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POLL – How do you rate our TV weather presentations?

Following our video on Saturday from the TVNZ archive we’re keen to hear your thoughts on the current TV weather presentations on TV1 and TV3.

Do you think they’re state of the art, too flashy, easy to follow, confusing etc – add your thoughts by posting a comment below and vote in our poll!

How do you rate our current TV weather presentations?customer surveys

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Alastair on 6/03/2022 6:03am

How is it that the temp for Oamaru today was 19oC where the temps track across the bottom of the screen but claims top spot for the country of 30oC?
Also ChCh given 21oC when it was in the high 20’s all afternoon?

Sam on 7/03/2022 2:59am

You do realize this news item is 11 years old? I came here to see todays temps but then realized its old news so went else where

Leo Pinkham on 15/11/2021 6:02am

Pretty shocking forecasts, hasn’t got it right for Motueka area weather, for as long as I can remember..”rain” and it’s sunny…”sunny” and it rains…can’t trust anything the weather man says….way off

WW Forecast Team on 15/11/2021 8:29pm

Hi Leo, we think we have a small bug in some of our forecasts that just lately may be “over-simplifying” the forecast first thing in the morning to one word (like “Rain”). We’re hoping to get a fix pretty urgently to stop this from happening. In the meantime, keep an eye on that daily rainfall total … if it’s less than 5mm then there won’t be much “rain”. The hourly data will also show rainfall totals and chances. Also, has much more detailed visual information – like cloud cover and rainfall graphs – and should really be helpful. Thanks for letting us know about the issue – it does seem to be a problem with some locations and we hope to urgently resolve it.

Ken on 6/09/2021 7:09am

I find the TV1 weather presentation confusing and some what irritating. Why does the pictorial weather schedule presentation show the weather picture in order AM PM then max min temp for the day PM AM . Surely it would be more logical to show the temps in order AM PM same as pictorial schedule.

Linda Wareing on 28/08/2021 7:05am

TV1 weather is not as good as it used to be. A big thumbs down for no longer giving the temperature highs for the day. I have changed to TV3 so I can see the daily highs but they have had the wrong temperatures for Christchurch over the last 2 days. Both days have shown Christchurch temperatures at 20 degrees when it has only been 11 or 12. Disgraceful!

Doug on 29/03/2021 6:08am

Why are you dumbing down the weather by not broadcasting the days temperatures and australian and pacific forecasts.
And the Chatham islands
Whats next on your removal agenda

Annette Dougherty on 12/03/2021 6:42am

I always watch Tv1 but frustrated with Lower Hutt being left off the weather map when the boat racing is being broadcast? Why the Hutt when our temperature is always 2/3 degrees higher than Wellington and we are a city Disgruntled and now X TV1 viewer.

Kevin on 22/02/2021 6:12am

Why have you stopped giving the temperatures for the current day is it that much of a hardship to have them onscreen for few seconds?You have provided this information for decades why stop now?

Theresa on 8/03/2021 2:11am

I would also like to know why you have stopped having the daily temperature on tv1, everyone likes to know what it is in their region. Please bring it back! I would appreciate having a reply to this question.

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