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Rain – More needed, just right or had enough?

So rainfall totals have varied across the country over the last two to three days from a trace to over 100 mm in places but for most of us it’s been somewhere inbetween.

Some farmers say they need something in the vicinity of 150mm if not a little more however not necessarily all once.

Are you happy with how much has fallen at your place? Would you like to see a lot more, a little more or have you seen enough?

Conditions are improving tonight and tomorrow and much of the country should be under the influence of another anticyclone.
The next belt of reasonably widespread rain isn’t in the forseeable future but we’re not dismissing bands of showers.

So do you think more rain is needed or are you happy for now?

Please let us know your thoughts with a comment or two.



Jamie Falloon on 20/03/2013 6:12pm

Awesome rain in the Wairarapa to get things back to average.

Rule of thumb in farming is that you never have more grass at the end of winter compared to what you have at the start.

Winter will still be tough and for those areas that didn’t get the rain, fingers crossed

River flows were at a 1 in 100 year event in Wairarapa before the rain

Diana on 19/03/2013 7:14am

Yes had enough rain
thanks.. my tank is full, and I like the sun and warmth thanks.. but I guess we do have to let go summer (but I am not ready yet) .. however, we should all start to plan for next summers drought.. so we are not in the same position again.

Guest on 19/03/2013 5:49am

I guess like Kat we need more rain – but a day of drizzle every 2-3 days would be nice. Unfortunately, with the heavy amount we had on sunday – dirt turned to mud and I have to lock horses out of paddocks to protect the precious grass that is starting to green up.

Kat on 19/03/2013 4:41am

More please, that last lot all ran down the massive cracks and disappeared. Ideally a week of heavyish drizzle to close all the gaps in the ground, and soak in so the grass can hopefully recover.

WW Forecast Team on 19/03/2013 5:53am

Hi Kat

We’ll see what we can do and thanks for letting us know 🙂



Diana on 19/03/2013 7:15am

Ask WW staff and met service to do their Rain Dance again… it worked in the weekend.

WW Forecast Team on 19/03/2013 7:43am

We hope you like the new version Diana 😉

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