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POLL : Does spring start on Sept 1 or the Spring Equinox?

It’s a debate that happens every year – and at the start of every season.  When do you think our seasons start?  In NZ we officially celebrate the start of spring on September 1st… mainly to make record keeping easier.  Many other countries go with the equinox.

So regardless of what is “official” – we’re keen to see what you think.  Vote in our poll below!

Does Spring start on September 1st or the Spring Equinox?(polls)


angela clark on 23/08/2019 8:45pm

It might be easy for record-keeping but it is not right nature won’t change her mind and come early spring is on the equinox just because we say its the 1st /sept its not .

Bon on 23/08/2019 8:20am

I was brought up in the States and Sept 1 just seems too early. It won’t be spring for me until the equinox!

Guest on 19/09/2018 9:11pm

When I was a kid I learned at school that seasons start based on events triggered by the Sun, e.g.. Equinox, Solstice.

Setting Spring to start on 1st of September is like trying to set Easter at a certain date every year.

We all know that Easter follows a Moon event, that is the first Sunday of full Moon after the Spring (northern hemisphere) Equinox.

Tina Wemyss on 19/08/2018 6:49am

I think it starts in January! Froze my butt off last spring time and the one before. Xmas day was freezing. It’s strange to see spring clothes in the shop and winter sales while I am still buying merino vests !

LoL on 22/03/2011 6:33am

i totally agree with the whole spring comes when its ready, but i would deffinately vote september the 1st then at least you know its coming around that time.

Sandy on 4/09/2009 9:21pm

I have to agree that Spring comes when it’d ready, but then I am torn with saying spring starts with the equnox, as to me, that is the offical time, and with 1st September as this was what I was taught growing up. I guess this is what you cann sitting on the fence!!!!

Chris on 3/09/2009 10:01pm

Like everything in nature Spring comes when its ready …and it seems to have been ready quite early this year 🙂

David New Brighton on 4/09/2009 2:53am

Totally agree with Chris….

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