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POLL: High humidity, Love it or Hate it?

Humidity levels remain very high this hour with parts of Auckland still at 98% humidity.  Combined with temperatures in the low 20s the ‘feels like’ temperature is already around 30 degrees.

A number of centres across the upper two thirds of the country are fairly humid today… so we’re keen to know…do you love it when it’s humid?  Or hate it?

Vote below and post your thoughts!

High humidity – love it or hate it?(polls)


Glyn on 19/02/2010 1:06pm

I like the humidity – it is part of Auckland’s summer, and when it’s over – all of a sudden it feels like Autumn/Winter is upon us, and the glorious summer days are over. Also, our humidity is nothing compared with places like China, Singapore, Thailand,etc.

Claire on 18/02/2010 5:40am

I often find high humidity leads to a lack of energy and headaches. But since we got reverse-cycle heat pumps installed, the sticky nights are no longer an issue. Set at 18 degrees and sleep easy!

Ian on 18/02/2010 4:18am

I hate humidity, that’s why I live in Central Otago

Deb on 18/02/2010 12:38am

I hate it, greasy, sweaty pig feeling. When doing physical tasks it makes you feel all light headed. I feel for the roadworkers working all day in this heat on the end of a shovel, or my partners case being the bitumen operator, hot stuff, those guys are drinking gallons of water each day to remain upright lol. On a brighter note I have lost weight lol

Adelaide Tudor on 17/02/2010 10:22pm

I love the humidity, it takes me back to hoildays we take in the Islands. I do have a queation tho. Dosent humidity genuly bring thunderstorns?

WW Forecast Team on 17/02/2010 10:29pm

High humidity can lead to thunderstorms, yes, but you also need unstable air.  The high risk places would be the west coast of the South Island today and also around the centre of Rene… but that pretty much excludes all the main centres in the country.   It’s a little bit complicated to explain but it’s not just humidity on its own that creates thunderstorms… we need all the right ingredients – and usually a good mix of hot and cold air in the atmosphere…most places today will just have warm air.


Philip Duncan

SW on 17/02/2010 10:06pm

Yes I like the humidity,also the cold/frosts of winter is great too especially when its clear and crisp,just the very ordinary SW with cloud/showers arnt very inspirational.

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