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New look site coming soon!

Click “Read more” for how we’re improving the site soon.

We’ve taken on board your feedback over the past few months and are pleased to bring you an enhanced very soon.  This will include a far better layout along with the top several news stories in one box (no need to scroll down the page).  It will also have a better photo gallery at the bottom of the page, no longer cluttering up the news section.

The national highs will be placed in their own section and less news stories placed on the front page – again to reduce clutter and make it easier to find what you’re looking for.  We’re also widening the page to make it more user friendly for widescreen monitors. 

The page will keep its traditional blue and white look.  We hope to have the upgraded site up and running in the next couple of weeks – and as always would appreciate your feedback!


The Weather Watch Team


Diana on 17/05/2009 6:04am

Phil, I have said this to you before, “Keep it Simple”
Keep what we are used to lightning detector must stay.

Keep the site Simple, No clutter and No advertising. Weather News only.

thank you Diana

WW Forecast Team on 17/05/2009 6:10am

Don’t worry Diana, we aren’t dropping the Lightning Detector.  We’re just adding "most recent stories" to the top of the page so you don’t have to scroll down to try and find them – they’ll be right there when the page first opens then you click on the story you want.

We’re keeping it simple and clutter free – we do have to get a couple of advertisers but we need them to help grow the site and make better products for you – and charge you nothing to see them! 

We hope the site will be up and running at the start of June – and if you have any feedback on the new look page once it’s up and running you can always let us know,



Guest on 9/05/2009 12:02am

I would like to see a much larger weather map with a projected forecast under the map & less coment on whats happening around the country..


Guest on 17/05/2009 5:53am

Sorry Jim

But it is the comments that make this site stand above the rest. The comments would help give forecasters an idea of what is happening in real time i would imagine. It would be very silly to drop the commenting.

David on 6/05/2009 8:02pm

Hi Phil,

Well. you know, I actually like it the way it is…I’m a great believer in “if it’s working, leave it alone”…

And, if the “new look” doesn’t work, we can always go back to the old way, can’t we? Can’t we? Please…….

WW Forecast Team on 6/05/2009 8:17pm

The new look really isn’t that different to what we have now….just instead of one long page of news stories we have the headlines of the main stories.  Any change takes adjusting to but all the basic looks of the site stay exactly the same. 

The site is ‘working’ as you say, but common feedback says that some stories are a bit hard to find…this way the most recent stories at all in one section.   Of course if, over time, you don’t like the new site you can email us your thoughts/suggestions.  The upcoming changes are all based on feedback.


The WW team

Andrew on 5/05/2009 7:24am

Hey Phil this is a great site and my Apple laptop is ready for your changes… Updating my cell phone to a I-Phone so can use internet and can follow this site more often…

Hope Northcote freezes this weekend

Thanks again….


Kellie on 5/05/2009 8:09am

I agree with Andrew. This is a great site.
Can’t wait to see it all revamped.
Wild horses couldn’t drag me away.
Keep up the excellent work.

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