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Richard’s rant

As a weather enthusiast ( ok weather nut!) one thing I find continually frustrating is the constant change of our weather forecasts. There was a time where they might be changed once or twice a day whereas it seems now that there are more updates than there are clouds in the sky. This could be due to the fact that better technology is now available or is it we are just more enthusiastic and not willing to settle for anything less than the very latest.

Perhaps forecasts should be called ‘now-casts’, as they often change depending on the current weather conditions. There’s one website that actually does ‘now-casting’ and it changes almost every minute of the day.

Would now-casting really prove valuable though as who wants to keep up to date with such constant change?  When we wake up in the morning most of us want to know what the weather is going to do. Will it be hot or cold? Should the washing be hung out? Do the kids need to be picked up after school if its wet etc etc etc.

There’s no doubt the weather is very changeable in our country and predicting what’s happening in the skies above us isn’t an exact science but perhaps the current approach has gone too far.

Weather Analyst, Richard Green



Tania on 6/08/2010 10:17pm

I’ve taken to using the dryer now cos I cant keep up with it all. Rain one minute and sunny the next. Can you change what weather we get as well as all the forecasts!! 😉

Tania in New Plymouth

rach on 6/08/2010 10:14pm

Hi Richard,
I can’t keep up with all the changes.Technology is fine but I find there is a lot of information.Lets keep it simple aye.

Guest on 6/08/2010 10:11pm

Hi Richard

Nicely put and I agree with you. I wish we were back to the basics.
I get the washing out before work first thing and then I turn on the radio to hear a different forecast at lunchtime and have to bring it all in!

When will it end 🙁


sw on 6/08/2010 10:02pm

We used to get one forecast,mainly in the newspaper,we stuck with it and didnt need updates though now days we expect updates before they even happen.A lot can be given to technology that requires immediate attention.Most of these “storms” are pretty standard.

Zelda Wynn on 6/08/2010 9:39pm

Hi Richard,
good chuckle on a damp Saturday!
LOL, no pleasing some people 🙂
One thing is for sure the forecasters are damned if they are wrong either way. Welcome to the world of the need to ‘now cast’. Wonder what will be next.
Must admit I haven’t caught up with the site yet.

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