Rare Image: Ex-cyclone over Alice Springs

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It's not often we put Alice Springs and Rainstorms together - but that's the case at the moment as ex-tropical cyclone Yasi pushes across the Australian desert.

Like an arrow being shot into a watermelon Yasi is going to push at least two thirds of the way into Australia bringing flash floods, high humidity and severe thunderstorms.

WeatherWatch.co.nz reader Dale Small sent us a copy of yesterday's satellite image showing a sight that many people would never have seen in their life time - a cyclone looking low pressure system directly in the middle of Australia.

Ex TC Yasi
"Was just flicking around a few sites and came across this image taken from NPMOC JS sat, vis realtime image of now ex Yasi.. just look at where she is, visiting Alice Springs smack in the middle of Australia.. I have never in my life seen this" - Dale Small


ex tc yasi

Can you please confirm for me thayt i am right and it will not swing back and come to nz i have argument going on with partnwe he says it will swing back towards us i say no it wont who is right

Yes, you are right!  The

Yes, you are right!  The remnants of Yasi are falling apart and will no longer exist in a day or so.  No chance at all of it coming towards NZ, or even the remnants.  So you win!

- WW

Realy amazing, wish if you

Realy amazing, wish if you could explain this thing more.