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Green Light in sky for a few seconds

I was stargazing with my telescope arose he 9:55 pm on July 25, 2017 when I look up from my telescope just in time to some sort of green light zip across the sky. It was only for a second, and it was going extremely fast. I have never seen a meteor or anything like it, so I'm not sure if it was one. It just looked like any other star, but very green and going super fast across the sky.

Green ball of light falling from the sky

Hi I saw the above frm our bedroom window on Auckland's north shore at 10.25pm 25 July 1017. It was a ball of green falling downwards but I didn't get out of bed to check if it touched down or what happened. I've never seen anything like it. It had no tail. I'm checking around online for other sightings. On monday 23 July, my husband and I also saw a bright white flash of light from our bedroom window. We thought it was lightning but no sound followed and the night was clear ..we could see out to the waitakeres. The only thing i saw was a very large plane flying north west. Usually only passenger jets are seen flying south /sth east. Never seen this before either!

Meteor ?? - Southern Arkansas

Last night we were driving south, close to Cove, Arkansas - around 12:20 am. My daughter and I saw a bright light, looked like a shooting ball with a short tail. Colors were white, orange and a greenish color. Only saw it for a few seconds. Anyone else see this???

Earlier around 2:00 A.M. My

Earlier around 2:00 A.M. My friend and i were walking outside and something caught our attention, just like Marion said Super Bright light looked like a ball of fire moving across the sky and it split into two then just disappeared. Tipp City, Ohio.

Super bright lights in sky

Tonight around 10: 35 P.M. I looked out my window toward the east and there was this Really Super Bright light hovering in the distance it really caught my family's attention after a while there were Two bright lights close together, then they separated a distance from each other one, on the right one on the left after a minute or two they both disappeared! Riverside, California,

Object in the sky

I live in Iowa and at 10:07 there was a light that went from North to South across the sky. About 2 minutes later another in that same path went across the sky. These are not planes!

Meteor siting

I'm from Basye VA. I seen the meteor last night.. 7/23/17. First one I've seen

Meteor or asteroid

45 degrees east in Accrington there is a meteor or asteroid heading close to earth for what is believed to rb6 a flyby but from my POV it's heading straight for us it's apparently 90 metres wide and it's not making a lot of motion it just looks like it's hot and there is heat surrounding it but it's not moving up or down or left or right its just getting closer :/

Flashing star??

Last night 7/21/2017 I sat out on my patio from about 1:30 am- 3:45 am gazing at the awesome sky being it was clear as I've ever seen it. Me and a friend witnessed something (was not a satellite,helicopter,plane) it caught my eye out of the north western sky. I am located in Diana Texas so we examined this object as it travelled from the western sky to the tree line on the eastern side. It would flash a super bright white flash and dissipate and 10-15 seconds later it would flare up slowly just to where it was visible and then dissipate. It had a bright flash as it was in the western side of the sky and dimmed as it reached the northern sky and then brightened back up in the eastern sky. I e never seen anything like this. We contemplated a satellite that was reflecting light off the sun but we just can't add it up. Has anyone seen this before? It literally only took it about 10-15 mins to clear from west to east. Later that night we seen the same type of object moving from directly above us north bound. I've been super intrigued about this and would love more info if anyone has encountered this before.

Lime green meteor?!?!!

Today at 5:20 am I seen what looked like a meteor flaming green. It like fire sputted until it faded out. It was huge!!! I've never seen anything like that in my life!!!!

UFO over Highland Park, Auckland New Zealand.

I was up on Highland park heights on Tuesday 18/7/2017 at about 8pm looking out over Highland park and towards Half moon bay when I saw a glowing red light that was blinking on and off like a strobe. It hovered for some time then slowly moved to the left before seeming to move away from me towards Half moon bay. It got smaller and smaller until I could not see it anymore. It was not a helicopter as I would have heard the sound as it was a very calm night with no cloud. I saw a jet liner go over in the same area about ten minutes later. The strobe lights on it were nothing like what I saw as it had red green and white lights. It could not have been a drone as it flew so far away from the point it was hovering. Did anyone else see the object? I took a video of the object and will upload it to youtube. Search UFOs over Auckland New Zealand if you want to see it.

A Shooting star?

Being in south australi on friday (21/07/2017) around 4:40am, I saw a big brighting light on the sky, however it didn't look like a shooting star, at least not as I have seen them before. This has brighting green color outside and a blue one inside but the light didn't make a line, it was a kind of explosion. I saw it clearly, but I can't describe it properly. Is there anyone who saw something similar today? Or can someone suggest me any website to search information about it? Thanks guys.

I saw the same thing after

I saw the same thing after work around during 10:10 pm est from Toronto, Canada. It only lasted a few seconds. By time I told my co worker to turn around and look it was gone. It was like an explosion blue/green in colour. No noise just a flash in the distance.

blue green flash across western horizon

Yes me too...on saturday 7/22/2017 around 11:08-11:10 pm saw huge blue green flash above western horizon..(for lack of better word) 1/4th of horizon no sound.. Crystal Clear clouds at all not even on radar from Tulsa Oklahoma. Nearest clouds were in kansas n Missouri were major storms in Kansas City Missouri.

I seen it too Saturday night

I seen it too Saturday night around 9 something pm

5:20 am Iowa I seen the same

5:20 am Iowa I seen the same thing hunting for coyotes

Moving "stars"

Hi I am from Johannesburg South Africa. Every few nights I see moving objects in the sky. No, not planes or satellites. Usually when I tell people they look at me like I'm crazy. But Last night at 18:45 CAT our football team were getting ready to play and I showed them one, flying across the sky, then a few minutes later in another area, another one! Now I dont feel crazy, 16 people were witness. Sometimes in my observations over the years, these things change direction, that freaks me out. What the heck is happening out there ? twitter: @ejaz_k

satellite burn up?

12:10 am, July 19, 2017 - orange glowing light, slow moving toward north, about a minute after the moment I noticed, it finally dissipated over Franklin, TN,

Two meteors

19th July, 2000hrs UTC, while flying over Dubai, saw two meteors. Bright green light around them followed by orange long tail in the southern sky. This is the. Iggest and closest that I have seen. Travelled in Eastwrly direction downwards.


Philippines. Last night i saw a big white light in the sky.It lasted for seconds but suddenly it disappear as if in one snap of my finger.It doesnt move nor fly.I dont know whats the exact time but it can be 9 -10 pm,July 19,2017.what is that thing?

Meteor or Something Else?

Location: SW shore of Little Traverse Bay, MI USA saw on two separate occasions, about 45 minutes apart, a large bright white light in the northern sky (the 2nd one in NW sky). They lasted about 2-3 seconds (each) and then faded away. It did not travel. It was stationary, in one spot. Both were about 35° above the Lake Michigan horizon. Couldn't have been a meteor; it didn't travel. What was it??


Seen a blue streak going from South to north in northern from the Missouri Ozark hills. Best shooting star I've ever seen . Dissent width as well .

Green meteor in the east from south central Illinois.

10:03 pm central time, a green meteor burning like copper dropped east of south central Illinois. Seen from Brownstown illinoIs and seen at the same time by two other people in Vandalia illinois.

Green meteor in the east from south central Illinois.

10:03 pm central time, a green meteor burning like copper dropped east of south central Illinois. Seen from Brownstown illinoIs and seen at the same time by two other people in Vandalia illinois.

What was the bright flash in the sky on July 16th,2017?

My husband and I were watching what we thought was a satellite when suddenly it became very bright for several seconds. then it quickly dimmed and disappeared. This was in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA . About 9:00


I lsaw a meteor in the sky just fuve minutes ago in the Lower Hutt area in Wellington. It was the first one I have ever seen, it was beautiful.

Meteor Auckland

Hi there, I saw what I believe was a meteor heading toward the ground at around 2030hrs Sunday July 16. I initially saw the light shooting down but also heard 'fizzing' and what seemed like smoke or something trailing behind. I'm based in Beach Haven and it was north of me and heading north east. At a guess I'd say it probably ended up around Glenfield /Albany or East Coast bays. It was moving pretty quick - I'd hate to see the damage of what ever it hits! Many thanks Jen

Meteorite/comet seen in NW Western Australia

We are at a camp about 150 km north of Newman and at about 6.15 pm WST we saw a meteorite go across the sky, quite low, you could actually see bits flying off it.

Every night I see Star like

Every night I see Star like lights glide across the sky. They are not planes. They seem very high but move really fairly quickly. I've researched and found nothing. Sidney, Ohio

I think I might be seeing the same thing

On July 4th me and a friend or hanging out in front of my house and it was about 4 in the morning when I noticed a bright light up in the sky that looked a bit different and caught my eye because it slightly moved. So I stared at it for a moment and saw that it was moving quite erratically and pulled my phone out to record it. Of course my phone does not zoom in very well but I do have five videos of five different mornings of the same light. The first night on July 4th it moved a lot and was very quick and while staring at it and trying to record it my friend also noticed another light below it slightly to the left that was multi-colored and flashing and a little smaller then the original one I was staring at. Anyway after the first night of video recording it moving quite erratically it has not moved as much or quickly like it did before. But last night I happen to be looking for it again with a friend and did not see it at 4 like I usually do so me and her were looking in another Direction and happened to notice a couple more of the same looking things and I cannot say what they are because they for the most part stay in the same area but move around slightly left and right up and down and nothing that I know of does that. Anyway I am in Daytona Beach Florida and have been trying to search and find anything about this that other people might have seen the same thing and found this place and thought your comment seemed a bit like what I'm seeing

Meteor fall

I have seen a meteor fall from the sky today .

Big chills from big light!

My husband and I were standing outside of front porch talking. Sometime around 2:40am earlier this morning we saw big ball of light falling! I grabbed my phone to take a video but you can't even see it. My husband is debating on whether it was a shooting star or meteor. Idk if it's a thing for Falling stars but I have to say it a Meteor.

Meteorite Island Bay

Just saw what seemed to be a meteorite burning out out very low, maybe couple hundred metres up, above Island Bay, not far south of Melrose Rd

I saw the same thing from my

I saw the same thing from my deck in Belmont, Lower Hutt paste night.... told the wife then had a look on Stuff.NZ but no other reports?

I had the same impression...

It did seem incredibly low. We saw it from Belmont Lower Hutt also, just happened to be scanning out over the valley in the spa pool. My impression was of a bright white line, sort of like a sparkler makes in the air, and then gone in a millisecond. My wife says it had a tail like a comet.

Meteorite Sydney

Seen here in Sydney as well.

That's not possible, Island

That's not possible, Island Bay is in Wellington


Just watched an object traveling from sw to nw. Looked like it was actually slowing down. It burned up in the atmosphere; starting as a greyish fleck, then turning white and red , to orange then white and poof, it was gone. It was moving so fast that at first I thought it was a satellite, then I thought it was a plane banking around the mountain (due to the White and red). Ultimately it must've been big due to the long path, trail and what seemed like 6 additional seconds of hang-time! Super cool! (Seen over Mt Princeton in Nathrop, Co..11:00pm-ish July 12, 2017.)

i want to know if anyone knew what i seen tonight

i seen something fall straight down from the sky. it started off being white then turned bright green and it lasted longer than any thing ive ever seen fall from the sky, it lasted 10 to 15 second , it was between 9pm and 10 pm , i live in monroe GA in the USA ,

I live in Douglasville GA and

I live in Douglasville GA and saw something very similar around 10 pm. It only lasted about 5 seconds though. Started off white then ignited into flame before burning out completely, heading straight down.

I just witness a shooting

I just witness a shooting bright light from the sky came across me very close in distances. It frightened me

Falling star/de-orbiting satelite or a meteor?

I live in Daytona Beach , FL. This morning just after 5 am, I was driving west when I saw the brightest and largest light I have ever seen falling straight down towards the horizon. It latest longer than any falling star I have ever seen and was so much brighter than any star I have ever seen. Also, no star I have ever seen was falling straight down, usually headed across the sky. It was amazing to say the least. Wish two things. 1. Had my glasses on and 2. Had a video camera strapped to my forehead. It was beautiful. Traci

Meteor. in the sky Middlesboro, Ky , July 12, 2017

Very early this morning. July 12, 2017 @ approx. 3:00 a.m., I was outside trying out my new telescope. I was bent over looking through the eyepiece and I hear what I at first thought was a whistle. It startled me so I stood straight up. There right in front of me, very low on the. NNW horizon, I see a trail of red sparks with a big ball of fire at the end of it! I stood there with my mouth hanging open in complete shock. I ran and followed it as it got lower and lower and lower in the sky and I finally lost site of it behind some trees. I'm positive what was left of it had to land close by. It looked so low and so close that it felt like I could have just reached out and grabbed it! It was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen!! I think it's fitting that I saw it in my city of Middlesboro, Ky because Middlesboro is known as the "town inside of a crater"!

Seen in Harrogate Tennessee

We also witness something similar Thursday night in Harrogate Tennessee which is a mere eight miles from Middlesboro Kentucky. My husband was outside smoking on the front porch when he said he seen a very fast bright blue flaming ball going across the sky with a tail stemming off from it. Looked like it was traveling toward Virginia but perspective could be off we did not have a telescope period was very cool to see something like this he will not shut up about it! Finally we have figured out that he is not crazy so glad that you posted this because several people in the area are wondering what it was and we have found 0 results until just now!

Your sighting this am

HI, i was on line today trying to find out if anyone saw what I saw in the sky this morning. Yours was the only one that was even close. I live in Daytona beach fl. And at just after 5 am this morning I saw the biggest, brightest falling star I have ever seen. It was like it was on fire. The weird thing , I thought, was that it was falling straight down towards the horizon, not shooting across like I normally see and hear about. It sounds like exactly what you saw. I believe the road I was on heads due West, but could be it's NNW. Glad to hear someone saw it too. It was amazing and BEAUTIFL. Traci

July 13, 2017 @ 5:00-5:15 am EDT

Early morning 5:00-5:15am driving I-4 west from Port Orange towards New Smyrna on the right side(west) I saw very similar to Traci......."the biggest,brightest falling star" that I ever did see. A large, glowing white with a glowing green outline ball falling down towards the ground. It did look like it was going to land on the road ahead of me! My daughter was driving in another car about 10 minutes further ahead of me and called right afterwards to see if I had seen it too. It was beautiful!

I live in Port Orange to and

I live in Port Orange to and every night since I first noticed on July 4th I have seen this big white light and the sky and a multicolored light below it. It is in almost the same spot every night at 4 in the morning. I do not know what this thing could be

hopkinsville siting

Around the same time in hopkinsville Ky we saw a green ball of light as well, but we also seen it separate. We have been trying to get answers on what it could have been. Plz help with our questions if you could.

Orange Orbs

On Tuesday 11/7/2017 at approximately 11.45 pm I saw 3 big round orange orbs or balls moving north of Hamilton at a speed similar to that of an aircraft. The balls were low enough for me to get a good view of, they were also moving in alignment with each other executively at the same pace and direction. I did manage to take a snap chat of these balls and had sent them to my sister as evidence of what i was seeing as I was equally in awe but petrified at the same time! They did not appear to be a meteorite, shooting star or comet as they were not travelling at a speed to suggest so, nor did either of them have a tail which is usually typical of a shooting star/comet etc.. Id also find it hard to believe that theyd be chinese lanterns or drones as they were moving at a fast pace but slow enough for me to take a video, watch them pass by. They are unlike anything I've ever seen before and i have no logical answer as to what these things may be. I Would love to hear from anybody that may have experienced seeing those exact same lights or something similar as I'm scratching my head trying to rationalize what I'd experienced. Thank you for taking the time to read! Look forward to getting a reply if I'm lucky

Orange Orbs

Think we had a similiar experience to yours.Husband and I unloading truck from trip to central Illinois between 11-11:15 pm, July 17,2017. We are in Des Plaines Illinois located northeast of O'Hare Airport. My husband yelled at me to come outside. Asked me if I knew what the h--- is that? We were in awe.Looking to the south, Came in 5 minutes intervals total of 3, bright orange,red and bright yellow, passing east to west, then gone. High enough in the sky passed a jet--those people had to have seen it! Forgot to take pic or movie! Still thinking meteor. Anyone else seen that last night on July 17,2017?