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Shortest day long gone, daylight saving soon

It’s two months since we saw the shortest day and yet it seems somewhat ironic that nationally we’ve just gone through the coldest days of winter.

There’s still a chance that there could be a sting in the tail of winter as the months of September and October arrive but overall temperatures are on the up and Spring is almost on our doorstep.

Daylight saving gets underway about a month from now and the mornings and evenings are already starting to stretch out quite quickly.Since the shortest day the sun now is rising up to 45 minutes earlier in some cases and setting by about the same amount of time, especially in the south. 

It’s a number of years now since daylight saving was moved to September and although there’s been a lot of discussion on about the changes, it appears that most people have adjusted to the new slot.

We are comparable to many countries around the world with the length of daylight saving although the USA and the UK have 2-3 weeks longer overall.One downside of that, especially in the UK, is that the weather can occasionally be quite wintry as Spring has barely got underway, as they launch into summertime in terms of the clock. 

There are still some people who believe that daylight saving should be all year round however in places such as Invercargill during July, the sun wouldn’t rise until almost 9.30am and frosts could remain heavy until almost lunchtime if that idea of permanent daylight saving was implemented.

We’re now just a month out of the Spring equinox which will see the same daylight hours as the night time as we head towards summer.


Paul Owen on 21/08/2011 9:02am

it’s not daylight savings already!!!  i was just getting use to winter………….

Wendy on 21/08/2011 3:45am

Are you sure about DST starting in a couple of weeks in early September?  The Department of Internal Affairs web site ( says it is on 25 September, which is five weeks’ away. I’d like to think that the officials would get it right, but … ?

WW Forecast Team on 21/08/2011 3:50am

Thanks Wendy for alerting us. Some calendars appear to be wrong in 2011 and yes they are the experts, our apologies!!

Meg on 21/08/2011 3:38am

Thank goodness.. sp;ring is in the air !

We simply CANNOT say we’ve been bored this year !!!

Guest on 21/08/2011 3:28am

Sun might be late rising down here in the deep south during winter, (it does get light before the sun shows up), but the length of the summer evenings compared to the rest of the country, more than make up for it.

Guest on 21/08/2011 2:53am

Hi Guys,

Great job you’re doing especially in the last week, but Daylight Saving in 2 weeks time ?

Have I missed something, I thought it was the last Sunday in September not the first Sunday.


WW Forecast Team on 21/08/2011 3:51am

It appears we botched it up due to calendar issues but yes you’re right, our apologies!

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