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Poll Results: NZers aren’t too concerned about the short winter this year

Many New Zealanders believe an early spring is upon us and the results from our latest online poll show most are not concerned about the warmer than average weather most regions have been experiencing lately.

The majority at 56% say the early start to spring was “awesome”.

Just 27% believe it’s “very concerning”. 

It smacks in the face of the concern from global scientists who are worried about the rate the world is warming up.

However, in New Zealand these days there is little voice on climate change from Government Agency NIWA which is now focusing their efforts on commercially running daily forecasts against another Government Agency, MetService. This double up in tax funded services comes at a cost – there is no longer the same public discussion on potential climate change impacts for New Zealand.

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Skeptic on 14/08/2018 1:12am

” there is no longer the same public discussion on potential climate change impacts for New Zealand.”

When has there ever been public discussion ? There has been statements of facts on settled science and no debate has ever been allowed. Skepticism is termed “denial” and anyone who questions “the consensus” is denigrated. Furthermore historic data has been adjusted and raw data lost – so what possible chance is there of having informed public discussion?

Guest on 14/08/2018 3:40am

Agreed. Like a lot of topics, choosing self preservation in the face of onslaught for daring to question is hardly the same thing as agreement or consensus. I’d place a bet on their being a hidden “silent majority” on this topic just as much as political topics of the Day. More and more dissenters emerging in the scientific community every day. Not necessarily on the whole concept, but certainly on the effects, what we should be doing about it, and whether life as we know it is truly at an end.

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