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NEW POLL: Daylight Savings ends soon – will you miss it?

It’s just two weeks until we all turn our clocks back an hour, and for some that simply means a bit of extra sleep in time – while for others, it signals an important change in their lives.

Sunday, April 6th is when daylight savings finishes – the clocks turn back at 3am on Sunday morning – signalling 6 months of shorter days until the end of September.

At WeatherWatch, we wanted to know how many of you are positive about the move, looking forward to a change, or simply don’t care?

Let us know in the poll below, and expand on your thoughts in the comments, if you feel particularly strongly one way or another!

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David on 24/03/2014 10:18pm

I agree with the voter who supports Labour Weekend into DLS and early April to exit.

I am though a HUGE supporter of DLS

Guest on 24/03/2014 9:10am

Always makes me laugh when people think that daylight savings means to get an extra hour of light.  The government isn’t that powerful!

Guest on 25/03/2014 7:03pm

haha I know, instead we loose one hour of summer and it is not give back untill winter the next year!~

Malcolm Yurak on 24/03/2014 1:57am

The autumn equinox i think is a good time for the clocks to go back, however if the commencement was a bit later i would support a later end – say where it is now – Apr 6. The final two weeks seem to drag, as it is considerably darker in the am. We lose daylight anyway as we head toward the solstice so there isn’t really any to save. I think we should start later – end Sept. too early – Horrible spring weather in NZ – longer daylight hours to watch the crappy weather, where as Mar/Apr – beautiful, pretty much country wide. So, back to a Labour weekend start, with finish on Apr 6. I believe we only went to a 27/25 week blend so as to fall into sync. with other countries, because that was considered standard.

Guest on 23/03/2014 8:33am

I want my hour back!!! If it turns out we have
daylight saving all year round then I might just forfeit the whole thing as an
act of protest.

Lee Sloper on 23/03/2014 2:53am

We get so much overhang from the hills that we are often overcast when other aren’t, and that can be for days to weeks on end. Bad in winter with house lights on all day and we lose the sun by 1500. Night time can now be very cold here in winter, as soon as the sun drops, with shite mountain drainage etc. No, I love daylight savings, as it lets us get extra light and sun and that means warmth. Just wish we had it in winter as well. 

sw on 23/03/2014 1:51am

Dont like it too early as the weathers rubbishy in october but now with the weather better its ok to keep it inspite of the dark morning,its still light till 730pm. beginning november to the end of april.

Brad on 23/03/2014 1:44am

Two weeks till daylight savings isn’t it?

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