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PHOTOS: 3 photos from 3 regions tell 3 different stories

The weather has been incredibly changeable lately with heavy rain, thunderstorms, heat, low cloud, high cloud and heat. has received these three photos from Canterbury to Waikato to Auckland – summing up the weather in photos over the past week.

Thanks for the photos! 

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Hot, humid, and wet
Hot, humid, and wet: Auckland CBD at 11:25am on 17 December 2010.  Image /

Clouds building up
Some awesome clouds building up looking out west towards Mt.Pirongia from Rukuhia taken at 2.45pm Dec 18th.  Image / Debbie Zillwood

Mirrored cloud imagery at New Brighton Beach ChCh
Stratocumulus and cumulus clouds gather above Port Hills in convective air currents from a fresh to strong moist northeastery. The mid-afternoon temperature was around 22 – 25 Deg C in a mostly clear sky on Dec 11. Image / Peter Shone.

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Guest on 19/12/2010 9:15am

I used to think that only a pure Nor-wester could generate those sort of temps (32-35) too, but
I’m sure in the last couple of years we have had the odd v. light NE breezes with a Northerly feeding above and temps getting up to mid 30’s.
I recall an unofficial recording of 40 in Darfield in such conditions, which I think is theoretically possible when the sun is so intense in Dec/Jan high and light winds influenced by resultant ground heating ?
unofficially our part of town got to 35c for a bit yesterday – it was a ripper.

Adam on 18/12/2010 10:11pm

I think you meant the mid-afternoon temperature was 32-35 for the Christchurch photograph? It was 25 degrees before 9 a.m, beautiful day! 🙂

David on 18/12/2010 11:21pm

The problem with the chch photo is that it is not stated what day it was taken.

I know from personal experience that in Chch, the temp never gets up to 35 deg when a moist north-easterly is blowing, as mentioned in the caption. It takes a dry norwester to get the temperature that high. Also, the clouds in the photo do not look like a normal cloud pattern for a norwester.

The Auckland photo is dated Friday, the Waikato photo is dated Saturday. My guess is that the Chch photo was taken on Thursday or Friday.

WW Forecast Team on 18/12/2010 11:27pm

Our apologies, it was taken on Dec 11.  Have added to the story and clarified these are images taken from the past week or so.


RW on 19/12/2010 4:05am

However, on 4th & 5th of February 1973, there were NE seabreezes both days and the airport reached 33.4C and 33.6C. Don’t have the Gardens figures to hand.

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