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saw one about 15 mins ago.... Was travelling from Napier to Hastings... It was heading north west... Big orannge tail about 3-5 seconds..... Wish I had a dash cam!!! 

A large meteorite seen over SE Melbourne AUS.

Seen at Drouin Vic-Australia at 5:40am the 30th of July 2015

A very large bright flash heading from SW towards NE seen for an approx 2-3 secs. bigger than Any star or planet we see from Earth-Approx 3 times size of Venus as we see from Earth. biggest I have ever seen but didn't seem to last that long.


Me and my gf who lives in

Me and my gf who lives in Texas (The united States) was out side talking and we seen a flash of light coming from the NE towards the SE around 5- 5:30 am our time and it lasted a few seconds

Huge ball of dark yellow light

Just saw a huge dark yellow ball of light at 5:00am way to low and to big to be a plane or a falling star. Flew past no more then two seconds and the totally disappeared. Went from huge to nothing. All of a sudden it appeared flew northwest and in two seconds completely gone.


J Northeastern Pennsylvania

Burning object over Ontario, CA this morning at about 12:30 AM

I saw a burning object in the early morning hours over Ontarion CA. It came from the north above the San Gabrial mountains, and it seems to stop right over me as it got brighter orange, it looked as if pieces were falling off and burning as they fell too. I got my phone out I thought it was a satelite, however it did not identify it? I took a short video, but you can not see anything just a glow. I do not know how to attach the video?


Yeah i saw this last night from alexandra. Started over the nevis/old man range and watched it burn across the sky untill it disappeared in the horizon towards dunedin i guess. Amazing orange tail then split into 3 over alex. But did this thing land? If anyone knows where it did please let me know

Shooting Star

Saturday 25th July 8 pm,

I had ironically visited the carter observatory earlier in the day. At night when I was dropping my girlfriend off home 8pm I saw the most brilliant white light cross the sky in an instant moving insanely fast it crossed straight over the horizon and over the hills in front of us it looked like it could have landed. I panicked yelling oh oh oh SHOOTING STAR!!! And my girlfriend just managed to see it just as it disappeared over the hill, it was bright! silent and left no trail. I’ve never seen anything like this, I thought if that thing landed it would have taken the mountain with it. I’m a Christian and am kind of hoping it was actually an angel. It was so awesome whatever it was!!


I live in Ocean View, just outside of Dunedin, and last night at 10:30 saw quite a large distinct meteor moving across the sky heading north. In the tail of the first meteor there was a second "ball" (part of the meteor?) with a tail also. It moved quite slowly before disappearing and it resemebled a large firework and looked spectacular.

Line of moving stars

On Saturday July 25 around 10:00PM, my wife and I was sitting by a fire watching a line of about 40+ moving stars that was traveling from Denver North to North West heading between Boulder and Longmont.  Thsi line of stars was out of site in about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes.  We have tried searching the internet to find something on what we saw and have come up with no answers.  The news and paper have not reported anything either.  Can someone give us an answer??


yeah,I saw something simalar too,but there was only one of them. Those are meteors.


Shooting Star

We saw last night here in Bulacan my mother and my wife in the middle of the night there was a burning red in the east of the sky and 4 meteors  fallen down about a second 


Large Meteor over Taieri plains tonight

Large orange meteor travelling at speed across West - North sky tonight around 10:30.

Was sitting in the spa when a large streak of orange light caught my eye. 

Made its way across the sky in about 15 Seconds, eventually breaking into 3 pieces and disappearing over Northern horizon.


Meteor siting

I'm just home from the movies in Wanaka, saw a huge orange meteor moving from Mt Roy towards Grandview. Looked to have a second smaller ball halfway along it's tail. Took approx 15-20 second before it disappeared from sight. 


I hope it was a meteor lol. Long and thin....moving very slowly. I am in dunedin. Anyone else see it? Around 10.30pm

meteor sighting above kilomouge hills in dunedin nz

hi yes my husband was driving from dunedin back to christchurch and saw two meteors with flames travelling behind them as a tail was unsure if he was seeing these

woah did anyone see/hear that?

Just saw an amazing streak of white light across the sky above Raukawa then a few seconds later this magnified crashing sound!  Amazing!

saw meteor or shooting star

I saw a meteor or shooting star over Willard, Ohio last night 7/27/2015 around 10:00 - 10:30 i would have missed it for sure if I had not been already looking at the night sky it happened very fast!


Sitting outside with a cuppa and me and my son saw a big flash like a torch in the sky. Very bright. Wairoa hawkes bay. In the countryside. Way too bright to be a star falling.


Falling green light over Napier, NZ

Coming out Tait Drive onto Kennedy road in Napier, just saw a fast bright green light passing through the clouds to the North. With cloud cover to help guestimate distance, it may have fallen anywhere between the airport and Onekawa/Pirimai.

Large meter sited over Auckland

A large meteor was seen at 9:30 Monday July 27 traveling south over Whangaparaoa towards Rangitoto. Only visible for a few seconds due to cloud cover.

Green meteor

Oh my gosh, my mum and I saw one just like that while we were walking our dog tonight. It was definitely green, very bright and quite slow. How strange!


Yes, I saw it aswell. It didnt have a streak behind it. Sort of a blue/green orb moving very fast but not breaking up.


Saw green bright orb thing too

I'm from richmond texas and saw the green light as well on the same night at about 9:15, and it appeared to have died off or dropped someqhere around here. Also have seen four slowly dropping "stars" in this area in the last two weeks. Absolutely cannot explain it, because they drop slow enough to be a controlled drop.

9.30 Monday

Yes I saw it too.  Was a large round orb that appeared to be falling out of the sky. Disappeared behind clouds. Definately not a shooting star, too big and too slow.


At approximately 3am on Saturday the 25th of July 2015, my husband and I were fishing in Twizel. A huge flaming meteor raced across the sky. It was a huge rock with bright orange flames, in our atmosphere not in space, absolutely amazing!!

meteor shower but something i never in my life

i look up in the sky, (south,south,east,east)(Ottawa, Rockland) a line of meteor shower in a group formation about 15 of them side to side (from what i saw) and going same speed but expanding a lil bit the speed was 3 time faster then a satelite but it stuck together the shower. was that a steroids smashing in a planet/small sun(/what ever planet) and creating debre in a formation? never saw that yet in my life. later on this night (midnight) i dint see mutch in the sky, clounds are around me, anyway just saying what i saw and hope that some of you saw it, sick tight xD,


Peace out Mig~

5 bright orange spheres in sky around 10:30 Holyrood, NL Canada

My husband & I watched 5 bright orange spheres coming from a westerly direction heading out over St. John's, NL around 10:28 pm tonight, July 26, 2015 NST. They continued east but just seemed to suddenly veer in different directions and then disappear.

Very interesting to see.

Meteor sighted in Michigan

07/25/2015 about 11:15 PM between Holland and New Haven, Michigan on Highway 31 driving Southbound I and my 11 year old son spotted a very bright white streak (about 12 inches in windshield length) with a green, red and purple glow at the leading edge.  Brightest and biggest I ever scene.  The first meteor my 11 year old has scene.  A minute later, with no other cars around on the highway, from the rear view mirror we were startled by a couple very bright, large, white flashes (not highway patrol).  Not sure what the flashes were.  Interesting.

sky rocket

NZ Hastings  something quietly exploded in the sky like when a sky rocket explodes .It didn't move right to left it must have been coming head on .


sky rocket

yes i also seen this light from patea new zealand

a "star" going very bright and then going "out"

At approximately  7:00am from the Hornby Railway yards Christchurch, a star light object just west of the zenith, grew noticeably brighter and then went out like a light.It did not move, or have a tail, it was just like a star growing brighter and burning out.

Red flare in sky on 7/20/15 in Modesto, CA

On the evening of July 20, 2015 near the Modesto Airport in CA, a friend and I saw an unusual object in the sky. We were sitting outside when I noticed a bright red light in the air drifting closer to us. I originally thought a power line had caught on fire as there was a small burst in the center with small tails on each side of it. It came closer to us and we weren't sure if it was a meteor or ufo we were witnessing. All of the dogs were barking at it and we stood there watching it move in slow motion from north to south. After a good minute or two, it then disappeared into the distance. I thought a plane was on fire flying through the sky. It looked similar to those red floating light videos on YouTube. I couldn't believe so many others saw a similar light all around the world. What is it!?

Green Meteor Sighting

I saw a huge green meteor.  Never seen anything so close. I was heading south west on I-94, heading to Macomb from Port Huron,  MI. I was approximately 11:38 pm. So pretty. Bright , like neon green, and long tail wirh green and 5 hem white. It was the coolest thing ever! I've seen plenty of shooting stars, but never anything this big and so close!  I wonder where it landed. 


Just witnessed a very large meteorite in the Northern sky, heading North. My location Is approx. 20 miles of indianapolis, IN. 11:30 PM.

I live in leesburg indiana

I live in leesburg indiana and was on chapman lake and saw it as well .  Real bright orange fireball


Kailua kona Big Island Hawaii meteor

7/27/15 Thursday night 10:15 pm large meteor 1/4  size of full moon mabey 3 times full moon long

white with  red out side edge fire ball long whit tale at first it was hard to make referance to how large it was I had never seen a thing this large to compare it to and how close it seam to be. Then I saw somthing here on this post who compared to the moon.

it was almost  unbelievable luckey it was out my left side of the car and I had the window open it would have been to large to see it all out the front window 

Orange flash

We were driving south around 830 pm 25/7/15 toward Taranaki - around Uruti area we saw a short orange tail and a sudden orange fireball flash high in the sky . Anyone else see it ? 

Meteor or shooting star or?

Saw what looked like a meteor  at approx 8.55pm tonight 25/7/15 from the south of the north island near cape palliser.  What was it??  Had a tail, from a ball, white and orange.

I saw it too. why has it not been on the news??

Hay I was in Johnsonville in wellington on sat 25 july.  I saw a huge star/ meteor flying through the dark sky. Noone else I was with saw it so I thought I may have been seeing things. I wonder why this extraordinary sighting has not been put on any major media sights...? I would like confirmation about if was oversized shooting star or a meteorite? !? Please help 

Flash/shooting star

Flash in sky or shooting star fast moveing from west to east viewed for 30 seconds 

over timaru new zealand 545pm 25/07/17

Just seen a meteor

i just seen a meteor crossing from east to west at 7.13pm over the awamutu


Shooting star??

Just saw a thing up the sky around 5.15pm 25/7/15

It has a tail and white smoke it's not big. Was it a shooting star has anyone seen it too? I live in papatoetoe Auckland. 

bright light shooting across sky

Saw a large bright light shooting across the sky. I live in Alloa, Scotland it was heading in a south westerly direction at around 00.05 am 25/07/15


Sky meteor?

I live in New Zealand and at first I thought me and a friend were watching a shooting star then the sky lit up and the object caught fire heading straight down and left a massive long green tail and it was burning red and broke up into loys of pieces like red hot embers being left behind and a big trail of dark smoke.  Most amazing thing I have seen! 

Flash of light

I live on Oahu, Hawaii and at about 9:15HST me and two friends were outside looking at the moon hen the sky light up.  It looked like the flash from an atomic bomb and then for about 5 seconds after that we saw a very visiblstrain of smoke/dust and light.

It wasn't a shooting star.  We were saying afterwards that it very well could've been an ecosystem changing meteor and very well could've crashedto to the ground.

Im not sure if it burnt up but to us it looked like it was just hurtling through our atmosphere.

By far the coolest/scariest thing I have ever seen on a world wide level.



Falling star

Early Friday morning on the west side of Houston, Texas (July 24, 2015 @ 2am Central Time) I saw a very bright blue/white light traveling down from my point of view. It got brighter as it traveled down and flashed out Turning whiter as it ended.  

Orange shooting star

In LBI, Nj saw a orange shooting star, thought it was a plane at first then disappeared, very strange.

Green light in sky

Streak of bright green light in the sky observed as we were traveling from Newbury to Whitchurch (Hampshire) in UK just after 10pm this evening.  Was visible for at least a minute before we lost sight of it due to travelling through trees.

Another green light in the sky

Saw much the same thing, a bright green streak of light in the sky over Newbury,(viewed from Wash Common), not long after 10pm but tonight not Fri 25/7. Again, prob lasted a minute or so (husband called me outside to have a look). There were rain clouds and iI expected to see the light being gradually obscured by the cloud moving over it, however ithe streak just slowly faded away.    

Burning flame in sky

We also saw burning flame in sky last night Thursday in West Auckland.....anyone know what it is,thought it was a plane on fire.....VERY STRANGE.