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Two bright Fireballs

Around 10pm EST I saw two bright orange fireballs moving slowly through the sky west to east. I am in Taneytown,  Maryland USA just below Gettysburg,  Pa. About an hour later two more moved across the sky along the same path. I have never seen anything like this.

10/07/2015 mass ufo sightings N.Z

Eye's on the sky July 10th people.  I predict nation wide sighting of ufos.  Remember my post and please post your sightings here. 

Wanaka, Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington, Nelson. 

Bright light fly frome north

Bright light fly frome north to south about 23:40+ 03-07-15 Warsaw time. Observed N50° 2' 27.78" E21° 59' 56.76"

Motueka - Meteorite / Comet ? Around 9.20 pm

Sitting indoors I saw a light shoot accross the night sky with what looked like a small flame behind it. By the time I jumped up and ran outside, it had gone. I have no idea what it was but it was interesting to see : )

I am confident it was not a plane.

Im from westport nz I saw a light going across the sky

It was a white light similar to the color of the moon with a bluish tail behind it, only lasted for a few seconds



Light in the sky

I saw at about 23:40 Warsaw time a brite light flying frome north to south. Was taht a meteor?


I saw it from kohi at 7am in the eastern sky looks like it landed maybe back of waiheke maybe coromandel.


I saw it from kohi at 7am in the eastern sky looks like it landed maybe back of waiheke maybe coromandel.

June 30 Tuesday night

June 29 Tuesday at 10:20 there was a very very loud jet engine sound which sounded like a jet was gonna crash over my house. I didn't even have to look up as this huge red fire with a blue point which was a triangle shape streaked through and l and disappeared.the sound loud rumbling sound stopped and I sat there stunned for a few minutes. There was no boom after it the noise stopped as it disappeared.this was in Spokane Wa


Saw a  meteor at 7am from Mount eden area, fall out of the sky. Very beautiful to see

Saw it also as I was driving

Saw it also as I was driving east along Highbrook Drive was a nice way to start the working day

Shooting star

Saw it over auckland from the north shore about 7 am


10/07/2015 mass ufo sightings n.z.

On the 10th of the this month keep your eyes on the sky's.  records study show that July holds the highest number of reports for N.Z.

The 10th has the highest, 2015 is meant to be the year of introduction.  Keep eyes to the sky and remember my post. 

Make sure you post your sightings here please.  

meteor this morning

3rd July traveling East along Whangaparao road at 7am exactly .. meteorite did an almost vertical fall to the horizon Very fast and very bright considering it was dawn and the sun  was nearly rising

I also saw the bright light

I also saw the bright light this morning - was just leaving Auckland, on the motorway towards Sylvia Park. Really bright - only lasted a few seconds and very low.

Meteor Auckland

Seen at approx 7am 3/7/15. Was travelling east along Favona Rd, Mangere. There was a bright trail headed directly down east/south east of us.

Meteor 03/07/15 @ 7.00am(ish)

Walking down Wairau Rd, looking east, directly above Rangitoto I saw a meteor steak across the sky. Burnt out within about 3-5 seconds. Pretty impressive to watch.

Nice meteor

Beautiful meteor this morning in the dawn sky falling to the north 7am. Saw it from Awhitu peninsula just leaving for work.

7am sighting Auckland

Saw a small bright light while travelling East up Newton road. The light moved quickly, almost vertically down and appeared to be leaving a small trail.



From Gisborne.

Saw the same thing as I was coming out of my house this morning.

Very bright and noticable. Definitely had a small trail, lasted only a few seconds.

Lights in the sky this morning

I saw this this morning to, I was coming into to town on the Nor Western Motorway, I was under the new waterview bridge looking toward town, but yes a bright almost fireball looking light with a tail. Looked it was going stright down then disappeared! It was amazing, I cant seem to find any articles relating to this though? Wish I could, first time I've seen anything like it!

7am sighting Auckland

I too saw this one, was looking from massey towards the city and saw a bright greeny yellow light moving at speed towards the horizon, watched it for a couple of seconds before it burnt out. Very bright but not moving as fast as I would expect.

Two bright lights

we saw the same thing over Red Beach in north Auckland last night about 6.45, two bright lights one above the other. The top one was brighter they disappeared then came back. They didn't appear to be that high in the sky? It seemed quite unusual.

Two bright lights

Saw them from East Street, central Auckland.


At 5:15am 3/07/2015 in whangaparaoa new zealand a massive rectangle shaped ufo drifted overhead. Thought it was a plane at first

But it was the size of 3 airbus planes and flying lower than the police helicopter without any sound but lots of lights.

It was heading towards auckland and as soon as it past the

Whangaparaoa mall it just vanished. It would not show up on 

My camera but by comparison it was like looking at a van from 20 feet. Clear sky's and silent. If anyone caught it on 

Camera please email me

Eyes on the sky on the 10th of this month

from over two years of report studies I have found that 60 percent of ufo sighting within N.Z happen on the 10th day of each month. 

July holds the most accounted reports,  I have a feeling that you will all remember this post. 

orange lights in the sky

My buddie and myself at his house in east end hamilton ontario canada tonight witnessed 4 orange glowing lights in the sky over 20 minutes. One hovered in the northwest sky and then dropped into the horizon. The next about 3 minutes later from the same location hovered turned south east an picked up speed. Over our heads it went faster and sped towared the full moon towards Niagara. The third came from the north rapidly went south, turned east towards the moon and stopped glowing as it went over our heads. We could see the black silhouette racing at even higher speed towards the moon over Niagara. I looked like a huge airplane with no lights. The fourth one came from the north east in the distance and sped towards the moon fully glowing. They turned and hovered like no metorite could. I even thought it could have been burning embers from fireworks since it is canada day but it just didnt add up. too bright, too much change in direction, too much speed change, too freaky. Anyone else catch tis?

Red light - UK

Just seen a red light /ball in the sky , seems very distant . Unsure what this is , but was noticable in the sky . It was there for about 15 minutes and now i can't see it , this could be due to the clouds. I hope it's nothing major.


Bracken Ridge, Brisbane, Qld, Australia.

2 bright lights in the sky, one seems to be larger and brighter than the other. I am only 15km from the Airport and it doesnt seem like the planes are flying much lower coming in.


Bright Lights in the night sky.

Two bright lights are presently suspended in the sky to the north west of our home.  We note the we also have a bright, visible full moon in the East also.  We are curious as to what these are.  The lights appear to be close to each other with one larger than the other.  These same lights were visitible to us last night.  They appear to be hovering not moving.  Can someone identify what this phenomena is?



Its called a conjunction - Its Venus and Jupiter.

Strange object in night sky...

Just seen very strange object in night sky around 6pm over Porirua< Wellingotn similar to what other comments of people sighted here.  Long with three lights was on an angle and staionary.

Strange object in night sky...

About 6pm tonight saw a large birght strange object over Porirua, Wellingotn skies.  It was long, much larger than a plane and appeared to have three light...

Anyone else see it?  I am puzzled!


Just saw a good comet just outside Maheno, Otago, burned brightly with a long tail for a good 10seconds :)

I saw the same one this mrng

I saw the same one this mrng at 7.30 with a tail and 10 seconds give or take then just died out ,I am in Christchurch ,tried to tell people about  it but they just didnt really say much .

Was driving to get my

Was driving to get my daughter and thought there was a plane crashing it was so low and bright  it hovered for at least 10 min - I went home to get my husband so someone else would believe me - he saw it to and then it just disappeared  - I am totally freaked out!  Nutley NJ

Location? time?

Location? time?

Bright light with light diagonally higher

Seen over Auckland, looking from Karaka towards Awhitu Peninsula. Has anyone else seen this? Noticed at 7pm, had disappeared by 7.13pm. Almost looked like a plane very high but remained completely still.

bright light with light ...etc

what type of plane ? jet liner, small plane large ?  


I second this observation; Bright Light ( Larger than average star size ) with a smaller star by its side.

Remained in the sky for atleast 45 mins until it became shrouded by clouds.

Location when seen; West Auckland, Object seen North.

Time; 830pm


I saw this too!  

I saw this too!


Two Lights over West Auckland

Yeah, I saw the same two bright lights (one big, one small) near each other just now (about 8:00pm, 01/07/2015) and twice yesterday evening (about 6:00pm and at 7:00pm). I've never seen them before, and I would have definitely remembered them as they are quite distinctive due to their position (rather low on the horizon) and brightness. Also, there are no other stars in the sky as it is very cloudy, or very few dim ones only. Seen in West Auckland, West Harbour both times. They do not appear to have moved since I saw them yesterday.

2 moving things in sky during day not plains

I see this to whilst out during day time hours in the UK 

I have spotted the same thing

I live in Tikipunga, Whangarei, and I saw this a few nights ago and I can see it again now (6pm) - a bright light with a smaller star by its side.  My son just saw a light fly off to the left of it.

I would love to know what this is....anyone?

Green explosion

after 11pm I seen flickering light towards East Manchester in the distance that I see regular but not every night. Whether it is planes is debatable. like usual I was staring following the light that usually glides down, to my surprise it stopped lit up green went backward kind of turned then got brighter. This was an il luminous green explosion that I cannot put into correct words. Looking like a big splash of paint then then shrunk and went back to its usual flashing lights in the distance and faded out. I'm from the UK in the Manchester area. I would appreciate it if anybody could find out what this was. It occurred on 29th June around 11pm 2015.

I witnessed a moving star on 30th June 2015

I have seen too at around 5:00AM from India. I could not be able to sleep properly on that day due to masquitos. I was just watching sky. One star was moving slowly and got exploded..moving fast for a while and slowly disappeared. I thought there was a rocket in the sky which might have started its journey.

Meteor in sky last night.

I live on the west coast of Florida, St. Petersburg Beach. At about 0100 to 0130 Hours on 06-29-2015 I saw a slow moving object moving across the sky, it came out of the west and was moving in a North\North East direction. It appeared to break apart and the tail length doubled in size. Watched for about 30 to 40 seconds til my view was obstructed by tall buildings. Did anybody else report seeing what I saw?

Flying object June 29th at 1:30am

I was sitting on my front porch at 1:30 a.m. On June 29, 2015 and out of the right corner of my eye I seen this big white spot so I turn to look and it look like it could have been a big asteroid unfortunately I don't think they start behind trees, if it was an asteroid  it would have fell straight from the sky but it didn't  and it did not break up it stayed in one big piece it was moving very slowly flew right past my front porch a big round white flood light was pointed right at me and it continued to fly by very slowly it disappeared to the left behind some trees and I would say this sucker was huge I've never seen anything like it in my entire life there was no sound and move very slowly I would say it was in my site for a good 3 minutes. 

Large meteorite/fireball/space debris

Approximately 1:30 am saw huge light come across the sky breaking into pieces but following the same rough pattern . No noise bright white in color.

blue light in sky

Seen tonight at 5.45pm in Tamar Valley Tasmania. Very bright almost neon blue ball falling in a north easterly direction. Lasted for about 20-25 seconds before disappearing behind the hills. With the naked eye it was about the size and brightness of a car headlight on full beam from a distance of about 500 metres. Not travelling in a straight line but an arc.