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i saw something brilliant

I was chatting on the phone, at approximately 9.20 pm in Ukiah California facing west, staring gormlessly at the sky and i saw a tail with a red orange ball in front of it for, say, 2 seconds then the ball as it descended , southwest,turned green, blue then white , for maybe three seconds, it flashed three times and went dark. the thing was huge but i heard nothing. it was phenomenal.

Explosion in sky

Saw something in Dunedin Florida at 525 this morning,,,looked like a meteorite crashing to earth,,green with blue explosion. ..than red tail...anyone else see it?

Explosion in sky

Saw something in Dunedin Florida at 525 this morning,,,looked like a meteorite crashing to earth,,green with blue explosion. ..than red tail...anyone else see it?

To big to be a shooting star

I am in Orlando in the Oviedo area and saw one around 5:50am on 10/17/16.

Green light streaks across sky

This morning in Ottawa Ontario Canada on Old Richmond road at 5:46 am my husband and I saw a green light streak across the sky falling to earth then burn out. 

Blue light in the sky

I was walking to the car to head to my bus stop and as I walked I saw above the car in the purple morning sky a blue white light resembling a comet, it had a spark on the round part and was going rapidly downward heading god knows where. I had pointed it to my mom who was in the car waiting for me but she didn't see me point so I was the only one who saw it, I think. And I've been searching it up but I don't know what it was, a comet, asteroid, or meteor? Metorite? 

did anyone see the object in the sky tonight?

I was awaiting the launch of the orbital ATK Antares rocket in my yard. I was not aware the launch had been postponed. So i sat in my yard, Eastern Long Island NY, for about 5 mins. It was approximately 20:09 EST when i saw what appeared to be a star, ISS or what i thought to be the rocket moving at a rather decent speed accros the night sky headed from SE to NE. I was excited thinking that i was watching the rocket. It went over a tree line and i ran to the other side but i couldnt fin it (Too much light polution). In any case, I had it times at 2 mins before i lost it. My question is, did anyone else see it?

green meteor over western ks

Driving between Wakeeney and Hill City, Ks on 10/15/2016 at about 10:25 pm my wife and I witnessed a very bright green meteor appearing east of the highway.  It appeared to be within a few miles to the east of the highway.  It was visible for about 3 to 4 seconds and then seemed to flare out and disappear as it approached the ground.  Quite a sight! 

Bright multi coloured star

At around 7:18 pm here in Sri Lanka I saw a bright multi coloured star like something and it was going down little by little. It had like lines coming out of it and after some time it disappeared 

Saw something possibly fireball tonight

My daughter and I were coming home around 7:15 pm in the East sky we saw something falling from the sky it was so low and very bright. After about 3 munites it gradually faded away. Whatever it was boy was it a site to see! We live in Overland Park , Kansas

I think we may have saw the

I think we may have saw the same thing in NC around the same time... Idk... We saw a huge red ball... Looked sorta like the moon but bigger! 


I'm from chalfont pa USA 

10-15-2016. 9pm est

comet in southern sky

west to east

long orange tail



8:55pm Just saw the most amazing meteor light up my night!!!!!!!!


Bright Light

Outside at 8:42PM in Whitman, MA on 10/14/16 and saw a very bright light in the Western Sky moving upward. At first, I thought was a plane as it was moving slowly and steadily, but then it just disappeared.

Took pics and video wierd

I took photos Today of the same thing it just disappeared

I saw the same thing tonight

Around 9pm in Westchester NY I saw a bright light slowly heading south in the sky. It then quickly disappeared.

Washington PA. Just seen two

Washington PA. Just seen two one after another. Huge red glow!! Slow and steady. Never seen one like it!! Wild!!


I saw it toooo amazing!!!

what did i see?

11:50 pm.. Was outside on my front porch looking above the neighbors house in the sky and saw a bright white light falling fast... Unsure what  was.. Normally when i see a shooting star its fast above.. Not falling straight down.. Any ideas??


I just saw the same thing a minute ago, I'm super curious to figure out what it is.


Every night for the past few months I've been seeing a bright star or planet or meteor in the western sky. It's always right when the sum goes down and within an hour it is no longer visible. It is very bright. Much brighter than any planet I've seen before. Tomorrow night I'll check it out with my telescope and report back. I live in Lancaster Pennsylvania.


Awesome sight !

This morning close to 4 am I stepped out of the bathroom and looked out of my backdoor and I saw what appeared to be a very close, fast and very large shooting star or actually two stars . It could have been that one was following the other so close it looked like it could be a tail.Beautiful and exciting! I feel like today's going to be a good day. I am in Orange County, California .


I'm in Sarasota,  FL.  About 5:15 am today 10/13/16,  to the North I saw what looked similar to a falling star, but larger and had a sparkling trail (split seconds). Meteor?? 

bright light in the sky

Today, Oct 13/16 before 4am this morning fromToronto, Canada. Over an hour ago, I happen to glimpse out my window, which faces west, and saw this unusual patch of bright light. It was rectangular in shape. Immediately I grabbed my binoculars to get a better look. It faded from the bottom up like it was being clouded over, then disappeared. I don 't know how long it was there. Living in a high rise, I had not witnessed anything like this. I find it very odd and not sure what to make of it.

White ball

I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. it was approx 2am, there was a low bright-white ball going at moderate speed across the sky from east to southwest, it ended up falling downwards towards the ground and dissipated approx 200m from my condo. It almost looked as if it was going to land over the streetlights or buildings nearby. It was very bright white and sort of dimmed/disappeared as it fell, But started pretty high up. Any ideas?

Was it meteors that I saw?

Looking west from Cleveland, Ohio. I saw two or three different white slow moving streaks of light at 6:43 pm until at least 6:49 pm tonight. They had short white tails. Saw two planes with contrails (normal) one heading same general direction othe  more northerly with tails three or four times as long. If the  short tailed  lights were one inch lonng in the sky the planes had 3.5 inch tails or a little longer. Did I see meteors or a different set of planes?I took pics on an old phone, can't upload yet.


falling star

This morning at about 6:50 am in New Orleans , LA . I was standing on my front lawn looking at the sky in thought. When i seen the whatever it is shoot into to sight out of no where.  i saw what looked like a falling star. Moving quickly beyond normal speeds , flickering and flasing with white light.  It shot through the clouds and dissapeared as i was watching it. I even waited and listened for a impact sound but i heard nothing.

This is the second time ive seen a white fire ball traveling by itself randomly entering out atmosphere from the sky and dropping. 

It was definitely an advanced aircraft.


At 6:45am, today, Oct.19, 2016, I saw a white fireball with a tail stream across the South end of Clarksville, TN. Heading maybe South to North or east to west.scared me so bad. It was so big I thought it was a missile or a plane crashing.

your date of sighting

Your date in text is wrong. Just saying

Poplarville, MS

This morning around 7am, my husband and I saw a bright white streak in the sky, falling from east to west at a very fast rate. It had a tail of what I describe looked like sparks. It disappeared behind the treeline. I kept waiting to hear an impact, but we never did. 

Bright object falling from sky

I was driving south on US 45 just south of Booneville Ms between 6:40 and 7 am. in the US when I seen a bright object falling from the eastren sky very fast. It looked to almost be on fire but wasn't really. I just knew by the size of it, it would make a noise upon impact but i did not. I seen it go down below the tree line but did not see any evidence of impact or hear anything. I called the Sheriff Dept. but all they said was they have not had any reports of anything. I know it had to of made impact because it went down way too fast not to of. Someone needs to fly over in a chopper to see. 


I saw the one at 6:50 am from Caledonia Ms., I was expecting to hear a crash at Columbus Air Force base but never heard it. It was different colors, mostly green coming from the eastern sky going west. I had never seen one that large and bright and seemed to be moving slower than a shooting star.

Macon Ga

I saw something way off in the distance fall from the sky this morning over Macon Ga on my way to work.

It looked almost like a cloud flying to the ground or a plane.  I am asuming it was a meteor.  Anyone else see it?

Saw it

Was eastbound in Monroe LA around 0630-0700 and saw what looked like a shooting star, very bright, a flash shot off from it, so maybe it broke up whatever it was


SO, my mom just called me and told me she saw th estrangest thing in the sky! SHe said it was like a blue streak and it alos looked like an explosion. My first thought was meteor but i am not qualitfied to make a perfect reasoning as to what it actually was. I am from Atlanta Georgie, just because you asked for it.


Omg !!

So I came across this cause I was trying to research something I saw. I was coming back from my in laws today around 10pm on my way to the gym I saw a big super bright white thing with almost like fire at the end fall from the sky . I Fist I thought it was a shooting star but as it kept falling it looked bigger . Nothing like a shooting star . This was in Alamo TX.  Still trying to wonder what it was ??? As it was bright white not yellowish or anything 

Falling light in the night sky

Brownsville,Tx 9:53pm

My husband and I were driving out of my parents' driveway and saw a light ball falling from the sky straight down. It was not shooting across the sky, it just fell straight down. What was it?

Comet , meteor

While lying awake i saw a comet or meteor last night 12/10 around 2:45 ish in Hamilton, NZ . Bright white/blue travelling at high speed fromwest to east

Something in the Sky Oct. 5th 2016

Was in Kettle Falls Washington looking into the sky to the West - very far away my Sister and I saw something falling from the Sky - it was a long ways away and at first we thought the clouds were just moving, but we stood there a good ten minutes watching this big white streak slowing fall out of site behind Sherman Pass.  It was too slow to be a meteor and too big to be a falling star - what was it?

We were too far away to get a picture. 

Green light

I saw what I thought was a large shooting star but then it turned green heading straight down and looked like it  was big enough to actually hit the ground or ocean(probably ocean from the location). nxShawnigan Lake, British Columbia, Canada 0ctober 11, 2016 shortly after 6am (don't know exact time). 

Fire ball or something

I seen a fireball or something fly across the sky this morning while taking my baby to school. I want to know what it was. It happened about seven this morning. I have a picture of it but I have no way to attach it. 

Green light falling from sky

Noticed green light out of window, facing West, quickly turned and saw it falling at a trajectory that appeared to be straight down. I live in Central Maryland, USA. Sighting between 0135 and 0140 AM on 10/11/16. Beautiful green, jade-like color. 

Spectacular Sighting in Ontario, Canada

On Friday October 7, 2016 around 6:45 am I was driving on a country road 20 miles north of Kitchener, Ont, Canada and out of no where a fireball streaked across the sky . with a beautiful green light and then it  disappeared. I had no clue what it was but it was the coolest thing I've seen. 

10-08-2016 light falling over east side Sonoma county

Last night about midnight, there was a bright light falling from the sky.  Particles were seen falling from the light as it fell toward the eastern horizon.  What was that??

Night sky watcher. Thanks.


8:45pm 9th october witness a mentor breaking up of the east coast of Christchurch New Zealand.


8:30pm 9th October witnessed meteor breaking up of the eastcost of Christchurch

Meteor falling


I am from East Texas. And a couple of friends of mine  as well as myself. Were standing outside just about an hour ago. We looked up because the sky brightened up. And saw a huge yellow & orange ball of light with some blue in it as well. Had a very long white streak behind it. Looked like as it entered our atmosphere it changed colors like a sparkler.Made the same sound that two hot wires touching would make. We watched it until the tree lines blocked our view. It was showing no signs of slowing down. Continued to stay just as bright. We couldn't see  the actual meteor but we could still see the colors . We would like some comments on where it may have landed. Or did it burn out . Never seen anything so bright or so close before.

Green fireball

New Castle Indiana October 8 2016 at 9:20 pm. Green fireball falling almost straight down to the North West. As looking to the Chicago area lasting a couple of seconds.


I saw a green ball of light

I saw a green ball of light with a white/golden tail at 5:45am 10/10/16 from Birdsboro, pa.


I knew it was not comparable to random firework or flare. Only saw 1. 

Green Fireball

I saw the samething from Greenfield Indiana, although it didn't look green to me, it was bright white light.