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NEW POLL: Does it look & feel like winter where you are?

Winter truly kicks off this week with the Winter Solstice on Tuesday June 21 (precisely at 10:34am).

It’s also known as the ‘shortest day of the year’ with the least amount of available sunlight and our longest night(s) of the year.
The meteorological start to winter is June 1st, but the astronomical start is on the Winter Solstice.

The weather pattern has been unusual for some areas this year – we want to gauge how New Zealanders are feeling right now –

  • Does it feel like winter is finally here? 
  • Or is it still too warm? 
  • Also, does it look like winter outside where you are based?

Let us know in this week’s poll, below, and tell us where you’re from in the comments section!


David on 19/06/2016 9:42am

Hi there

I found the classification terms used for the start of Winter interesting.

I have long cringed when media and meteorologists refer to the start of the season as being the 1st of the month. Surely, I thought, the latter in particular would know that the seasons start and finish with the soltices and the equinoxes. To suggest that the seasons start based on calendar markings that started being used around the end of 1582 seems ridiculous – the seasons have been around a lot longer than our calendar.

To have this referred to as the astronomical start is at least an acknowledgement of this. My question is why there is a need for a meteorlogical start at all? It is innaccurate and misleading.

Best regards


WW Forecast Team on 19/06/2016 11:23pm

Hi there David, you prompted us to write a detailed story about it!  Here you go:


Philip Duncan

Derek on 19/06/2016 1:22am

Hi WW, I could tick a box as us usual but there are not any to tick,,haha think you have missed them off.

II am in Whangarei and for me some days it’s winter and some days it’s quite summery. Very nice actually and there have been no real cold days so far. For me that is. Like today, it is very pleasant out there.

WW Forecast Team on 19/06/2016 4:26am

Hi Derek, apologies about that – we seem to have a bug in the display box in that story.  Until we get it fixed just go to our homepage as you can vote there 🙂 

Thanks for your update from Whangarei – the gloomy weather has just returned to Auckland after an on again off again day with the sun! (better than Saturday’s all-gloom though!)

Phil D

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