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POLL: Which is your favourite season?

In less than a week Summer officially ends (easy to believe for some…harder for others!).

Last year we ran a story asking what your favourite season was… and quite a number said Autumn.

So we thought this time around we’d try an actual poll. 

Select your favourite season below and feel free to post a comment as to why that season is so special to you.

Which is your favourite season?(survey software)


Reid on 24/02/2010 7:55am

Definately Summer – outdoors, swimming, fruits, veg from the garden, abundant and energetic life! Who wants Spring with damn hayfever and with Autumn…winter is looming. The only good thing about Winter is it’s my birthday!

Melissa on 23/02/2010 8:52pm

Autumn is my favourite season, clear crisp days, cool nights, the amazing colours of autumn leaves. I think you appreciate the sunshine more as the days draw in. A vote for spring from my roses as thats the only time they look great, no black spot or rust until summer kicks in, pity there past there best by christmas.

WinterLover on 23/02/2010 5:42pm

I love winter! I love the cold brisk temperatures, the wind and rain, and snow (when we get some). In winter you can always put more clothes on, in the heat you can only take so many off and still not be cool.

I am hoping we have a long cold winter this year! Is it looking more and more likely?

*rubs hands in glee and suffers through this hot patch*

Paul Owen on 23/02/2010 8:56pm

I agree, for if you were to vote on each season by its characteristics, I would put summer down as being the most boring! Although in summer (depending what part of the country you live in) you may get the odd thunderstorm or very rarely a cyclone, but most of the time the summer weather consists of anticyclone weather patterns. Which is perfect for outdoor activities, but not too exciting for weather enthusiasts. I feel both Spring and Autumn too have great exciting characteristics!!

Sarah B on 23/02/2010 6:50am

Definately Springtime….. just as the days get warm but not too hot…. nice green grass, beautiful spring flowers…… and the thought of the nice long summer days still to come….love it!!

Jessica on 23/02/2010 6:18am

I love spring as there is the build up of summer. Planning summer holidays, thinking about the beach etc. When summer comes you get over it very quickly. At the moment, I am over it. Too hot! Probably because I am back at work & cannot enjoy the sunshine.
I would like a change of season for a day then maybe we could have summer again. How about a storm?

Anne on 23/02/2010 5:10am

I like spring – so fresh, daffs, lambs, crispness in the air, better weather really – frosts and fine days. Can almost smell it! Out of the darkness,…. into the light! Yeah Im for spring – cant rely on summer, autumn is beautiful though and would be second choice.

Guest on 23/02/2010 4:10am

Come on!, why is there little votes for spring…? Would definitely have to be the best season. Warm days, cool days. Daffodils are out. Vegetation is colourful. There is still snow abouts….

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