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POLL – How do you rate our TV weather presentations?

Following our video on Saturday from the TVNZ archive we’re keen to hear your thoughts on the current TV weather presentations on TV1 and TV3.

Do you think they’re state of the art, too flashy, easy to follow, confusing etc – add your thoughts by posting a comment below and vote in our poll!

How do you rate our current TV weather presentations?customer surveys

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Chris on 31/01/2024 6:04am

I love the te reo being spoken – keep it up! However with the TV One presentation forget the forced cheerfulness and the sound effects from Dan.

Maurene on 27/01/2024 10:34pm

I turn off sound as soon as the weather comes on tv because I cannot bear to listen to any of them due to them no longer being delivered in English language.

Graeme Hill on 30/06/2023 7:05am

When a city or area is presented the city displays PM & AM and when temperatures are displayed it shows AM & PM.
Surely they should be in the same order.
I think I’ve got it around the right way but whatever they are currently opposite each other….just a thought

Mechele on 22/10/2022 6:03am

News girl – Erin -sat labour weekend suits dresses and her hair looks amazing – u go girl!!

Elaine Comyn on 7/10/2022 7:23am

The last 2 days on tv1, weather , the order of the temperatures on the screen has changed from the low on the left to the high on the left and the low on the right. Why? I find this totally confusing and unnecessary.

Lyn on 26/04/2023 7:02am

I have just noticed the same thing snd also have to ask why.
Am on left and pm on right but temps are the opposite…..

Kristin on 30/08/2022 7:47am

I have seen the relieving weather woman, Ms Brown a few times and I feel I must comment. While she is being commended for speaking “proper” Te Reo while giving the weather report, I must criticise her for not saying the names of non Maori place names correctly. I wonder if this is intended to offend or is she just plain ignorant. This is the national TV channel, and not some game show. Gisborne not “Gizzy”, and Palmerston North, not “Palmy”. At least the non Maori presenters are genuine in their efforts to speak Te Reo properly and I think they do a darn good job given it’s not their first language.

Errol Tana on 23/07/2022 8:04am

I have just happened to view TV1s weather tonight, Saturday 6pm News, 23 July. I was amazed at how overjoyed I suddenly was to hear our place names pronounced the way they are supposed to be.

That is, I was amazed I had finally witnessed a Maori person giving the weather and overjoyed to hear our place names pronounced how they should be.

I thought we were condemned to hear our place names butchered every night by both News and Weather presenters alike, especially the weather because there is mana for all of us both indigenous and non-digenous alike in those placenames being pronounced as they were meant to be heard.

That woman on there tonight was like an oasis in the desert. How long have we waited to hear this.

If there is one production that is so obviously crying out for the respect of Maori language it is the weather, 80% of that monologue must be Maori placenames. Please give us the pleasure of her being on the weekday 6pm weather. So beautiful…so proud to hear her reo.

Alastair on 6/03/2022 6:03am

How is it that the temp for Oamaru today was 19oC where the temps track across the bottom of the screen but claims top spot for the country of 30oC?
Also ChCh given 21oC when it was in the high 20’s all afternoon?

Sam on 7/03/2022 2:59am

You do realize this news item is 11 years old? I came here to see todays temps but then realized its old news so went else where

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