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POLL – Extended daylight savings – love it or hate it?

This weekend our Easter Holiday will be made an hour longer thanks to daylight savings ending in the early hours of Sunday morning.

A simple saying to remember which way the clock goes:  Spring forward an hour in spring, fall back an hour in Fall.   So clocks go back one hour on Easter Sunday.

Many people we’ve spoken to have complained about feeling tired at the moment… possibly due to the fact that daylight savings hasn’t yet ended.

So now that Daylight Savings goes for a few weeks longer than it did in the past, do you love it, or hate it? 

Extended daylight savings – love it or hate it?surveys


Guest on 3/04/2010 5:28am

Daylight saving costs $$$ to administer each year for many business. Ask any software developer. For people like me who get up early to enjoy the day, the extension of daylight saving was a real disappointment. It was a politically motivated shallow vote catching exercise – amazes me how gullible people are.

Bevan on 3/04/2010 4:46am


peter on 2/04/2010 11:17pm

I like it how it is our summers are lasting longer and i think its better to get up in the dark and enjoy the longer evenings like in chch today 25
peter wellington

Guest on 2/04/2010 7:24pm

Daylight savings should stay in place all year and become standard NZ time. Seems dumb making winter darker than it needs to be.

jed on 31/03/2010 2:58am

daylight saving starts way too early, who has bbqs in September??? shouldn’t start till mid November earliest. As for finishing in April, its dark now till well after 7am it should finish mid March at latest

Allen Pidwell on 30/03/2010 4:09am

Daylight saving starts too early -should be labour weekend but ends right on the button.

Guest on 30/03/2010 3:18am

I think it would be better ending 1st sunday in March. It’s gone on too long so that now we are getting up in the dark at 7am when it would otherwise be light at 7am this time of year.

Derek on 30/03/2010 12:04am

I agree with Claire, think it should end earlier than this. Little daylight in the evening’s to do much now but would prefer lighter mornings.

It was quite dark still at 7am this morning and my mind kept trying to tell me it was still the middle of the night. Did not go back to bed though as decided to believe the clock instead.

Guest on 29/03/2010 10:50pm

I like the longer length it was about time we moved with the rest of the world lots of places have far longer daylight savings then we do.

Claire on 29/03/2010 7:55pm

I found it hard to vote, because I love it starting early, but feel it should finish by the 3rd weekend of March. By now it’s getting dark around 7pm anyway, so we’re not really getting much benefit from the light evenings, and it’s really hard getting up when it’s still pitch black at 6.30am.

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