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POLL : Do You Love Thunderstorms?

With thunderstorms last night across a number of main centres, we wanted to know – Do you love thunderstorms?  Vote in our poll below!

Do you love thunderstorms?(answers)


Rob on 28/08/2009 2:37am

Over 20 years ago when I was living in the Wairarapa I drove home from a friend’s house, only about a km from home. As I left a thunderstorm was hanging around the Tararuas.

As I drove down the main road a mini tornado scooted through right in front of me, fortunately wasn’t enough to do damage or lift the car, just a few tree leaves flying around in circles.

I arrived home and rushed inside, as I did so it was just starting to hail heavily. Literally as I walked in the door the lights dipped right down and there was an almighty crack from a power point and/or aerial socket, and the lights dipped right down but came back up again. I don’t recall hearing any thunder. As you will notice I survived: nothing happened to me at all apart from an almighty fright!

Surprisingly the fridge connected to the power point still worked, but the phone was out of action.

So now I would rather do without thunderstoms thank you lol. Though as they are needed as part of natural climate processes I guess I should appreciate them….

Tony on 27/08/2009 3:56am

Thunderstorms are awesome !!!!!!!
just love the power of nature.
would love to go Tornado chasing in the USA

Guest on 27/08/2009 5:41am

I’m with you Tony!! Just waiting for that Lotto win!!! Toni 🙂

Diana on 26/08/2009 10:55pm

Having witness first hand lighting strikes, and seen my uncle killed by fork lightning some many years ago on the Bombays Auckland, the answer is No!

Having witness them in the states including fire storms – I rather be far away from them indeed

CHDAVISNZ on 26/08/2009 8:37am

God, YES, absolute – AWE some (smile)

Though, I do however have a very healthy and robust respect for these powerful elements… absolute respect, take care.

The Thunder – Light Sound

Sarah B on 26/08/2009 8:28am

I shouldve been a weather girl in my younger, slimmer and prettier days! :o)

Melissa on 26/08/2009 7:11am

Love a good storm, but always seem to miss out on the thunder and lightning here in kapiti! Levin seems to get all of our’s. Enjoy watching the Lightning Tracker update during the night! Much more fun than watching t.v at times?!

WW Forecast Team on 26/08/2009 8:16am

It’s funny that you say that Melissa – the Lightning Tracker is our most popular link and the average time spent on it is about 5 minutes which is quite long.



Philip Duncan

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