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Bright orange glowing object

I was heading home looking into the lower sky ahead, and suddenly a bright orange light appeared as if it were a meteorite that's passed through the atmosphere and was heading directly for me, getting bigger and bigger as it approached faster and faster. Suddenly I look over and see another, that had a bit of distance between the other. As it is quickly approaching, it appears to be flying, or "hovering" yet making no noise. They were very low in the sky, and looked more and more ominous the closer I looked at it. I could now make it out very clearly. They were emminating bright orange color, flashing two side lights at random in no specific pattern or order. It became highly unsettling once I noticed the shape of the object... I looked closer to see a large triangle shaped object at the front with glowing green lines going across the triangle, from top getting wider in length to the bottom of the triangle. After getting out of my car, and watching these objects come in, EVERY DOG IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD STARTED BARKING AND HOWLING! I decided to run inside and see if anyone else online, or on tv knew what was going on. I honestly thought, everything is over. If something is going to show up and shine the brightly and blatently, then they are obviously not worried about us seeing them....

After the dogs had been barking for several minutes, the lights literally vanished... I was pretty shaken up, so I decided to sit out, and makes sure the coast was clear. About 5-10 minutes aftere the foriegn ojects disappeared, there were multiple jet planes, and helicopters flying up near that area, to do what I think was, investigate what those jusst were and if anything is still up there.

Fast shooting orb in the sky only visible for a few seconds

I was traveling south on I-35 from Duluth Minnesota, and as I was driving I saw this greenish white thing shoot across the sky, it was shooting towards the right and it was only visible for a second or two then it disappeared completely. it was also pretty close. I was also driving in Duluth a couple weeks ago and my friend saw the same thing. The one I saw was around 12:15AM on October 7th, 2015.

Fire ball from the sky: About 11:15pm

Driving home last night, as I was chatting to a friend on the phone I saw a bright light. It was white in color, with a trail of blue. It was from the sky falling towards the ground really quick. I noticed it on my right, in the sky, as I drove north from Nairobi to Limuru, Kenya. We both saw it! What could it be? And is it the same light people are talking about in previous comments?

ive never seen something like that

hi im from morocco, tangier city, north of africa, yesterday night at 23:13 nearly ,, local time ,, i saw a fireball crossing the sky ,, with a very powefull wihte light ,, i never seen something like that ,, it was so beautifull and horrorific ,, i dont know what it was ,, i still looking in the internet  ,, i find just a few people ,, who see the same thing from south of spain.

I saw same or similar

Im from Australia on 7 october 2015 4.40 am AST and saw a big orange ball in sky with no light or tail to start with it was first travelling east across sky then changed direction heading north towards me and seemed to get bigger it then headed east and appeared to have a white or yellow tail that looked like a lightning bolt coming out of it


meteor sighting

It was huge the tail was the longest iv ever seen...pretty sure i was facing the North...15minutes ago


blue/green fireball northern ohio going northwest 10/6/15 12am

Just saw a blue/green fireball moving northwest at about 35 degrees.  October 6 2015 about 12am,

I was driving north on route 8 in Macedonia OH.  Didn't have the color or the speed of any meteor I've seen before.

It was visible for 2-3 seconds.


Wondering if any one else saw it


falling object

While i was driving home tonight at 10:45 pm 10/5/15 in Massachusetts, the streat light went out on the road so i looked up. directly after that I thought i saw someone shoot a firework into the air from the distance so I looked into the sky but nothing happened. It was the same size as a star and then I came to the conclusion it had fallen. it was weird because it fell perfectly straight. I have never seen anything like this before.

Bright blinking light- moving and blinking randomly

My boyfriend and I (both scientists) decided to sit outside for a bit to wind down after a long Monday. Approximately 10:30pm, we both saw this incredibly bright flash directly over our heads. The flashes would randomly display very bright white, then a dull orange color. It's movement was sporadic; the flashes of light were  also sporadic. 


We we both have never seen anything like this before. We exained every single logical possibility, yet, we are left with no answers. 


Has as anyone else experienced anything like this? 

Blue comet

I saw a big (bigger than any star) blue comet with what Seemed to be sparkles shooting of it as it fell I saw it at 124degrees SE from parkinson queensland, Australia at 7:30ish 5/10/15

over titirangi

Meteor heading s/w 940pm burned out over titirangi roughly.

I was looking east and happen

I was looking east and happen to see a bright light falling from the sky.

green light in sky

I saw a very clear streaking green light appearing low in the sky.3rd October around 7.40pm not exact.

Seen in Essex, united kingdom.

silent massive exposion in early morning sky/Florida


about an hour ago, just before daybreak, in the eastern sky, I watched "something" very bright...a bright point of light like a huge star, moving slowly but steadily across the sky, parallel to the horizon...not "shooting"...just like a jet flying.

sudden;y, a plume started to form behind it, like a huge bright "trail" attached to the point of light.

plume got bigger and BRIGHTER.

I was mesmerized.

it kept moving from north to south in the sky...slowly.

then suddenly, the point of light seemed to explode and it broke away from the plume and descended gradually down in a curve toward the treetops and out of view.

the plume, however, remained in the sky and got VERY MASSIVE and a LOT brighter..expanding almost like 2 "mushrooms" of intense sound at all...totally silent.

that plume grew into a huge display of light, and did not get dim.

lasted for almost 20 minutes while the sun came up.

something definitely exploded in the sky.

never saw anything like it.

at first I thought it was an emp attack !

but no...a meteor or a major comet.


southwest florida.

anybody else see this ?

Solid White Ball falling in the sky

Wow...I just saw here in Tampa, Florida a giant white solid ball gliding through the sky...leaving a huge white trail behind it. It was at approx. 6:30am. It looked like a planet falling through the sky!! :-O

Bright line flame in the sky

I couldn't  make a video ..... Also I was laughing at a girl whos parked in the middle of Target driveway-exit with her phone sticking out of the Window.... Then ... What sunset pic she is taking for her instagam  Wall... Well ... It took my attention too. I'm from Massachusetts ... Drivin to my way home on route 20 to Worcester (I was at Target of Marlborough)... I took a couple of pics and I really want to make that video... But no storage on my phone.... :p it was amazing what I saw... And hope to fine some answers! 

Large, Green "Shooting Star" Over Orlando

Last night, September 29th, 2015, at 12:01AM EST, I was driving NE on Interstate 4 and I looked out the window and saw a fairly large and very bright green object traveling very fast over downtown. It was headed *down* and to the left (from my perspective). 

At first glance I thought it was a helicopter (given the area), but then it looked like a flare (or small missile?). Anyways, it disappeared after maybe 2 or 3 seconds; it appeared to burn out, which makes me think it was a meteor or "falling star". It was beautiful and terrifying. 

Feel free to comment/reply here if you saw it too! I've never seen anything like it. 

meteor sept 29

I saw a very bright fast moving object this morning that quickly disintegrated.It was like a big bright star with fire  shooting across the sky. It happened so quickly. Ill never forget it, absolutely amazing. I live in toronto , canada and i saw on sept 29 @6:10ish am


meteor sept 29

I live in British Columbia and I saw what you saw, but I noticed it at around 7:30 pacific time.

Very large object in the eastern sky

I am in Manila, Philippines and I am watching a huge light in the eastern sky right now.  It is far to big to be a star, maybe it is a planet.  Can anyone help with this ?   i'm sure anyone with a telescope would have a great view as i compare the size of it to a street light. 


Very large object in the eastern sky

I am in Manila, Philippines and I am watching a huge light in the eastern sky right now.  It is far to big to be a star, maybe it is a planet.  Can anyone help with this ?   i'm sure anyone with a telescope would have a great view as i compare the size of it to a street light. 


I was standing outside with

I was standing outside with my girlfriend when all the sudden i saw this ball of light coming from the sky. I told her to urgently to turn around and look up at the sky, it was different shades of green. It lasted about 8 seconds. It was the prettiest most scariest thing we've ever seen. Ive seen shooting stars before but ive never seen something glide so slowly as if it wanted us to watch it. 


I saw a supermoon eclipse in Egypt on Sep 28, 2015.. at 6:57 PM. There was something kept moving around the moon !! 

In the same day at 8:37 PM I saw a second thing was next the moon !! 

I have pics and videos. 

Weird huge pulsating star thingy!

Travelling away from us to the east as the moon almost out of the shadow..  I only thought to film it toward the end when it was quite small :(  my daughter (7) said she was watching it for a while before she woke me at ~5:10am UK and said it was very close and very big I watched it for like 10 mins travelling away like "WTF!!!" before filming it.  Sorry for that and the shaky hands I was half asleep!

Massive shooting star or...? 9.29.15

At approximately 7:50pm PST we watched the biggest shooting star or meteor heading into the rising moon. I've never seen a falling star so so far..ot for ao long! It was amazing!!!

Big meteor tonight

I saw the same meteor that you did and I've never seen one like it before in my life. I am in Globe AZ and right around 7:49 PST I saw a bright burst that kept getting brighter for about 6 secs and then remained quite bright for 

another 10 secs and then continued to fade as it drifted down for nearly 2 minutes! I had my binoculars with me and was able to watch it.  It must have been very large to be able to be visible for so long. So glad you saw it too!

falling star

that werent no falling star,I saw it too, i was looking towards the moon , La mesa, must of lasted 10 sec. long enough toi tell my freind walking up , hey check out the falling star, possibly space debris, dont know, does anyone have video? Could have took 8 pics, if I had my phone


I've saw it lasted close to 10 seconds, had firey tale and was bigger and brighter than usual shooting star. It was very close to the moon.

I saw it over San Marcos/Escondido area approximately 7:45 PM. It most likely was a meteor.

strange light

During the blood moon eclipse early this morning our family saw a strange star that appeared much closer than I have ever seen any star before it was way to big to be a star as I know it.  My daughter saw it first and came to show us my wife and I watched in wonder as it gradually became smaller to the size of an average star over the period of around 10 minutes.

This occured at around 5am UK time while the moon was in the west.   This strange light was to the east. I have never seen anything like it, my Daughter said she saw it when it was very large.

This occurred just as the moon was leaving the eclipse and was about 10 - 15% still in shadow.  Did anyone else see this?  Can anyone explain this?  I was quite frightened and amazed.

I only thought to take a video toward the end when it became quite small. I can host it online and provide a link.  It was kind of dazzling and changing shape with light kind of slowly pulsating around it.  Really bizzare, more so than the lunar eclipse IMO.  I thought a meteor but it wasn't moving fast, more like slowly travelling away

Let me know if anyone can explain this for us.


group of stars moving

Last night while watching the lunar eclipse, my wife and i were watching a group of about 7 stars in somewhat of a group huddle that were pretty bright. they look like the big dipper. then we noticed them moving slowly. after a few minutes they goi in formation a straight liine and started to move across the sky and then fade away. They were not airplanes or satellites or space stations. We still cant believe what we saw. We called our neighbor and she saw it too. They had to be Angels.

I saw what could only be

I saw what could only be described as a small white ball travelling at a speed in the sky heading from folkestone England towards dungeness 

Strange activity in Tauranga sky.

at 10pm 28/9/15 a friend and I whittnessed approx 20 white flashes in a small area of the cloud of the Tauranga CBD. the flashes of light all happened in the space of 2 minutes And there was no thunder present. the light wasn't lightning strikes or anything we have ever seen before. the flashes looked like a burst of light And we only saw it in that tiny part of cloud. 

um iv been watching those exactly the same sounding flashes as u

discribe!!! im near Te Awamutu and been watching in fairly regulary happen for like the last harf hour i wana know what the f#*ks going on!!????  

I bet John Key knows something the rest of us KIWIS don't!!!

Green light

On 9/27/15 around 10:25pm over Arlington, Texas I witnessed a bright green light appear and shoot straight down living a green tracer and disappeared. It lasted about 2 seconds.

A star like object moving in the sky.

Me and my sister were on the roof watching the lunar eclipse, then we saw a bright star moving from north to south, it was moving in a steady speed, it took nearly 5 minutes or so to disappear from our field of view.
when we told people they suggested it was an aircraft. but i am pretty sure it is not, i know the difference.

that was 4:00 AM Cairo time. 28/9/2015
3:00AM in England.

Unidentifiable flying object with red lights!

A friend and I have seen these red/orange lights flying above us in the night sky. We have seen them a few times and they fly slow, on a media page there has been several sightings. We live in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

Bright light in sky over Dartmoor.

At around 20;30hrs on Saturday 26th September 2015 I watched a very bright object travel from South to north across the skies over Dartmoor in the south west of England. The object appeared to be long and intensily bright. There was no sign of any flashing lights that would suggest it were an aircraft. It took around five minutes to travel across the skies and was at several thousand feet. My first thoughts were that it may be a space station, but why the intense white light? Having given it some thought....maybe the intense light was that of the sun being reflected from beyond our horizon to the object and then reflected to earth. Any thoughts????


happened in Egypt too

Me and my sister were on the roof watching the lunar eclipse, then we saw a bright star moving from north to south, it was moving in a steady speed, it took nearly 5 minutes or so to disappear from our field of view.
when we told people they suggested it was an aircraft. but i am pretty sure it is not, i know the difference.

that was 4:00 AM Cairo time. 28/9/2015
3:00AM in England.

Meteor failling in chennai @ 7.45 pm IST

I saw a green goloired meteor falling in th enight sky around 7.45 pm in chennai, India. it lasted just for 2-3 seconds and was bright green in coulur. it was falling in a cross manner.  any one else saw this in chennai ??

bright green light fell straight down out of the sky in the dist

Last night 9/26/2014 in Helena MT I was looking at the moon and saw a bright green light with a bright white/yellow/orange tail fall straight down out of the sky south east of where I was standing.  Only lasted seconds?


Meteor Satrday 26th Sept 2015 7.11pm

Large meteor travelling North East started as a small dot then enlarged to being very bright, broke into 4-5 peices over the Tararua ranges with all sements travelling ventrally towards the ground in a descending arc at point of explosion

Meteor or shooting star?


10:25pm Sunday 27/9 saw bright light shooting across sky, slow moving - lasted 4 seconds, orange, then green flash - and gone. 

Anyone else see it?

I saw this. I went oit and

I saw this. I went oit and saw an orange red streak. Ran down to get my camera and it was gone after 2 minutesawe

red streak

I saw i

Bright Meteor in Nelson Sky

Without any intention I looked up into the night sky and saw an incredible sight of an astroid - shades of blue and green with a long tail, moving slowly through the darkness over the eastern sky of New Zealand. It's truly wonderful to have shared this remarkable experience with you all!

Bright light tonight

In Orange California, about 7 pm ( not exactly sure of time) watched a bright "shooting star" just streak across the sky but it just kept going without barely fading then all of a sudden it just disappeared.  Very cool and mysterious

Bright light

Great blue light then shattered into pieces over wairau valley travelling north 7:12 Saturday evening 26/9/2015

bright light

Tonight 26.09.15 I saw a bright green light flash across the night sky . I'm from Jamaica 

Green Light

I saw it from New Kingston. Pretty Impressive

At around  7pm 26.09.15 i

At around  7pm 26.09.15 i saw a bright green light  that brightened the sky.