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Quiet day ends in several aftershocks for Christchurch

It couldn’t happen at a worse time.  Those in Christchurch and across Canterbury hoping for one good nights sleep following another traumatic night last night with the two largest aftershocks recorded.

Today has been a quiet day with very few detectable aftershocks – that was, however, until this evening.

GNS has recorded 5 noticeable quakes all measuring between 3.4 and 3.9 tonight.

Another quake has also been detected near Wairarapa measuring 4.2.


David - New Brighton on 7/09/2010 8:56pm

…after the first decent sleep since Saturday, got woken up around 1.20am with a reasonable shake….Newstalk ZB doing a splendid job supporting us… so switched on radio to catch up with updates….after an hour or so, thought I had better try and get back to sleep….I might be needing those fews hours in the sleep bank a bit further down the track!

Slept ’til 7.30am, arose, went outside to look for further damage, noted weather which was: Overcast, continuous light drizzle, with a light Nor’easter, temp 10.2 deg C……proceded inside to have breakfast….the RUMBLE. One second. two seconds….BANG….raced for front door,but decided to wait it out under doorway, but ready to bolt if needed! Time of that one was 7.55am…

That must have been a 5.0 – 6.0 one, the biggest since the 7.1 Saturday! I estimated 15 seconds duration….there have been several smaller rolling, swaying….but half the time you are not sure whethar it is your imagination or what?

We still have power, while reports of power outage around city….carried on with breakfast still in pyjamas…..must be getting used to it!!!!

David - New Brighton on 7/09/2010 9:17pm

…Bob Parker, Mayor of Christchurch has announced that it was a magnitude 6.0

….was that the big aftershock they have been talking about?

David - New Brighton on 7/09/2010 10:23pm

….latest is that the 7.55am was a 5.1, not a 6.0 as we were told….the reason for this seems to be that the epicentre was near Diamond Harbour, across from Lytlelton Harbour, and it was quite shallow…..but to us in Christchurch it felt much more, in fact the worst since Saturday….as far as I was concerned!

…the epicentres of these latest ( swarm ) of aftershocks hitting this area are moving about, and of varying depths…

…latest was 9.46 a.m. around 3.0 – 4.0 – my estimate…

David - New Brighton on 8/09/2010 12:49am


….what you can do for stressed out Christchurch people?

Radio – Newstalk ZB are doing there bit….I can assure you of that!

Just an idea….

…[your continuing support and concern is really everybody here ]

…some have suggested offering ‘time out’ for the most desperate, especially the children who, for more than a few, must , as we commence Day 5 of this ‘event’, reached the point of ‘no more’/return….and I know offers have already been made from some North Island towns….

…that’s a good idea….thinking back to 9/11 and holidays offered to stressed out New York firefighters, which were greatfully accepted….8 – D

David - New Brighton on 8/09/2010 3:05am

…their bit !

sw on 8/09/2010 7:17pm

Some more…greatfully accepted

David - New Brighton on 9/09/2010 8:47pm

…py kori, you’re right…tks SW….bye the way whats the weather like up your way?

had any shakes ? 8 – D

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