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Snow falls in Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin

#snowmageddon Zealand’s largest cities are all receiving snow in some form today as an historic Antarctic storm sweeps up the nation.

Wellington has had especially heavy snow in the past hour, settling in the CBD. 

And in Auckland numerous reports are coming into of snow falling in some parts of the city within some showers.

Don’t believe us?  Watch this exclusive video sent in by reader Nic Howard of Pukekohe

Pukekohe has seen the white stuff while heavier snow has been reported on the Waitakere Ranges.

Many people on Twitter and our Facebook page have commented on snow flakes mixed with rain during a shower that passed over the city around 11:30am.

“Hi just to let you know we had quite a heavy bit of snow in Pukekohe 12.30 today for about 10 mins. Flakes were quite big about the size of 20 cent coins at one point” reader James Frost told us.

Meanwhile another reader in the central city said he saw snow flakes too.  “Seen by several people on the top floors of the Grafton Campus, University of Auckland. I have lived over 10 years in places where it snows and there were definitely snow flakes for about 30 seconds, none settling”. head weather analyst Philip Duncan says the snow flakes were quite likely with the city surrounded in snow clouds.  “While most of the snow will remain above 200 metres we do expect some snow flakes to sea level in Auckland today and tonight”.

“Aucklanders won’t have white out conditions like Wellington, Christchurch or Dunedin but certainly a few isolated pockets are snow are likely mixed in with the rain”.

The last time snow was reported in Auckland was during the 1970s and before that the 1930s.

Further south and snow is falling in Greymouth and on the other side of the alps in Canterbury as the southerly blast roars on.

– Exclusive


Guest on 28/05/2013 6:14am

thgere was snow in pukekohe!
ive never seen it before!

Guest on 16/08/2011 3:45am

There was snow in Hamilton yesterday at lunch time too 🙂 

Guest on 16/08/2011 3:16am

There was dispute if Pukekohe actually had snow, anyone who was there will tell you there was indeed snow

Here is the video of snow on Pukekohe Hill 15th Aughust 2011:

Gerc on 15/08/2011 10:40am

It was definitely snowing at the Grafton Hall of Residence, Auckland today! 🙂

Little fun snow fight and One tiny snowman or snow-woman (to be non-gender biased) was created!

Pictures were taken to preserve the historic snow day in Auckland.

Oh what a fun day! 

Keep warm y’all!   🙂

Guest on 15/08/2011 9:15am

Yep, it was definitely snowing in Papakura at 6PM tonight. Kids were out playing in it and it was settling on their clothes, in their hair and on the car. didnt last long though

nachos on 15/08/2011 7:32am




Guest on 15/08/2011 5:05am

It is now 5 o’clock and it has been snowing steadily here in Palmy for well over an hour now, everything is starting to turn white – kids having a ball!

Sonya on 15/08/2011 4:20am

Saw a brief falling of snow right in town in Whakatane, I’ve been trying to find out exactly how rare that is (I’ve never heard of it snowing around here!) but nowhere seems to have any information on when the last snow fall around this area was.

Joy on 15/08/2011 9:57pm

Well my whanau are form Te Teko (just out of whakatane) and they had never seen snow in their life time (im talking about my koro & kuia) My Kuia visited the deep south in 1975 and she was about 65 so excited she was’ when she had seen snow for the first time she jumped out of the car to touch it and build things.

In Vancouver, Canada I went to Mt Reinia with a group of people from Whakatane and they to were amazed as they too, hadnt seen snow either and alot of them were around 50.

So alongtime, if ever lol

Guest on 15/08/2011 3:58am

outside 8th Floor apartment window just after 2pm

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