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Rain continues to fall – but are the driest regions getting some?

Rain continues to fall across central New Zealand, making for a cool and wet Royal tour so far but bringing smiles to farmers in dry parts of the North and South Island.

Meanwhile grape growers, in the middle of harvesting, are wanting the rain to stay away.

However with much of the energy falling in eastern areas we’re keen to hear from those in places like Manawatu, Wanganui and Marlborough to see if rain is setting in where you are – or at least giving you a helping hand.

This rain event isn’t the silver bullet many would like to fix the localised drought conditions – but believes wet weather will increase across the nation in the coming few weeks.

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Are you in a dry area?  Have you had any rain in the past week – or today?  Drop us a note below and let us know!


cupoteacoast on 8/04/2014 5:11am

8.3 mm so far. Just glad for any rain at all because we so needed it with trees wilting even, but we sure paid for that rain. Heck did it blow hard during the night. Continuous hard downslopes off Mt Wainui behind us, straight into the SW off Cook Strait. It was a pretty rugged night with the 2 winds. ESE was far stronger and gusted >100 km/h and the SW ~40 km/h. Not a great deal of actual S at all. Suspect a few branches will be down around the place. Stuff was blowing along the street during the early hours, with loud banging and wind noise waking me up. Had to get out in the wind this morning and look for my rubbish bin and its contents, all soggy and wet. Thank you WeatherWatch for forecasting the SE. That wind direction is downslope here and is a big deal for us, as it also involves a rampant ESE straight off the 720m mountain.

The Kapiti Coast is on emergency bore water now, as they cannot take anymore from the low flowing Waikanae river. We are different in Paekakariki and rely on Mt Wainui for water and have been on the emergency bores for ages now. We need a lot of rainfall now to top up the mountain aquifers so we can make it through El Nino .. that truly ugly word. 

Guest on 8/04/2014 5:10am

Rain mainly light is intermittent here in Whitby, although the Southerly is pretty gusty at times. The most rain I’ve seen here in several weeks.

Diana on 8/04/2014 4:53am

NO Rain in Feilding.. dark clouds, fine mist… the garden is dead, hung out to dry and died.  please send some rain soon… our lawn is brown (in fact there is no lawn) it will be a mud bath if we do get rain.

bob on 8/04/2014 8:51am


agree. still no rain. Few spits just enough to tempt us but nothing decent. No downpours to water those sad plants or fill up those needy water tanks. Everyone else is talking about their liquid sunshine but we havent had anything decent.

Heidi on 8/04/2014 4:50am

I was in Tomarta on friday and around 12.30pm we had a very heavy downpour for about 5mins. i went home to Mangawhai Heads where my husband said they had a shower of rain but not that heavy.

Rachel on 8/04/2014 4:23am

a little light shower at lunch, lucky if it was 1mm! Waiting patiently for the thunderstorms since we have a thunderstorm watch in place – Yeah Right! 

Niki on 8/04/2014 2:51am

We have had a wee sprinkle but nothing much at all. Its cloudy, windy but no proper rain. My ground is cracked and grass is near dead on my back lawn lol 🙁 hopefully we will have some rain this week

J. Strawbs on 8/04/2014 2:10am

I’m at Himatangi Beach in the Manawatu, and STILL no rain yet.

Derek on 8/04/2014 12:26am

Pity the Royals are spending their day off in Wellington as if they had come up north of Auckland to the Bay of Islands or somewhere they would enjoy the absolutely beautiful weather we have been having for sometime now. Here in Whangarei it is another gorgeous day. No rain until the end of the week and no rain for quite awhile so gardens are very dry, but I really do not want this weather to end, it is perfect.

Desmond on 8/04/2014 8:42am

Why on earth are they in Wellington?
No one stays down there on holiday
Did they not think of the lousy weather in Wellington ?
Great advert for our country

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