken by a large boom followed by a weird pulsating sound that filled our bedroom for about 30-40 seconds. I think it came from outside the house. It was very loud and disappeared as fast as it arrived. I checked outside for possible helicopter or aeroplane or perhaps passing vehicle but nothing could be found or seen. The noise was as you described "sonic" almost a whooshing electronic noise. We never have figured it out but have our theories. It's almost as though a craft came close to our house roof, poised for half a minute, then took off, disappearing at high speed. Unfortunately at the time we had very few neighbours due to earthquakes severely damaging surrounding houses so we could not get other witnesses. Also, we did not think it was earthquake related sounds (boom may have been) as we had had planty of experience with those noises!

sonic boom explained

wouldnt it be a meteor entering earths atmosphere ...that would explain the sonic boom you explained ??

sonic boom followed by a low pulsating sound

Thats dead on Mark, When we heard we both woke at the same time, both expressed wtf was that.  As welive near the motorway my husband thought the large boom was an accident, he jumped to his feet and made his way to the lounge at the other end of the house.  I heard the pulsating sound striaght away, my husband explained to me later that he was lost in thought of it being another car accident.  He has attended horrifis accidents on this stretch of motorway in the past, he hates the idea of being the 1st on scene.  It was only at the point of reaching the lounge where the pulsating sound was so loud that we looked at each other shearing the same words "wtf is it".... We could only explain the sound now as what you would believe a magnetic pulse engine would sound like, within the house it sounded as if the whole atmosphere was pulsating. We are both confused how surrounding neighbours lights were'nt on or people had'nt flooded to the street. Afterit stopped I turned the t.v on expecting to see breaking news surrounding a meteor entry, nothing... As you state Mark no light etc.. feels like it was a dream.. wish it was to be honest, would be easier to explain. 

Strange Noise

No definitely not a meteor! Besides, there would have been light through the windows passing by. There was no "lighting up" and we have very large floor-to-ceiling windows running the full length of one wall and smaller windows on other walls which overlook Christchurch city as we live on Mt Pleasant hill. The noise was not distant but right on us. It was extraodinarily loud. It was like nothing I have ever heard before or since.

A meteor passing close enough to wake us up with a noise this loud would have woken all of Christchurch and it would be BIG NEWS!

sonic boom pulsating noise.

If you and your wife ever are in Dunedin Mark and you want to catch up 027 3338509.  

Sonic boom and pulsating sound

wow it is excatly the way we have been describing it to friends and faimly, we live on a main street, so we know what car sub systems sound like, the sound we had was only a pulse and did not change from any room you walked into, meaning walking away from the street, It sounded as if it was directly above our house. 40 seconds and gone. 

strange things in the sky

I Live on the east coast in the state of Delaware.  Over the Easter holiday, on Friday April 3, 2015, Saturday April 4, 2015 and Sunday April 5, 2015...I caught several anomolies on my android cell phone. On Friday the moon had a very large 6 point star of light coming off of it, also around the moon and the 6 point star were colors of the rainbow and they looked to be pulsating. On Saurday night, I caught with my android phone a green light dancing all around the moon which still had the 6 point star, and the colors that looked to be pulsating. On Sunday, It looked like there were 2 moons, one in front of the other, with one bright white in the front and one that looked orange behind it. I captured pictures of all of these, as well as videos. I would post pictures, but I dont know how to. In the videos you can also see the moon get small then large, like it was flying at you then away from you. It was truly fascinating!!!


Could you please email we would love to upload these for you.

Yesterday night from pokhara

Yesterday night from pokhara in nepal  i saw a ball of light crossing half the sky on a falling trajectory behind the hills of sarankhot.  It was amazing. So bright, fast but not as fast as a shootingstar and with no tail behind it. And it seemed so close!!

Orange cigar shaped light

Seen it over cowabbie heading eastly direction

Unexplainable streak during sunset

About a month ago I witnessed what I thought might have been a fireball trailing down towards the western horizon? I was watching the sun set with a few mates, and this bright orange streak was clearly visible, if enough attention to detail was paid. If I were to put a finger on what it were I would say it was a slow travelling meteor going through the clouds. Or something like a meteor that had passed through the atmosphere and managed to rearrange the cloud with its speed. I have a picture of it here, and witnessed the same thing about a month later (a week ago). This was witnessed at Musick Point, Bucklands Beach in East Auckland. Unexplainable phenomenon, and no I'm not crazy.

Sounds just like what we saw tonight, Ruapuke Beach

Watched the sunset at Ruapuke beach (south of Raglan, Waikato) tonight with two friends. There was low cloud on the horizon, and just as the sun set we noticed what I could only describe as a fat cigar / disk shaped firey mass just above the cloud, and low in the sky, where the sun had been shortly before. As we watched, we realised it was moving slowly, and seemed to be changing in shape as it moved. Through binoculars it looked more steak / comet like, with a short trail of fire behind. It was quite horizontal and took about ten mins to disappear behind the low cloud and out of sight.

Streak of light in sky at sunset - Raglan 11/04/15

We were at a friends wedding at the Rglan Surf Lifesaving Club on Saturday night (11th April) and saw the same light at Sunset.  We watched it for a couple of minutes, have several photos and a video. Half a dozen of us were watching it and noone had ever seen anything like it before.  It was clearly moving through the sky. Perhaps a meteor but was travelling quite slowly. It was absolutely mesmorising.

streaks in the sky

These streaks are happening way too much,they are not aircraft eh,meteors or ufo most likely

10:06pm Brisbane Logan central 4114. I saw something

Omgosh I just saw something too blue on the outside possibly metalicish colour purplepink in the middle, round but had the wind effect to the side going very fast and just dissappeard into thin air. I did not blink so I know it wasn't me I'm still shocked azz............

12:42 am a brihgt orange

12:42 am a brihgt orange object fell from the sky and seemingly hit ground. Lethbridge Alberta

green light? fireball? meteor?

I'm from Arizona,  driving down the 5 freeway on my way to Stockton, California passing Tracy. I happened to look up at the sky and I seen a green light, sorta bright as it moved a little across the sky then disappeared. I thought it was maybe a shooting-star, but those aren't green. Not sure what it was, searched it up looked like a fireball. Then again could it be a meteor?  

I saw the same thing on 4/12/15 at 12:43 am.

I saw, what looked like a green bll of fire falling from the sky (not shooting across the sky) I have never seen anything life that before. It was very cool :-) 

Green Ball of Fire

I seen the same green ball of fire falling from the sky, although it was on Tuesday April 14th 2015 just about 4:10 am. I was on hwy 165 going north. I would like to know if anyone else from the Central Valley has witnessed this also  this day and time?  

green glowing fireball with tail

I saw the same thing. This is the only thing I've seen on it. It just disspeared mid air... never seen something like that before.


10:10 pm 08/04/2015 Calgary Alberta Canada Eastern sky going from North to South was a light blue coloured large meteor .