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POLL: Do you support the ETS?


The government last week started the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

The ETS has been quite controversial and we’re keen to see what you think of it – has the Govenment made the right decision?  Do you support the ETS?

Vote in our poll below – and post a comment with your opinion.

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Guest on 8/07/2010 10:47pm

This poll is poorly worded but the NOES are winning

Daniel on 7/07/2010 8:13pm

John Key this is a special message for YOU !!! Listen to the PEOPLE for gods sake man otherwise Nationals not gonna make it . To be honest neither should Labour look at the mess they got us into unfortunately we face a grim reality that we may all have to vote for a smaller party in future as the ETS MUST GO !!! No more rubbish im so sick of hearing about a negative government we have . We all cant afford to pay more . We need big decent tax cuts for a start . I see businesses all around the Wellington region and probably the rest of the country really hurting now an its time that this came to a STOP many have closed down an alot of empty buildings with either for sale or lease on them. Prime Minister you must sort this out ASAP please do sometime to stop this . This country needs you help NOW !! . I voted for you because i thought you would do way better job than any other prime minister in bringin this country forward but its starting to look like you are following the same track as labour an thats just stupid . PLEASE LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE OF NEW ZEALAND good luck an hope you make the right choice as for the rest of us kiwis we need to stand up an march on parliment i feel to make our voice heard that enough is enough .

Phil i would like to say thankyou for allowing us to have our say on this matter .

Cheers Dan

sw on 7/07/2010 2:19am

Do you support the ETS? No. Absolutely not. No way!

Alan F on 6/07/2010 10:02pm

Total ripoff instigated by Al Gore.

David - New Brighton on 7/07/2010 12:51am

Thanks to this pompous, main global warming scam artist – I refer here to Al Bore, of course, of “Nohopeinhagan fame” – we have the delightful pleasure of being able to read all about his efforts to impose a One World government ( using cap n’ trade to fund it ) in his dreadful documentary film, pitched to the lowest denomination of human society, of course!.

You can, and should, read the pdf file which can easily be downloaded at ( a site already recommended by others, you will have already hopefully observed )

…read it, know the subject and start telling/educating as many others as you can – that at least will be the very least you can do, aside from marching down Queen St with a pitchfork( which actually isn’t such a bad idea! ) or sitting on the steps of the Beehive with a load of cow manure! – to try and undo the mess that N.Z. is heading further into…

Barbara on 6/07/2010 7:37pm

Total rip off. Pictchforks to the streets in protest now you slackers. GOVERNMENT WORKS FOR US.
We pay their wages. Get a grip NZ and make your voices heard and stand FIRM against those that do not have any sympathy for the average working person that is and has and will struggle unless you, the people force the issue. Stand up for once and let your voices be heard or suffer the consequences.

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