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Poll – has Spring arrived at your place? declared an early start to spring back in the last week of July – by far the earliest spring call made by WeatherWatch since starting in 2005.

Many people have been reporting spring like conditions since July, but we want to know if those comments and emails were made during temporary warm spells – or can you really see plenty of evidence that spring has arrived?

From the South to the North, please vote in our poll – and feel free to comment on why you voted that way!

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– By Drew Chappell,

Has Spring arrived at your place?


Guest on 21/08/2013 4:58am

My hayfever wound into gear about three weeks ago, the birds outside are nesting and my domestic birds are courting. One has already laid. The fog has come down low which I have always used as a marker for Spring so it’s well and truly started here.

Guest on 19/08/2013 6:01am

spring is here in West Otago

Old saying ” spring is sprung when the willows begun”
which they have. Thats not to say that we wont get another cold snap sometime

RW on 19/08/2013 12:42am

I wouldn’t call the August here springlike yet. It has been considerably warmer than average, mainly courtesy of exceptionally mild nights (aided by cloudiness). At Kelburn, no night so far has dropped below 5.8C – in August 1987 the month’s low was 4.5C (the “highest low” on record for an August), so perhaps a record may be surpassed for that statistic. Against that, sunshine has been 40% below average to the 18th (though today is brilliant, and the remainder of the month should improve that figure somewhat). A springlike month here would typically be windier and much sunnier.

Alison on 19/08/2013 12:34am

I have noticed the lawns that we mow are getting a bit of growth, the temp is a lot warmer than last year at the same time. and a few buds are shooting.

Guest on 18/08/2013 3:08am

The first 10 days of this month were certainly settled and sunny but been plenty of cloud out of that period,Auckland.

C Johnson on 18/08/2013 2:11am

Don’t know what we’re in, just totally unseasonable. No Cumulus streets yet. 2009 was similar and mid-August winter returned with one hell of a vengeance, major southerlies with snow to the hills, and freezing cold wind & rain for weeks. I don’t trust the weather yet in case it reverses again, but have given Spring a vote as everything is in tender growth. Very dangerous to plants, as they haven’t had a winter to harden up and a cold snap will easily kill them. Heh can bowl us too! 🙂

Guest on 17/08/2013 10:08pm

I don’t get the response choices. What is the difference between “spring?” and “business as usual”?

WW Forecast Team on 18/08/2013 12:57am

Business as usual would indicate you think the seasons are playing out in a typical fashion, i.e you think it is still winter and the season is ending how it normally would.


Guest on 18/08/2013 1:46am

I’d vote ‘business as usual’ – it’s a mild winter in some areas, but not necessarily finishing earlier. It’s within the range of normal.

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