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Poll Results: 700 people cast their vote on climate change

Over 700 people have cast their vote in’s biggest ever online poll.

Following a controversial blog written by Philip Duncan at over 120 comments and complaints, some of which were “full of venom”, were sent in.  

The Poll simply asked whether or not “global warming is something you’re seriously worried about” .  Exactly 75% answered “No” while 25% said “Yes”.

Philip Duncan says the results were no surprise to him…

“There is so much confusion out there about climate change.  Many of the comments sent in touched on the fact that it’s almost become like a religion these days – and therefore it’s offensive to challenge any of the scientific beliefs so many of the debates these days seem to be about name calling rather fact”.

Mr Duncan says he personally believes humans are having a somewhat negative effect on the environment but believes the issue has become so political it’s lost a lot of public support over the past 12 months.  “We see leaders like Al Gore bring this topic in to the media but many believe he is simply in it for the money”.

“Copenhagen showed that the biggest leaders of the world can’t even agree on what to do, not to mention the huge hypocrisy of the hundreds and hundreds of private jets and limos at a conference that was all about reducing our personal carbon footprint”.

Mr Duncan, who isn’t a scientist, says the public need to be better educated about the possible issues we’re facing.  “I have faith that our scientists are working very hard to predict what lies ahead for our planet but the results of our poll clearly show that the public are losing interest due to so many conflicting arguments and confusion”.

Some who wrote in to the Herald said that climate change was something we would have to focus on eventually but that right now health and education were more important.

Others say the media aren’t covering both sides of the argument fairly.  “Anybody who thinks 3 hundredths of a degree increase over 100 years is panic stuff deserves all the ridicule skeptics bring to this debate” writes Ken Ring to the Herald.  Others also made negative comments about the media making headlines over such a ‘small change’.

Duncan says if our government wants to seriously tackle climate change then an education campaign is the first place to start.  “I think New Zealanders are tired of hearing about doom and gloom scenarios.  I think many support the scientific findings but just need clarification on the many questions and confusing array of topics that are out there”.

See over dozens of comments from Philip’s first blog here.
And the comments from his follow-up blog here.
Haven’t cast your vote yet?  Vote here!


Guest on 13/01/2010 10:47pm

Online polls like this aren’t of much use. Better to conduct a scientifically measured poll, like the political opinion polls which randomly select a large number of people and ask their opinion.

Turkey on 13/01/2010 7:13pm

I would bet that the venom is coming from those who see their religious belief’s challenged, rather than those who see ‘Climate change’ as just another in the line of synthetic crises.

You would get the same response if an article was written, “Does God exist?”, thereby showing that science has departed and religion arrived.

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