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POLL: How do you feel about Daylight Saving Time

The concept of seasonally adjusting the clock has always been controversial.

It’s been added, removed and adjusted many times since its original inception here in New Zealand 85 years ago.

Some wanted it extended, some wanted it scrapped, some wanted it to last all year.

In fact, as recently as 2006, DST came up for review as heated public debate resulted in a petition to extend Daylight Saving Time being presented to Parliament with an estimated 42,000 signatures.

Minister of Internal Affairs Hon Rick Barker announced on 30 April 2007, that Daylight Saving Time would be extended from 24 weeks to 27 weeks, running from the last Sunday in September until the first Sunday in April.

So how do you feel about Daylight Saving Time?  Please vote in our poll and then leave your thoughts below. 


How do you feel about Daylight Saving Time?


Anna Weir on 3/04/2022 8:12pm

Keep daylight saving. No brainer.

Rebecca on 15/04/2022 8:43pm

Scrap it as it completely messes with your circadian rhythm and has negative health effects!

WTHide on 14/09/2020 4:11am

Daylight Saving why do we have it here in NZ?

And why were the dates change to have it early,
when it use to be Labour Weekend & end at the end of March.

Kiwis should be aloud to vote weather we still want Daylight Saving’s or vote it out of NZ for good..

I for one don’t like Daylight Saving’s & vote it out..

Andrea Bowen on 30/01/2022 8:57am

Yes I like it out too. I hate daylight savings.!

Bryan Currie on 16/03/2013 4:58am

Feels like I go to bed mid afternoon and go to work in the middle of the night, not good for one’s sleep feels like sleep deprivation

Marcus on 30/09/2012 8:14pm

I’m sure we could all do with a bit more light after we return home from work!

Barbara on 29/09/2012 6:39am

It starts too early and finishes too late. It should be just for the summer months.

Aquitania on 3/04/2021 6:09am

I support summer only

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