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POLL: Is Climate Change something you’re concerned about?

Over the weekend we ran two articles about Climate Change.  The main article was from Dr James Renwick at NIWA answering the many questions sent in by you with regards to climate change.

We have a simple poll – from all the scientific evidence, news stories and debates you’ve heard over the years, is Climate Change something you’re genuinely concerned about?

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Is climate change something you’re concerned about?


Ken Ring on 22/07/2011 10:58am

The poll shows a massive 65% are unconcerned. Despite the most intensive PR campaign the world has ever known, from media to governments to scientists, over 20 solid years, could the propaganda pressure be any heavier? Yet the people are not stupid. At the end of it all only 35% are prepared to get worried. They know when the emperor has no clothes. Why pretend 35% is relevant? Why not widely publicise, daily, that two thirds of the whole population want to talk about real problems?
Warmers, be honest, you are a small minority.

Gary on 23/07/2011 1:08am

As previously explained Ken, people’s opinions on matters of science are irrelevant. What is relevant is what has been published in the scientific literature. Your opinions are even less relevant because you are incapable of understanding even the most basic points of the science. eg your belief that CO2 sinks.

celtickiwi on 21/07/2011 3:40am

From what I have read the science community are not arguing whether climate change is occurring or not. On that point I understand both sides are in agreement. The questions are about whether or not it is caused by carbon emission from human activity or if it is a natural event, and how this whole issue has been responded to by the governments.

RW on 21/07/2011 3:32am

I thought the cosmic rays stuff would get dredged up in this thread – any excuse to dodge the reality.

‘Bye folks – time for something more interesting, like chess problems, or watching paint dry.

Gary on 21/07/2011 1:07am

One of the down sides to living in a democracy is that people think that their opinion should count on everything. That an opinion poll or public debate can solve anything. But science is not a democracy. If 99% of people believe a wrong thing, then 99% of people are wrong. Global warming is either happening or not, and how you feel about that is irrelevant. What matters is what is shown in peer reviewed scientific papers. Read them. If third party quotes a source to you, read it. If you don’t agree with what those papers contain, get youself a degree, gather your own data and publish your results. If you’re not willing to do that then you should at least remain agnostic on the subject, and don’t tell me you know it’s not happening.

WW Forecast Team on 21/07/2011 1:11am

Gary that is a brilliantly written comment – sums it up perfectly!


RW on 20/07/2011 7:13pm

Just one of a number of developing stories of people affected by that which deniers say doesn’t exist:

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